What Do Your Fingernails Mean? | Podcast #253

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Our nails primarily serve as a cover for the top surface of our fingers and offer some degree of protection. Did you know that a person's nails can say a lot about the state of their health? Nails serve as a visual advertisement of a person's health. Both toenails and fingernails can show signs of an impending ailment and are therefore examined by many doctors to help in diagnosing certain diseases.

Today’s podcast talks about fingernails and toenails. Find out more here with Evan Brand as Dr. Justin’s speaker guest.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

In this episode, we cover:

02:30 On digestion

06:25 On fungus problems

12:47 Vertical/Horizontal Ridges

15:12 Spoon Nails

17:32 Clubbing Nails


Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And we live it’s Dr. J here in the house with Evan brand today were going to be chatting about fingernails. What do your finger and toenails mean. Evan, what’s cookin’ man? How are we doing? 

Evan Brand:  Hey, not too much. I got great feedback from a lot of our clients on the hair loss episode. People said, wow, I didn't know the connection between the gut in the hair. Like, how could me having parasites in my gut affect my hair and course, we outlined that in the podcast. So if you didn't hear that yet go check out the hair loss functional medicine episode. But today, it's All About Nails because you can look at your nails easily. It's a free test everyone loves free testing so you can look down at your nails and say oh my god. I've got this or that in my fingernails or toenails and then that can help us give us enough Clues to dig deeper. I'm not going to say based on this fingernail. Heres your protocol, but it's a good good freeway to investigate some major underlying issues. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 100% but Nails give you a really good insight into how your digestion is doing because you need to use proteins and fats and collagen-based amino acids to build those Nails up also certain minerals like I think are really important for the nails as well. So you get a really good window into one. Are you digesting protein? Are you assimilating protein? Are you digesting minerals and fats? Well, if you have enough hydrochloric acid enzymes, so give you a really good window into how you're breaking down proteins fats. Ionizing minerals. Of course, you can use a HCL and enzymes in digestive support engage that increase that and see how much that moves the needle. Of course. They did the other hidden stressors like cortisol, which could be more catabolic and braken tissue down also things like infection could also be a big driving Factor as well. 

Evan Brand: Yeah. So let's go into like the most common things that you would see or hear of with complaints regarding Nails. I would say the biggest one is going to be toe fungus under the nail bed. Where is going to be a yellow or just Fungal infected toenail would you say a hundred out of a hundred times? That means there's likely going to be a fungal infection in the gut as well some type of systemic candida or maybe we've got geotrichum that we look at we've got microsporum and other types of fungus is are you going to say hey look if its on the toenail, it's definitely in the gut as well. What do you think?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, on the toenail? There's definitely implications that it could be in the gut. The problem is you can address the guy in a lot of times that's not going to be enough to address the toenails. Well, just because the time you put into the time to get into the bloodstream makes its way all the way down to your toe must have been very minor fungal infection most of the time you're going to hit topically cuz your immune system in all these antifungals takes a long time to get to the outer periphery of where these fungus is located. It's tough. So in general, yes, we should address the gut and then we should also address it topically on the nail. So we got to hit it from both ends inside and outside kind of put that fungus between Rock and a hard place. 

Evan Brand: Yeah. Well, lets point this out to let's just say you go to your your foot doctor, right you go to your podiatrist. And you say hey, I've got a fungal infection on my toe. They're going to end up giving you Lamisil or some other type of prescription or over-the-counter antifungal. But to me, I think that's a short-sighted approach because that toenail is not having that infection for no reason. Theres got to be something underlying. So would you agree that the goal is not just treat the toe nail cuz you're aren't you missing something else probably? 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. If it's really bad you definitely want to be addressing your diet because a lot of the fungus or Yeast which is primary that yellow discolored nails to be fungus in that area. You gotta stop with feeding it. Its of course you want to look at the diet and stop feeding it all the refined carbohydrates. And that's number one. Number two, you want to address the gut issues to begin with candida, which is a kind of yeast or fungus. But whether its microsporidia read its role like you want to address and knocked down some of these yeasts and then more than likely were Topically hit it as well. Now some of the Lamisil or the other medications that are antifungals very hard on the liver. So if youre going to go that way definitely take some herbs like milk thistle and take some extra glutathione to help support and tell him if I deliver if youre going to go that way now topically we can use things like Melaleuca tea tree and oil of oregano with topically rub it on the nail. That's number one. And number two we can also do a fungal soap as well in the fungal cells work phenomenal. So theres a couple I have one thats an herbal concoction that you mix with apple cider vinegar that works amazing. That's my herbal nail tongue herbal nail fungus soak that works phenomenal. You can also do that and then topically rub something on after the socks you soak your feet for 5 or 10 minutes mix with apple cider vinegar and then you can rub something on the nail once a day that's phenomenal as well number two some people just do they use the topical nail as well. I like doing the whole foot that way it was. Fungus between the toes are in the heel or ever in the skin. You kind of get all of it vs. Just some of that sell nail fungal soap with also topically hitting the nails. 

