How to Address Acute Tummy or Stomach Upset – Podcast #347

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There are several things worse than having an upset stomach and diarrhea. This situation may completely throw off your day, limiting the foods and drinks you can enjoy and keeping you tied to your toilet. Understanding the root causes of these symptoms and how to manage them effectively can automatically cut down the effort and time you spend dealing with them.

Most of the time, tummy issues are treatable at home. As soon as you feel sick, begin regulating your diet to clear liquids in small amounts and frequents. Make sure to drink enough water to keep your urine clear or a pale yellow, and don't hesitate to seek medical attention when things are getting worse after first aid treatments.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

In this episode, we cover:

1: 53:   Natural Strategies to get things under control

4:13:    What's the possible root cause?

10:49:  This you can do with diarrhea

14:56:   Natural strategies and Testing

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Dr. Justin Marchegiani: We're really excited today. We live on a bunch of different social media platforms at the same time. So excited to interact with a lot of different people; not just from youtube but, facebook, instagram, linkedin, a bunch of other still periscope as well. So really excited. Evan, how are you doing today my man.  What's cooking?

Evan Brand: Well not too much i was dealing with little vomiting this morning with some kids. So I thought, well, why don't we do an acute to me upset video and hopefully that will help some people. You know a lot of people at first, you need to have… Anytime, anybody's sick now i mean,  everybody's like COVID until proven innocent right? Whether you have sinus issues or smell issues, tastes issues, tummy issues, people freak out you know. Luckily, there are some really good at home rapid test that you can do with a 15-minute result now. It may be difficult to find those. You may have to order order them online but, Abbottt makes a good one so if people are at home and they're worried, they get sick like, “What do i do?”  you know. A lot of people, they are just stuck In this fear response like, “Oh my god.” I'm going to die as soon as anything’s wrong. So you can get these rapid tests and have them at home. So i think that's a good strategy just out of the gate for people. If you get into acute issues whether it's vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath whatever you think is going on. For me, before you feel like you got to run out and go to the hospital, i think it would be good to do an at-home and mess before you could always go to a local clinic where you can get a rapid test. Supposedly, a little bit more maybe a few percentage points more accurate than at home.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah i think those are good things out of the gates. Now one of the things we are heating today is because your daughter had a little bit of tummy upset over the weekend into today, and you know, there’s a– we’re parents, we have kids you know. Obviously, we see patients all over the world and we deal with some of these acute tummy upsets. Weather it’s vomiting or acute diarrhea, and what are some natural strategies to fix that? What's the root cause? What are some natural strategies to atleast get it under control? So first off Evan um well, how did you handle your daughter? What happened with her over the weekend? What did you do that helped?

Evan Brand: Yeah she had sinus issues first where she just had really really tough time breathing out of her nose. So i tried to get her to do some sinus spray with a five-year-old. hey really don't want stuff squirted up their nose so that wasn't too successful. We were able to get some argentin in which is a professional silver hydrosol. So we did a little bit of that early and then with hit some antimicrobial drops. So we did some liquid antimicrobial, it depends on what you got going on. For us we did kind of a broad-spectrum formula but, there's different ones that you can use. So olive leaf is a good option. There's some that are full spectrum like microbes layer used called uh poseidon drops can be helpful too. So a few options we're just kind of rotating through some of these, and then We are doing binders so just because you don't know what's going on If it's bacteria or some sort of pathogen, it's going to be pooping out these lipopolysaccharide endotoxin some kind of garbage. So we do Some binder within a half capsule of some binders Before bed with applesauce that seemed to calm things down but then, with the vomiting, we were talking about this before we hit record, You know what the coolest thing was in the most effective so so far was homeopathic so we did two of them; we did cinecom album and then did nux n-u-x vomica. So those two homeopathics, i would say really really changed the progression and helped her go down the fork in the road where it stopped the vomiting. Now, is it possible that she just got it out everything out of of her system and it was good on its own? Or Is it possible these homeopathics really you know, stop it? I've had a lot of success personally and clinically with homeopathics. It's something that i didn't know a ton about until i started experimenting but, these are very very good, safe things that can be tried and worst case scenario it's not hurt. It can only help. So arsenical is going to be more For vomiting and nux is going to be more for nausea. There's actually like if you look on the label either one of these could be used for food poisoning but, i'm finding that nux is better for the symptom nausea whereas arsenical is better for the actual symptom of vomiting.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Very good. Excellent. So out of the gates here you know, what's the root cause? You know, most of the time i find when you have a root kind tummy upset, it's usually going to be some kind of food poisoning thing out of the gate.  So of course I think some kind of e coli or some kind of toxigenic e coli or maybe a salmonella, or campylobacter. Some kind of like food poisoning bacteria out of the gate. It could also be a parasite too! I find food poisoning tends to be a little bit more acute and that's kind of how you know at the moment. You may not be clear enough but out of the gates like you mentioned a couple different things, silver can be helpful, higher dose probiotics – probiotics can be very helpful because especially the bifidobacter and lactobacillus because one they are anti-inflammatory so they bring the inflammation down in the gut. Probiotics are shown to help with gut permeability issues so with the acute food poisoning or acute tummy stress there could be a lot of gut permeability which then increases the immune Response because then you have all these toxins leaking into the bloodstream potentially creating gut stress in immune stress. And then i would say after that, um, they’re going to help crowd out a lot of bad bugs so if you had a big whack of e coli or a big whack of campylobacter or salmonella something like that, listeria it's gonna help crowd some of it out and so probiotics i think out of the gates for it’s calming effects and i think you can look deeper in run a stool test if some of these issues or more chronic. Parasitic issues maybe more chronic and then of course my good old favorite ginger tea is wonderful because ginger is anti-inflammatory, has some mild antimicrobial benefits as well and especially bacteria and also has some anti-biofilm benefits. So you can combined ginger with probiotics you can combine ginger with some antimicrobials as well, Two kind of help those herbs to be more Let's just say virulent because you essentially are taking the shields out of these bacterias, you know, arms right. Biofilms are the protective shields the bacteria use and when you take the shields out, the bacteria are more vulnerable and then the herbs work much better, and they help kill them much better. So those are a couple of strategies out of the gates anything else Evan that you’re doing?

