Conventional GI Workup vs Functional Gut Health Program | Podcast #297 If you've ever wondered how functional medicine differs from everyday conventional medicine, this is the podcast for you. Dr. J sets out to explore conventional medicine GI workup vs. functional medicine gut-health workup. It's a compare and contrast while looking... Read More
Summer Time Parasite Infections & Lyme | Podcast #296 This episode talks about parasite infections that people get during summertime, like ticks, lyme, and other types of infections. Dr. Justin and Evan Brand give a talk on how we deal with these infections, the root cause of it, myths,... Read More
Chronic and Acute Nausea Root Causes | Podcast #295 For this episode, Dr J talks about Chronic and Acute Nausea causes. Dr. J with Evan Brand share their experience with nausea, and how they treat it for themselves as well as to their thousands of patients around the world.... Read More
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