Evan Brand:  Well, yeah, that's good advice in the diet piece. I mean, I can't say 100% that if you magically get rid of sugar and fructose, that's your nails are going to look better. But to me anything that we can do to reduce that process of Aging the advanced glycation enzyme process to me reducing that EGE is going to be one of the critical steps to this.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly, the more or less stress in your body the better I mean nail fungus is really unique because once you fix a lot of the root cause stuff that may not go away. So you got to really hit Top of the hit it as well. So I see that as number one. Now other things to me look at the nails else you want to say about the fungal nail before move on?

Evan Brand:  No, that's it. Let's move on.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And we’ll put a link to my herbal nail fungus soak in the description of anything that Evan likes as well have put in description as well. I like that. Other mother of cream I use is called Wonder balm. That's another really good antifungal cream, too. So I like that as well. 

Evan Brand:  What's in that? 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It's got about 10 different herbs tea trees through a lot of those same herbs. I just talked about peppermint. Yeah, I like it too. So let's talk about the next thing. So what about like brittle nails right? We see brittle or cracked nails. Of course, were always thinking about the fat soluble vitamins right number fats and fat-soluble vitamins are fat soluble vitamins or a d e and K K on biotin, which is a type of B vitamins also really important proteins. So all your amino acids. So the same kind of thing we want to make sure were eating a whole food nutrient-dense diet. You want to make sure we have enough acid and enzymes so we can break down the fats the saturated fats the Omega 3s as well as the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K. We want to make sure were eating food that contain really good nutrient-rich. Vitamins, so your meats and your vegetables and have lots of B vitamins. We may want to also supplementally add in things like biotin we can do things like silica or extra collagen or extra ways to provide good building blocks for the nails as well. 

Evan Brand:  You know, what's interesting is a lot of people that come to us with Lyme disease or co-infections just gut infections, but also tick-borne viral type infections, they often complain about their hair their skin their nails because for example mycoplasma, it just is a scavenger for amino acids, and we know that amino acids of course are important for making your muscle tissues. A lot of these people are depleted. They've gained body fat and loss of muscle tissue, but then they often have issues with their hair, their nails and their skin. So there are like some hair skin nail complex that we use word will have like the Selleck as you mentioned by attend horsetail Etc, but you gotta figure out do you have some type of a [inaudible] as well or do you have some type of a tick borne issue? Because if you look at Stephen Buhner, he's got a lot of really good books online and he's co-infections. Hell tell people that supplementing collagen and supplementing amino acid complex is our critical because you're just getting robbed. So until you get the upper hand on those infections, it's almost like no matter how much hair skin nails supplement. You take your just not going to you're not going to fix it till you get the bad guys suppressed enough like the line the babesia Bartonella whatever else is robinho. Mycoplasma for example. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I deal with all the gut the big gut infections first a lot of the herbs that we may use for the Box may also knocked down a lot of the co-infections to you unless you have a strong symptomatology or your testing that says to go after those things to typically focus on the big Gut Bugs first and if you do the good protocol, they'll be a lot of herbs that kind of will also help knock down those confection. Typically after that if we see some things we can do specific herbal formulas that will go after those contacts to you. 