Evan Brand: We tried to go for the ginger tea her tummy was just so upset she couldn't Keep liquids down so we just said ok to intense right now. We're just going to just let it rest so luckily with a palette homeopathy she was just able to just put it under her tongue. Therefore she didn't have to take in any new liquid so we tried to do just some other liquid tinctures. There were a couple mils but It was just too much so luckily, without It, we just gave the tummy a break. No more liquids hit the homeopathic and then boom! The gut’s calm for now, so we're still in the middle of it at the time this is recording but, she has not vomited since we did those homeopathy remedies. So hopefully she's, she's over the hump now.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah homeopathy is interesting i don't see A lot of it as being like root causal like it's not Fixing like lexi your daughter ate some food or Head of food allergen exposure or eat it, was eating while stressed, not enough stomach acid or got a bug It may not fix that but It's going to help control sum of the symptoms, modulate the inflammation kind of help bump physiology back into the normal direction. Which kind of buys you time to fix whatever is going on. So i like that, so i think that's a pretty good strategy out of the gates. I think also too is…

Evand Brand: The microphone depend on it.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah i think also modifying…

Evan Brand: I’m just gonna say I’m not gonna depend on it. I wasn’t gonna depend on solely but, if i can buy your time like you said, and then If you see in a week there's still an issue when boom! We're going to run urine or we're going to run stool.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly yep and i like the idea of you want either fasting out of the gates. If it's really a bad infection and there is really a lot of nausea, you could also do things like bone broth. Just where you get a lot of nutrition but it's pre digested, so there's not much digestion that has to happen to grab that glycine or grab those fatty acids because it's pretty well digested. So some kind of bone broth is wonderful, some type of a ginger tea is great, some type of collagen amino acids is great. I think all those are you know, really good strategies out of the gate just to kind of help provide nutrition but not what a lot of stress on your tummy to be able to digest it and access it because when the gut's really inflamed, It can be stressful absorbing those nutrients.

Evan Brand: Yeah good point she was complaining of stomach pain too. So as soon as her tummy settles down i think she can handle liquid. What were going to do, we’ve got a couple different formulas i know. You and i, we manufacture some but, there's also some other good professional competitor brands. There is one from Innate response that i like it's a GI like soothing formula That's got like some raspberry flavor into it. It's got some glutamine some larch tree extract. I believe it's got some mutant chamomile aloe, those type of blends. So kind of a leaky gut permeability support those are good  in this situations too. When did make sure like you said you don't know what it's from It could be bacteria, virus, parasite; whatever this to me, honestly, at this point It doesn't matter. I'm just in the acute phase, i'm trying to calm her tummy down. So if i can get her to do over the period of today a couple grams of glutamine, need some of these extracts that’s going to calm the gut down too. You and I have seen clinically beneficial like ulcerative colitis, crohn's, any type of diverticulitis, any type of these flare-ups  or autoimmune flares. We’ll use Use some of these licky gut remedies, so i would then use that as a crossover right. I would use it in the same in the same situation.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, exactly. Now, out of the gates when deal a lot of these situation we always want to understand the root cause. Now, the nice thing about acute traumatic situation, like in your situation here, is the root cause is usually is a one off right. It's going to be a food poisoning episode. It becomes more Of an issue if it's an acute parasite and it lingers. And most of the time it's a one off, and as long as someone's diets reasonable, and they have decent health, you don't really have to go super upstream and, and look at all of the underlying systems. You can find out just do triage with natural medicine which is kind of cool, Command bear with some of the different nutrients and herbs that we talked about, support some of the lymphatic system with ginger, or burdock root right. Slippery elms wonderful for the lymph, wonderful for calming the gut lining. L-glutamine is also wonderful for calming, Aloe’s also wonderful for gut lining. So there's a lot of great things That we can do to calm the gut lining. Support barrier integrity get the inflammation under control. We don't really have to worry about getting the root because usually, that root is an isolated situation especially when someone's relatively healthy and then they have an acute episode.

