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Reboot Your Mindset with Kevin Geary – Podcast #20

Dr. Justin and Dr. Baris interviewed Kevin Geary, founder of Rebooted Body and discussed the simple principles on how to get and keep the body and life that you love through proper nutrition, functional fitness and behavior psychology. In this.... Read More

Detoxification Issues – Mary Vance – Podcast #19

In this podcast, Dr. Justin and Mary Vance, a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach talked about the importance of functional nutrition and how by determining and addressing the underlying causes of one’s disease rather than simply dealing with it symptomatically.... Read More

Beyond Training – Ben Greenfield – Podcast #18

In this episode, Dr. Justin and Dr. Baris interviewed Ben Greenfield, the New York Times bestselling author of “Beyond Training”.  He is also a prominent fitness coach, ex-body builder and an Ironman triathlete.  Ben has over a decade of experience.... Read More

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking Caitlin Weeks Podcast #17

Dr. Justin and Dr. Baris interviewed Caitlin Weeks of Grass Fed Girl, a holistic lifestyle coach, certified nutrition consultant, a fulltime blogger, and author of cookbooks including the latest Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. In this podcast, discover the common Mediterranean cooking.... Read More

How to Heal Your Gut Steve Wright Podcast #16

  Dr. Justin and Dr. Baris interviewed health coach Steve Wright, co-founder of the SCD Lifestyle which is a community of health experts dedicated to help people heal their guts and take responsibility for their health and body.     In.... Read More

Hacking Your Nervous System with Garrett Salpeter Podcast #15

Dr. Justin and Dr. Baris interviewed Garrett Salpeter, known as a health engineer of ARPwave Austin which essentially focuses on strengthening the nervous system through electrotherapy and exercise. In this podcast, Garrett Salpeter will talk about a new perspective on.... Read More

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