Evan Brand:  Yep, well said. So that could be a secondary issue, you're not watch the webinar a few weeks ago. I was a guy and remember his name Musa Chiropractic. Functional medicine guy who was talking about. This is a webinar on Lyme and mold and he said that since I brought up Lyme co-infection that he doesn't actually work on treating Lyme and co-infections until the molds taken care of because it's such a strong immune suppressants. And if you do a perfect Lyme disease protocol, but if you still got mycotoxins in your body that you can't fully mount an immune response against it. So that was pretty interesting for me because you know, Ive been using some Bartonella herbs but Im still focusing on mold as number one. I haven't had any real issues with my nails. They look okay, I would say they're still kind of weak though. I tried my daughter. She thought it was funny to try to lock me out of her bedroom the other day. So I tried to use my fingernail and twist a little thing in the door handle to unlock the door and oh, my fingernail was still kind of weak. So maybe I need some extra nail support here. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, exactly. So I have the same perspective here, I'm going to focused at the gut stuff first digestion first making sure the hormones are good and stabilize could we can mount a good stress response, but you cannot be seen the energy go after the gut issues. Thats where 80% of your immune system is. And yeah, we see the history of mold will definitely give some gentle detox support and binders for that and then we'll go after more than other stealthy infection on the back side of nose always liked one of my nerves you can do you like medicinal mushrooms, which will be helpful things like cement or cats clouds can be really good immune support of things or astragalus. So I'm always okay with some of these kinds of supportive. I call him like immunoe adaptogens, they will help your body deal with any of your infections too. 

Evan Brand:  Ooh, I like the sound of that immune adaptogen. Okay. Lets chat about vertical ridges is this one that we talked about literally probably 5 years ago when I had h-pylori noticed that my vertical ridges on my nails on my fingernail specifically, were super pronounce like you could feel the ridging almost like a running across the little bit of a mountain side or something just Billy hilly, I still have vertical ridges and if you look into the research on this some people say all vertical ridges are normal Etc. But then in some cases there could be nutrient deficiencies in my case. It was a b as in bravo B12 deficiency. Im sure I was deficient in magnesium and other minerals, but I've noticed the nail ridges have definitely become softer so that when people here that the vertical ridges, I mean, I can't tell you how many people have mentioned. Oh my God. That was the clue something was off so not a hundred percent indicator, but I think it is helpful.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, so in general with the ridging. You know, you want to make sure you can feel it. So you may see a tiny bit of raging but like just kind of run your fingers a fingernail your finger across the arch of your nail and see how it feels that feels relatively smooth at thats okay. I'm okay with some of that also, you could always try to let you know as you get it fixed over time. It takes a long time for the nail to the Integrity to change so you could always polish it up as you fix it, that kind of gets rid of it faster. But then over time if the proteins and get faster coming back in and hopefully it won't come back. You know, it's kind of a goal but in general with that you really just want to make sure you don't feel it per say if you see a little bit not as big of a deal versus if you feel it. 

Evan Brand:  I mean mine were insane. I mean it was like it was like driving across one of those little things on the side of the highway if you run off the highway, but that was like my fingernails except it wasn't and it was sticking up. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: How much better is it now? 

Evan Brand:  Oh, I would say it's at least 75% better yet. You still see it but it’s almost– 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Can you feel it? Can you feel it though? Barely? 

Evan Brand:  It's much much smoother than it used to be and good. I've run I don't know, 5 or 6 stool tests in The Last 5 Years. And so I've seen the progression of my gut barrier getting better. I've seen the progression of eliminating layers and layers of infections. So to me I am on the healing path, but I still think the nail itself is a little weak, I don't know maybe that maybe Your average person. But if I try to really crank on that nail, like I said, I was trying to unlock that door, you know Summer she thought she was in there laughing. Hahaha. She had that door locked in my car and I tried to turn that little a little slit in the door handle where it locks. There's like a special key for it. I thought of my nails should have been strong enough to crank that thing but it wasn't.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Aww, I hear you man. That makes sense. We also have white spots of white spots could be just you being in your fingernail against something it's possible. It also could be zinc deficiency to what we do to see a whole bunch of white spots. So is that, keep an eye on again? We don't do anything different cuz thats not going to change itself because we're already making the diet better were already adding supplemental think were already adding HCL and enzymes. So we just kind of keep an eye on that and see if some of these things change over time.

Evan Brand:  The spoony. I think it's I think the spoon nailing is important to mention because this is often related to some type of an iron issue. It could be something bigger could be thyroid. I've heard of people that the nail is a man. I guess that's why they called spooning but the nail kind of Curves up at the tip like you could all ride a skateboard ramp off of the nail and then I'll usually just run a basic blood panel just to look at thyroid and it different like ferritin iron saturation. A lot of times you'll see stuff off. Now as you mention this stuff doesn't get fixed overnight, so I can't do while I cant say directly. Yes. We saw this woman had low ferritin. So we gave her something to boost are attended in the spooning went away. This is literally something you have to track with your clients and patients over like a 2 to 3 year. You really make it better. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep, exactly. So when spooning stop right if we see low iron that's going to be like a number one. So a vegan vegetarian we see a woman that may be having excess menstruation right bleeding more than three or four days three to four tampons per day low iron. Do you know where run will be testing ferritin will be testing iron saturation we test Tibc uibc iron serum and if we see some of these nutrients low, maybe even B vitamins while maybe we have an intrinsic factor pernicious anemia happening and we can absorb B12 because intrinsic factor to absorb B12, even if you're consuming it, we may want to look at, you know, Morse higher-quality supplemental B12 sublingual and methylated. Obviously, we may also want to add extra iron or liver glandular in they may want to look at fixing the underlying issue is that low iron could be caused from estrogen dominance that's causing excessive bleeding. So a lot of times this could be easily from hormones too. 