Evan Brand: Right and then your system is going to get back to baseline on its own. We're just kind of helping it. So like you said it might not need much more attention then just a couple of days which would be great.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, absolutely. So that's pretty cool out of the gates. So we talked about diarrhea, a couple of things. We can do with diarrhea is a lot of times, you have to understand why the body is doing what it's doing. So the body is usually getting exposed to some kind of bacteria, parasite, some type of toxin that is very irritating on the gut lining. And the body is thinking hmm, how can we dilute it, Dilute whatever that compound is and flush It out of the body as fast as possible. So what the body is typically doing and say, “Ok. Let's bring a whole bunch of fluid and water into this system here.” Let's flush it out, let's increase motility time. Now what it's going to do is it's going to screw up your electrolytes a lot of times, It's going to screw up your hydration status. And it's also going to make it hard to absorb nutrients. So what's the first thing we do? First thing is we can put some binders in so we can bind of those toxins so they are less irritating, less inflammatory. So are different binders could be activated charcoal, bentonite clay, different zeolites, different pectins. These fibers are great because they will bind up that toxin, and it will make it less mobile, less inflammatory. Kind of put straight jackets or handcuffs on it right. The next thing we're going to do is make sure we are hydrating because the solution to pollution is dilution. We want to make sure there is enough water there. So we can dilute and not get dehydrated. And the next thing is make sure there's enough electrolytes. Electrolytes are a big deal because, if we are low in sodium, and potassium, and magnesium, when you start having a lot of these bugs, what you start to notice is you may start getting dizzy, vertigo , or heart palpitations , or just feel totally off, and a lot of that can be from a lot of electrolyte issues due to the infection. And so we get the electrolytes right The hydration right, and then we also provide some good binders there that can prevent these toxins one from being as mobile, and being an inflammatory and um, and that can create make a better environment for the body to move the bowels out slower without losing all the nutrients as well.

Evan Brand: Yeah good point and this is kind of an Art right this is where the art comes in Ab medicine when your Trying to integrate these things at the right time That someone can tolerate so right now If i try to give her a big cup of electrolytes She might not be able to because she had trouble keeping down The mcqueen so you kind of have to know when Like you might hear this and go oh my god i'm going to do all the Things because i want to get better but there can be an o order of options. I think get Your got come down first if you can go on an hour or two if you're in an active vomiting situation. If you can go an hour or two without vomiting, that might be the cost might be clear enough for you to try to work some of the other stuff, and whether its a liquid tinctures to kill or if you are doing something like a bio site or other antimicrobial drops, We use the dosage is usually so small, that i think you can keep it down because you're not going to have to do a ton of drops right. If you could just do like five drops, That's tiny your body is barely going to recognize that. And if it's the tongue, i don't think that's going to create more vomiting but that's kind of where the art comes in paying attention to what's going on.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I agree doing some of the liquid drops are wonderful. Because if you can't do a full capsule, hopefully you can right. But if you can't you know getting some liquid drops in near epsom herbals can be super helpful, maybe some silver. Also, like you mentioned if you really have a hard time keeping things down, that's very good iv iv fluids, iv electrolytes, iv nutrients maybe a good Idea because that bypasses the whole digestive system. So then it gets right into your bloodstream and does what it has to do so you can find some liquid iv services come to your house or find a facility near you where you can pop in, get it done. Ideally, if it's acute Probably better off paying the money and having someone come to your house. Probably feel a lot better and i think it's better than going to an ER. Unless you're you know, really in rough shape. Then go to an Er but if not,   but if you're better off doing it at home because there's less um, infectious material You know at home than in the hospital right. So i think that's good strategy out of the gates for sure.

