Two Ways To Take Binders To Detox The Gut If you’re seeking out functional medicine, you may have your own agenda but listen to the practitioner's agenda, too, because even if you’ve gone through this a thousand times, we can tell you straight up, “Hey, look, if you’ve got... Read More
Low Potassium, Adrenal Dysfunction Your Immune System | Podcast #288 For today’s live podcast, Dr. Justin and Evan Brand talk about Potassium and our immune system. Among other minerals, Potassium also acts great especially in our body, energy, mood, blood pressure and a lot more. Let’s dive into why potassium... Read More
Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Other Causes of Chronic Fatigue- Mold & Candida Contribute | Podcast #287 Welcome to another episode of Beyond Wellness Podcast! For this episode, Dr. J and Evan Brand talk about chronic fatigue, which is a disorder characterized by extreme tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest. Because sometimes, chronic fatigue can also... Read More
What Is Ozone Therapy: Immune-Boosting Oxygen Treatment By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Ozone (O3) is a potent form of oxygen composed of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is both a natural and man-made gas. In nature, ozone is formed naturally through both lightning and the interaction of ultraviolet radiation... Read More
Coronavirus and Low Vitamin D Levels – Is There An Increased Risk | Podcast #286 How's it going, everyone? In today's podcast, Dr. J is looking at how we can help quench that inflammation and how to address low Vitamin D levels knowing that the Coronavirus is causing a lot of inflammation in the lungs.... Read More
How Parasite Can Weaken Your Immune System | Podcast #285 Here’s another episode of Beyond Wellness Podcast! Parasites tend to live in our bodies. These organisms can enter our body anytime depending on what we touch, what environment we are in and especially on what we eat. If this happens,... Read More
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Top 5 Causes of Bloating – Functional Medicine Solutions & Mold Bloating Connection | Podcast #282 Hello, everyone! In today's podcast, Dr. J talks about bloating and its connections with mold, low stomach acid, bacterial overgrowth, h. pylori, fungal overgrowth/candida and parasite infections. Mold and mycotoxins may also play a role in causing sympathetic and adrenal... Read More
Healthy Gut Function Can Boost Your Immune System By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Healthy gut function can help improve and boost your immune system.  It is your gut that helps to improve your body’s ability to fight infections. Our localized immune system is where 80% of your immune system... Read More
Telomeres: How to Have Younger DNA By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Can your DNA predict your lifespan? Well, maybe partially! New research on telomeres, a structure found on the ends of our chromosomes, may give us a glimpse into our health and longevity. What Are Telomeres? The... Read More