Intro Consultation

The intro consult is your first step to getting the information you need to make a healthcare decision. Start treating the root cause instead of just the symptoms. Follow the simple steps below to start your health journey with us. The deposit for the intro consult can be used as a credit towards your new patient consult.

Schedule Your Intro Consult

Click here to schedule your intro consultation. The goal of this consult is to better understand your health challenges so we can be more confident that we can help you. If you are ready to start getting better faster, please schedule a new patient consult by clicking below to step 3.

Create A Plan

We work with patients over the phone and video from all over the world. During your consult, please be in a distraction-free environment so we can outline the next steps to start addressing your health challenges. Click here for our FAQ page for answers to other common questions.

Start Care Faster

If you are ready, skip your intro consult and schedule your new patient consultation with Dr. J, please click here. Dr. J will be available for follow consults no matter what new patient appointment type you choose.




Schedule a 15 minute intro call call with one of our team members to see if we can help. Skip this and go right to the new patient consult if you are ready to start care faster!


New Patient Paperwork

Complete the new patient paperwork so we can learn more about you. This will provide a great starting off point where we can dive deeper at your new patient consult.


New Patient Consult

This is where dive deep into your history. Figure out what past things that have helped or hurt you. Understand what a typical day in the life looks like for you. Review old labs and talk about when new labs, supplements and diet changes should be implemented.


Follow-up Support

It's common to feel overwhelmed after your new patient consult. Follow-up consults help us address any confusion and solidify what direction we will be heading in. We also review diet changes, foundational supplement changes and lab instructions here as well.


Nutrition & lifestyle support

If you need extra support regarding your diet and lifestyle we are here to help. Not everyone needs this extra support, if you do, we got your back.


Review Lab results

This is where we review your lab results, tell you what they mean and create a big picture in regards to what care will look like over the next 6 months. We also make sure the patient is comfortable with the plan moving forward and address any other deeper issues if they come up.


Check in on Progress

This is where we review how you are doing and keep track of wins and challenges. We also ensure you are executing on the supplement program and make sure you are also doing great on your diet and lifestyle too. Compliance is everything.


Retesting Labs

As we address underlying hormone issues, gut infections and toxicity stressors, retesting will be important to help make sure we are on track.


Wellness Care

Congrats on getting your health concerns mostly under control. This is where we my check in between 2-4 times a year to help ensure you stay on track and run annual or biannual testing to make sure you are doing well.


  • We focus on getting to the root cause of your symptoms by addressing the upstream stressors and body system dysfunction.
  • We customize care around the patients needs and create an environment where the patient can take action and get results.
  • We set reasonable goals for the patients and ensure each month we are heading in the right direction for optimal health.
  • Our model is holistic and works with idea that your body can heal itself, we just need to remove the barriers.
  • We address foundational diet and lifestyle changes while supporting body systems that aren't functioning optimally.
  • We go upstream to the root cause of your stress vs downstream where symptoms are covered up in the short term.
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