Evan Brand: Yeah, well. And to take it a step further not only that but, if you do these mobile services, like i did this last summer you're able to customize what you want. So the hospital is not going to put glutathione in IV like they did no i'm not going to give you 10 Grams of vitamin c like i requested. So you're going to get a much much better menu if you will of nutrients if you were to go to th e hospital.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep! I agree. I 100% agree. So first thing out of the gates i would say is, Try to do liquid or even just fast and then if you really having a hard time with the with the nutrition try to do liquid whether it's an elemental diet, or some collagen and amino acids, or someBone bro that's great , and if you can't eat the food down ideally try to get some kind of an I be going on there i think that's a good strategy out of the gates. I think the next thing that would probably happen it would be like IV antibiotics if you absolutely had to but ideally, we don't want to go there unless unless all the other natural strategies aren’t working. So we want to Really try the low-hanging fruit That's going to have the best bang for the buck, The least amount of side effects, the least amount Collateral damage, And kind of go up from there so of course, try to look at what cost the problem. Did you eat some bad mayo, Did you eat some crazy seafood , what happened, try to isolate the cause If there's a lot of vomiting or diarrhea. And um, vomiting is going to be harder because it's not moving Through the intestinal tract it's staying in the stomach essentially and the intestine upper small intestine and moving out right. So you've got to do things to calm yourself down. So i think the big things like you mentioned the homeopathic i think are great. I think the probiotics are great too. I think ginger can be great um, for the vomiting components but, Everything else i think the diarrhea stuff you know, The binders , the hydration , getting all that stuff going to calm down, the ginger. All that stuff’s wonderful. Anything else you did besides the homeopathics for the vomiting, Evan?

Evan Brand: No so far that was all she could get it down. But luckily it's been good enough.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Cool. Yeah, that’s really cool. I like that. Alright! So Out of this out of the gates here um, We're kind of hitting things like on an acute level right. So patients are coming in, they have these acute symptoms that are the kind of some of the strategies we would look at. Of course it's easy for some of these people to move into the crowd. I've heard a lot of patients that are like, oh yeah. Like three years ago, i went To this place and i eat this food and i felt realistic for a week or two and then i started getting better but I didn't get all the way better and now this stuff is lingering. And of course for some people this type of acute scenario, you may get over it but you may not all the way recover. And why is that? You can get another kind parasyte infection, you can get h pylori, There could be some food poisoning which we see on some of the testing we do. We’ll see some of the Shiga toxin some of the toxigenic e coli, What is it What is it truethe 0Oh157h right. This is the food poisoning type of e coli that you See in the spinach once a year and such so Lucy song on these things on testing. And some of these things can cross the acute Level into the chronic sphere. And People have had these experiences. Then they may not recover all the way and then, that's where we think start to have to start integrating more tool testing to look at and see what's happening.

Evan Brand: Yeah, well said. I mean there’s so many people that say they have Bali belly right. Name go to Bali, or they go Mexico or they go somewhere; they come back and then they are never the same. And it's an interesting phenomenon because a lot of times We're just trying to find them at the acute phase like ok, binders whatever but, then If they don't fully recover, or sometimes they will reach out to us, we never got to help them in the acute phase. They’re just coming to us in the chronic like hey i've been sick for three years after this Mexico poisoning event. When that's where we come in with a testings uh, you mentioned infections. We will see salmonella, we'll see giardia, we’ll see crypto. If there was like a lake trip we're maybe, got some fresh water contamination, or a backpacking trip where they got some parasites. Ee will find that on stool test pretty accurately, gut information we can measure. That's where we might do a test for you know, just because i do it a couple of times a year but, If she get over this. Then I might rush to do it right away so it depends on the person right.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah i mean i have a lot of Australian patients and it's funny In that culture, um, it's because they're so close to Bali, a lot of them will take trips over there. Ang of course, the the I mean it's like one out of every two of every two of my Australian patients they got sick in Bali and it is actually a cultural thing. I look it up we're a lot of them would do this This raspberry cordial cordial drink it was a big thing and they would bring it with them to Bali, and we would drink it prevent totally while they are in Bali to mitigate the Bali berry uh  belly,  and i did a little research on it. Some of the berries that we're used To make that drink actually have some antiparasitic antibacterial effects so they are kind of taken. Even though it is a sugary kind of not so great drink there is still some therapeutic benefits of some of those berries being antimicrobial. And so even people in australia kind of know, okay. We’ll take this raspberry cordial drink and bring it with us to Bali to sip it over for the next couple of weeks to prevent a tummy infection.

