Hypothyroidism, Low Iron and Anemia | Fatigue

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Today’s video is going to be on hypothyroidism and low iron or iron-based anemia. Again, we’re going to talk about thyroid conversion; we’re going to talk about thyroid synthesis, as well as your thyroid activation.  We.... Read More

Common Causes of Weight Loss Resistance

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Weight loss is one of the common issues faced by many of us. Sometimes we think we have tried everything, but weight loss just never really happens. Watch this video and learn about reasons why we.... Read More

The 5 Causes of Nutrient Deficiencies

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Good nutrition is what our body needs to prevent us from having issues that will compromise our health. Watch this video and increase your awareness when it comes to different causes of nutrient deficiencies. 5 Different.... Read More

What Causes PMS? Premenstrual Syndrome Holistic Approach

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Let’s go into a discussion about PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome – the symptoms and hormones involved and why it occurs in some women. Watch the video and see the overview of what’s really happening in a.... Read More

Organic Acid Testing Review – Uncover Your Metabolic Road Blocks

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Organic acids are made by your metabolism. They come from amino acids or proteins essentially. They can give us a window underneath the hood what's happening with B vitamins, with methylation, with detox, with neurotransmitters, mitochondrial.... Read More

Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work – Yoyo Dieting

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Watch this video and learn more about Yoyo dieting, its immediate and long-term effects on our body. Yoyo dieting is essentially is going on a low-calorie, some kind of extreme diet usually it involves cutting out.... Read More

Healthy Meal Tips – How to Create a Healthy Meal

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Keeping in mind that what we eat should be nutrient-dense, toxin-free and high-quality is what this video is about. Gain beneficial information regarding the three macronutrients which are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Know more about the.... Read More

Natural Birth Control Options – Prevent Pregnancy Naturally

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Learn all about the different methods and approaches to preventing pregnancy naturally. Gain information about the ovulation cycle of women and how it is affected by different methods such as the rhythm method, barrier method which.... Read More

The Top 5 Birth Control Pill Side Effects – Functional medicine options

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Birth control pills are often prescribed for reasons outside of just avoiding pregnancy. Many times birth control pills are prescribed for acne, migraines, excessive menstruation and PMS symptoms. The problem with this type of approach is.... Read More

Coffee, Caffeine and The Adrenal Fatigue Connection

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Today's video is going to be on the truth about coffee. If you want more info on this, check out my recent podcasts on this topic over at beyondwellnessradio.com We have some of the benefits of.... Read More

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