Gluten’s Devastating Effects and How To Test For It

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Gluten sensitivity is a state of genetics, just like your genes cannot be changed, what we have control over is the expression of our genes. Gluten is one of those food products our genetics have not.... Read More

Intermittent Fasting Pros and Cons

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Intermittent Fasting What's the deal with intermittent fasting?  Intermittent fasting is a very cool modality that involves avoiding calorie intake for about an 18 to 20 hour period. The best times to do intermittent fasting would.... Read More

Healthy Digestion! How Much Fat and Protein Should I Be Eating?

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani How much fat do I need? Your body has specific feedback loops that are intimately tied with satiety (feeling full). It's interesting to know that fat and protein produce specific neurochemicals that make you feel full..... Read More

Why Do You Eat The Food You Eat?

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani The first question I have for anyone who is looking to be healthy, "Why do you eat the foods that you eat?" This is a foundational question that everyone needs to answer before any diet changes.... Read More

Paleo Taco Salad

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Here is a great paleo recipe that you can make that only involves a few ingredients. All you need is a head of romaine lettuce, 1 to 2 pounds of grass fed meat, 1 avocado, 1.... Read More

The Truth About GMO’s

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Essentially combining different genes whether it be a jellyfish and a tomato or any other type of plant and animal combination. Many people think GMO's are natural and the process.... Read More

Epigenetics And Why You Are Not A Slave To Your Genes

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani You are not a slave to your genes. We see all kinds of information on the news today about Angelina Jolie getting a preventative mastectomy, which is removing healthy breast tissue. She tested positive to the.... Read More

Why I Am Getting Fat and Calorie Partitioning

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani What's causing us to get fat?  Why is the food that I’m eating going into my fat cells versus going into building my muscles? This is an important concept known as calorie partitioning. Essentially, it's about how.... Read More

Adrenal Fatigue and the Thyroid Connection Part 2

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Adrenal fatigue and thyroid imbalances In part 1 of this series, we talked about the adrenal and thyroid connection and how it can contribute to fatigue, weight gain, and mood issues. Adrenal fatigue and thyroid imbalances.... Read More

Adrenal Fatigue and the Thyroid Connection Part 1

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Your adrenal and thyroid glands produce certain hormones that allow you to have optimal energy, health, and metabolism. When these hormones are out of balance, symptoms like fatigue, depression, and weight gain are common. Cortisol is.... Read More

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