Paleo Pancakes – Low Carb and Grain Free

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani This is a great low carb yummy recipe I found online and I have doctored up just a little.  It taste just as good as regular pancakes with out the extra carbs, sugar and indigestion…  Maple syrup optional! Makes about 4, 6 inch pancakes… Paleo Pancakes: -1/4 cup of coconut flour -3 to 4 eggs -1/4 cup of coconut milk -Optional: honey -Mix everything together -Put coconut oil on a low to medium tempered frying pan. […]

Why Should You Go Organic?

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Today eating organic has been the trendy thing of late.  Add gluten free and paleo to the mix and it just makes it even more confusing. Alright so let’s break it down…  What is organic actually? Organic Food:  Is food that isn’t grown with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and is GMO free. Depending on the organic certification some are stricter than others.  Certain certifications require farm fields to have not used pesticides for at least 3 years […]

Paleo Shepherds Pie

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani This is a great hearty meal with the extra carbs from the sweet potatoes, which can be easily subbed for extra veggies if you are carb sensitive.   This meal is grain free, legume free and dairy free (if you use coconut oil instead of butter). First things first:  1.  2-3 sweet potatoes (peeled) steamed and then mash with coconut oil or Kerry gold butter.  A little bit of cinnamon can be added to the sweet potatoes for extra flavor. 2.  Saute […]

Red Meat Is Linked To Cancer And Heart Disease | Fact or Fiction

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani According to a new Harvard study, red meat is linked to cancer and cardiovascualar disease. Every day we see studies saying one thing and then saying the other things a few months later.  After a while the public doesn’t know what to believe…  Why is this?  I will break down the research and show you why this study isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and what to look for to know if a study holds […]

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