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Dr. Justin, a functional medicine expert and licensed chiropractor, recognizes the growing demand for natural healthcare alternatives in Austin, Texas, and beyond. His expertise in functional medicine and nutrition emerged in response to this need. Dr. Justin is dedicated to addressing the root cause and fostering overall wellness for his patients.







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Patient Reviews

I have had knee and ankle pain from previous injuries that have prevented me from working out and exercising for the past 3 years. I have exhausted several different treatment options but saw little to no results. I was at the point where surgery looked like the only option. Luckily for me, I got a referral from a coworker of mine that was working with Dr. Marchegiani, so I decided to give it a sh...

Steven L.

Its not often that I meet leaders in our industry that are as talented and gifted as Dr. Justin. Im eternally grateful for the services he provides and the impact that he has on the thousands of live he educates. His vision is profound, powerful and one that allows people of the planet to be the full expression of health that they are here to be in the world. Truly grateful for his work and his wh...

kieran kuykendall

If there was a way to give 10 stars, I would. I first found Dr. Justin Marchegiani through a Dave Asprey podcast. I was very frustrated with conventional medicine Doctors. For years I struggled with weight loss, anxiety, PMS and food allergies. I went to about 5 endocrinologists and all of them told me to eat less and exercise more. Not to mention they also all gave me a prescription to appetite s...

Lupita M.

In my case, Dr Justin is a miracle worker! I began seeing Dr. Justin for severe lower leg pain a couple of months ago. The pain was so bad I didn't sleep most nights. I had been to my medical doctor several times over a 4 year period and was only offered drugs to mask the problem. The drugs were totally ineffective which was probably good since the side effects were devastating (the last one presc...

Erin T

Dr Justin has changed my life. I always thought I was a healthy person. I had good energy even though I had gained a few pounds, but I was working out, and eating frozen low-fat, low calorie meals and salads trying to get my weight back under control. I thought I was on the normal progression of aging. Then I met Dr Justin. Initially I agreed to be tested to prove to myself that my "state of healt...

Nancy M.

I've lost a year of my life and up until working with Dr. Justin, I had no idea why. Anxiety, no appetite, worries, exhausted, can't eat, can't sleep, dizzy and foggy. After working with Dr. Justin for a just 2 week...I now know what been causing it all and I'm in the road to recovery! I am so excited to get my life...the one I was meant to have, back!...

Valerie W

I found Dr. Justin's videos through a leaky gut site my husband had sent me. He was concerned that some of my allergies and digestive issues were related to this syndrome. Dr. J's videos were very compelling and his no nonsense, direct and scientific approach really appealed to me. We started working together in Jan and I have been following his strict protocol and having good results. I'm trustin...

Rayna H

Dr. Marchegiani and Arthur fixed me right up in a week's time. I pulled a muscle that just wouldn't heal for a week. Went to see Dr. Marchegiani for a few adjustments, and he found exactly which parts were giving me problems. He knew exactly what needed to be done, and how long he recovery would be. Top notch and very professional!...


I got the Living Social deal for 3 visits for me and my friend... Had no problems to make appointments on the days I need it... Very nice lady at front desk help us fill up all the forms and we saw Doctor Justin Marchegiani... I was really surprise how much time he spend with us to explain not only how those treatments work but also what to do to make them more effective... Great place to not only...

Kasia C.

My first Skype with Dr, Justin was everything and more that I had hoped for. He was very thorough and stayed focused on my health issues. I've watched all his YouTube videos so I felt like I knew him already so it was exciting to meet him "in person." He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced so I entered and left the first session with great hope. I can't wait for further labs to return so he...

Beth Sullivan

I was getting discouraged with inability to lose weight along with multiple other issues. I had worked with functional medicine doctors and nutritionists in the past to no avail. Dr. Justin blew me away in the first five minutes of my consult. He pointed out what he knew was wrong, what he thought may be wrong, what pieces of the puzzle were missing and what we were going to start doing about it. ...

Jennifer H

We have used Reaver Technologies for years. They're so fast with their programming and getting back to you quickly. Their work is exceptional. Very Efficient and easy to communicate with. We cannot say enough good things about them! They WOW us every time! Claudia Bernard, CEO Protection Plus Solutions



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