Dr. Marc Bubbs – Sports Nutrition, Training and Performance – Podcast #47 Dr. Justin Marchegiani gets into an interesting discussion with Dr. Marc Bubbs about sports nutrition, exercises and diet of the Canadian Men's Basketball Team. Find out why it's essential to personalize or individualize people's diet and exercise according to Dr. Marc, author... Read More
Susan McCauley on Addiction and The Stress Connection – Podcast #46 The effects of stress can cause major damage to your psychological and physical make-up.  When people are unable to deal with these stressors, they may resort to using alcohol, drugs or any other form of addiction to manage their stress... Read More
Wendy Myers – Bulletproof Coffee Enemas and Infrared Saunas – Podcast #45 In this podcast, we review the benefits of coffee enemas and how they help with detoxification. We also touched the benefits of saunas, near infrared vs. far infrared saunas and mineral testing and adrenal fatigue. This interview will also help you know the... Read More
Anemia – Signs, Symptoms & Treatment – Podcast #44 Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Baris Harvey tackle the different types of anemia and how it causes fatigue, thyroid and/or adrenal problems. More specifically, they discuss in detail about the differences of microcytic anemia, macrocytic anemia, iron-based anemia, and pernicious anemia. We also explore the different... Read More
Dr. Tim Jackson – Methylation, Metal Detox, & Pain Reduction – Podcast #43 Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Dr. Tim Jackson talk about in depth about MTHFR and heavy metal detox in this podcast. Dr. Tim shares with us   He also talks about external manifestations of internal problems and tells us about the effective therapy techniques... Read More
Scott Forsgren “Better Health Guy” Lyme Disease, Co-infections and Lab Testing – Podcast #42 Living with Lyme disease can be a very challenging and painful experience.  A great number of  people cope with the symptoms of  Lyme disease on a daily basis that can go on for weeks, months to  years.  Find out more... Read More