New Year, New You: Easy Steps For A Healthier You

It is common practice to set New Year’s Resolutions: weight loss, a better self-care routine, implementing new habits or cutting out old ones. However, with 80% of New Year’s Resolutions failing by February, we need to reassess our goal-making. How to Set An Attainable Resolution Start with the Why: Ask yourself, why are you setting this goal? Understanding your reasoning can help motivate you to stick to a certain resolution. Additionally, setting big goals without thinking of how you are […]

Paleo Alcohol: How to Consume Alcohol Safely!

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Is alcohol Paleo? Obviously not! My definition of Paleo is eating foods that are nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, and low in toxins (independent of macronutrients).  The better question to ask is, is how we can experience a nice buzz while avoiding the dreaded hangover and blood-sugar swings. My experience with alcohol is that it tends to be the gateway drug to junk food. Most of us have found ourselves, after a few drinks, prone to reaching for […]

Are You Anemic?

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Someone with anemia has blood that is deficient in either red blood cells or hemoglobin. This means their blood does a poor job circulating oxygen, and as a result, the anemic person will oftentimes feel fatigue, brain fog, and weakness. If anemia is severe enough, possible complications include heart and brain damage. So, what causes anemia and who is most at-risk? Anemia is most common among women of reproductive age, and is strongly linked to iron […]

Are Your Migraines Caused by the Food You Eat?

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani The food you eat on a daily basis has a profound effect on your body’s inflammation level. The more inflamed you are, the faster your body breaks down. The faster your body breaks down, the more you suffer from pain, fatigue, headaches, hormonal issues, and other problems commonly attributed to ageing. On the flip side, the more you are putting your body into an anti-inflammatory state, the easier it is for your body to heal and […]

Why The Weight Won’t Come Off

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani If you’re past your 20’s, you’ve probably noticed your weight has gone up with time. The truth is, most people are on a gradual course of gaining 1-2 pounds of weight with each passing year. In your teens and early 20s, it seems relatively easy to stay in good shape, and your metabolism is working at full capacity. However, as the years go by, good and bad habits start to catch up with us. Just as […]

Food Allergies and Joint Pain

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Food allergies and intolerances are common culprits of inflammation, which is considered to be the root of modern diseases. The body can be allergic to any food, therefore any food is capable of causing inflammation, potentially leading to joint pain and arthritis. Most doctors who are specialized in treating arthritis and many other joint issues tend to rely on medications that only address symptoms of the conditions and totally ignore the underlying cause. Many patients who […]

What Your Brain is Really Hungry For

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Alzheimer, dementia, and other neurodegenerative diseases are on the rise. Many people are under the impression that these diseases happen when you’re older, in your 60s, 70s, 80s… but this belief is wrong. Brain damage and deterioration actually starts when you’re young, in your 20s and 30s. It is only once enough damage has occured and symptoms start to show that a diagnosis is made. How might a young person be causing such damage to their […]

Natural Solutions To A Good Night Sleep

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Roughly half of all Americans suffer from insomnia, and according to the National Center for Sleep Disorders,  around 15% of the population deals with chronic insomnia on a daily basis. What’s more, the WHO (World Health Organization) considers shift-work or sleep deprivation the only non-substance carcinogen known to man. That puts a lack of sleep in the same class as cigarettes, asbestos, and other known carcinogenic chemicals! Sleep is vitally important to help repair the body […]

The Many Faces of Stress | Part 1

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani When I say we’re going to talk about stress today, you are probably thinking of emotional or mental stress. Struggling to pay the bills, difficulty in your relationship and the death of a loved one are all very real examples of emotional and mental types of stress. These stressors definitely take a toll on you, and it is my goal to make sure you are equipped with as many tools as possible to turn stress into […]

Shift Your Metabolism

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani You may be familiar with the word “metabolism” in the sense of someone having a fast/slow metabolism, leading them to easily lose/gain weight. But what exactly is your metabolism? While your metabolism and body fat do correlate, perhaps more important is the role your metabolism plays in providing you with energy! Essentially, your metabolism is in charge of converting what you eat and drink into energy. The more energy you have, the better you look, feel […]

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