Evan Brand: That's cool. Well, you and i talked to about That before i think we did whole podcasts on like travel supplements but, i mean that's yeah enzymes, oregano oil, silver. Those kind of things, binders would come in handy.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah i did a food poisoning podcast i think about two years ago. I was in a friend's wedding and i remember i was In the north end and i had a nice rib eye steak In the north and right. Anyone that knows the Boston area north end’s a big Italian area, big restaurant Italian area. What a nice rib eye steak and i eat it and it was Just like it was like someone punched me in the stomach. It was like woah oh my gosh like i felt totally just incredibly a lot of nausea. And then i brought my GI Clear 4 with me. I hit that i remember I had like two, i had my GI Clear 1 and some oil of oregano and a hit that hard. It didn't quite do it and the next day i hit the GI Clear 4 and within 30 minutes, It went away. I couldn't believe it, it was like someone flipped a switch. It's crazy! So sometimes you need synergistic herbs sometimes you know, the goldenseal and the high dose berberines, and some of the burdock root. It can't really really calm down the gut lining.

Evan Brand: You know when people see my pantry or my cupboard full of different supplements, they’ll look and be like. “Oh my God. This is crazy! You’ve got like 50 60 bottles of stuff.” and i tell them look, I I don’t go to the doctor. I mean, if i’m dying, I’m gonna go but otherwise I’m gonna be working on myself, and i think it’s a very empowering thing to get experience and learn some of these herbs, learn some of these protocols. I just want people to not be fearful sickness you know, i think a lot of times even my why i told her i was like, “honey, you're like freezing up” because you know, here's my daughter vomiting and i'm running over there sprinting I want on the other side of the house but i'm sprinting over there with the trash can to give it to her because my wife was just kind of froze up and i was like, no you got You gotta get yourself out of this freeze response, don't be afraid of this, we going to help her through it. I just want people listening to know that there so many good options and things that we've done for thousands of years period. We're not talking crazy stuff here; these are not new inventions that we're discussing. These are things that have been used traditionally in India and China, and other countries for forever. So these are things that are so powerful that i would say in the majority of cases, you are not going to need to hit as you mentioned like IV antibiotics. That's on the extreme end of treatment. I think in most cases, these type of situations We are talking about will lead to that level of intervention.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 100%. So people Listening here, hopefully you have some strategies regarding acute situations of vomiting and diarrhea. Now why does one vomit over diarrhea? That's a great question. I mean i would say the inflammation has to be stomach area upper intestinal tract, for vomiting to occur, and probably Information has to be more lower intestinal tract because once things have gone so far right. You just have natural gravities and two things downhill versus uphill. So i think a lot of that may depend upon where What inflammation is and how uh where all this toxic burden in the intestinal tract higher of i think on the vomiting side, Lower up in the diarrhea side. So either way i think you're going to have similar root causes of why it is Happening and hopefully will give you a couple of ideas to kind of triage that.

Evan Brand: Yeah, I would say certain infections just attack certain parts of the body. More certain infections are going to go more for the stomach, like each pylori you know you're going Do you have more heartburn in digestion type symptoms. You are not going to have so much diarrhea necessarily Web h pylori wear something like giardia or crypto.  Those are to me,  going to be more intestinal based you are going to. Because those are intestinal parasites so you have More diarrhea so i think it depends on what you are dealing when too. And that's why we will use some of the testing To if this becomes more chronic we will use the testing to kind of, guide us on what to do because if it is more tummy upset. We made you this set of blend but if it's more colin we might go this set . So there's kind of that’s that's the reason we have a toolbox that's the reason we have testing.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I like it.  well if you guys are listening and you want to reach out Deeper you need some acute health or you want to You know get a long-term strategy 66 song on face chronic issues In your health see you free head over to, Evan’s available worldwide for consultation support, and again I’m Dr. J Is my site feel free there will be a little button, click in schedule we are available worldwide. Again we've been doing this for many many years many thousands of patients, of feedback, and support so kind of have learned over the years. I tell you, In school you develop a really good foundation. But then, In practice that is really where it gets you good because you see so many people, and you figure out what works and you develop the common themes and you can just rinse and repeat that over and over again.

Evan Brand: Yeah, getting your hands dirty, getting in the trenches. I mean it's been a blessing for us you know, You and I learned so much from the people we work with. I mean More than probably any book or any course I mean it's A real blessing to have like you said. Once you see the trend of people, it's fun. It's really fun to help people. It's addicting. We love it.

Dr. Justin Marchagiani: 100%. Ok guys feel free to give us a share, thumbs up, like, put your comments down below. Let us know what you think and we'll be back. Have a great day. Take care y'all. Evan Brand: Take care now bye bye.


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