Top Cancer-Fighting Foods

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Rates of cancer in our country have been trending upward at an alarming rate. In the 1900s, one in 20 developed cancer, nowadays, it’s one in three! The cancer industry spends most of its time creating.... Read More

How to Create Healthy Hair and Skin

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani How to Create Healthy Hair and Skin Thick, luscious hair is an immediately visible sign of good health. However, many of us struggle to obtain shampoo commercial locks. There are many ways we can target healthy.... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Histamine and Histamine Intolerance

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani What is Histamine? At one point, we’ve all heard of antihistamines, but unfortunately for most us, we aren’t aware of histamine’s existence. Antihistamines are what most of us know what we use to “fight- off” of.... Read More

Bone Broth & Collagen for a Healthy Gut

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Bone broth seems to be all the rage these days, but what exactly is it about this bone juice that has everyone obsessed? Today we’re going to go over the benefits of bone broth and how.... Read More

How To Do Intermittent Fasting Correctly

 By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Today’s blog post will be about Intermittent Fasting and how to do it the right way. We’re going to talk about what your goals are and how to achieve them, why you’re doing it in the.... Read More

Beating Brain Fog

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Chances are you have experienced brain fog at least once in your life. It’s hard not to suffer from the brain sluggishness brought on by our modern world full of processed foods, sugar overload, and high-stress lifestyles..... Read More

Best Supplements and Nutrients for Detoxification

  By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Types of Toxins There are two main types of toxins that we are regularly exposed to, called endotoxins and exotoxins. Exotoxins are toxic materials that come from the outside world and make their way inside us, for.... Read More

10 Essential Nutrients To Heal Your Thyroid

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani WHAT IS THE THYROID The thyroid is a bowtie type of gland that sits just below the Adam’s apple. It regulates your metabolism and weight, and thyroid hormones are required for almost every physiological process in.... Read More

Biome Building: Rebuilding the Microbiome

  By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach when you're feeling nervous? Have you ever felt a sense of dread, like your stomach’s dropping, when receiving bad news? Ever had a “gut feeling” about a.... Read More

Magnesium Deficiency Causes and Solutions

By: Dr. Justin Marchegiani Magnesium is essential for proper function of over 300 enzymatic reactions and for the performance of many vital physiological functions: from heartbeat regulation to muscle contraction and relaxation. Magnesium is crucial to the body and plays.... Read More

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