Evan Brand:  Wow. Okay, so lets say that again cuz thats thats a pretty profound thing. So you said iron deficiency due to estrogen dominance in the estrogen dominance you're saying is going to be linked to excessive bleeding.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, excessive bleeding. So we see more than 4 days 5 days of bleeding but more importantly greater than 4 so tampons per day, you know, that could be a sign that were bleeding too much and were losing a lot of blood that way again men don't have that. Problem, but you know on the hemochromatosis side, but could be the excess iron, but I'm more worried about the low iron because that's going to be in my opinion a really big deal breaker cuz you're going to be really fatigued, you won't be able to carry oxygen in your mitochondrial be really really stressed. 

Evan Brand:  Yeah, so if you go up a flight of stairs and you're just winded you and it's not just you out of breath. It seems like you're not getting enough oxygen. It could be related to that anemia issue and you want. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, exactly paler skin to another big signs as well, lower energy.

Evan Brand:  What about when you take the palm in your hand, you kinda bend your fingers back, aren’t the lines supposed to go more red to where you can see the blood flow..

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, more red, which is a sign of just better circulation. So if you take your hand like this and you see the new lines here to get redder.

Evan Brand:  But if you're anemic, I'm guessing you may not get as much red color in the lines. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, because the heme the heme portion of the hemoglobin has that kind of red or more pinky tone to it. So when they Hemoglobin is low that ping ketones last so you have that more of that pale kind of Outlook. So you won't have that. You know that rosie, you know, if your skin more there white skinned, you won't have that like Rosie next to it is kind of stays pale. 

Evan Brand:  Yeah once again, so that's more of like a hey here's a free at home test you bend your bend your fingers back. Look at the lines in the palm of your hand if they dont go red. Maybe it's related to a blood do blood panel figured out.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. So let's go with some other Nails here. We have a couple of them are the one to talk about of course we have clubbing as well. So when we see clubbing it's literally looks like a little hoof at the end where you see a little curvature at the end of the nail and a lot of times that's from oxygen deficiency. So that could be from extreme low iron. They could be from a lot of respiratory distress, whether it's like sleep apnea or some kind of like just COPD just youre not able to really take on oxygen appropriately and then that low oxygen level can really cause that clubbing affect so you See with lung issues you can see with kidney issues liver issues heart issues dietary and IBS issue immuno issues like 80 things like that. But a lot of times are some ability to transfer and carry oxygen to proclaim. The body makes sense. You're looking at bigger picture pathology people that have that level of clubbing. They're already going to be on the conventional medicine radar as some kind of a diagnosis already being there. So you work on stabilizing that but then you want to get to the root issue, especially if you have like you so you can see cloudy with some autoimmune issues too and autoimmunity obviously Lots inflammation in the body. So you can you stabilize with the conventional medical docs and then you work on getting to the root cause.

Evan Brand:  Yeah I would say autoimmunity would link to any of this, if you have got any of immunity that you got Hashimotos and now your thyroid slowing down, we know that hypothyroidism could cause some of these nail issues as well. So yes, I would just say I messed up nails and your autoimmune you could blame it as as that being a piece of the puzzle. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, and also pitting nails too. That's associated with psoriasis, which is autoimmunity also reiter syndrome as well. So lot of pitting Nails, which these conditions have an effect on connective tissue. We look at autoimmunity as well. So anytime you see penny nails or even just the the the clubbing Nails there any type of nail issue I will give these so big because the. Interplays and once you start messing up iron and fat soluble vitamins and good fat digestion of protein digestion and B vitamin absorption, especially B12. You could see a lot of these physical presentation with the nails of the totally possible. Excellent next we have I would say you have the horizontal Nails as well that could easily be from scarlet fever with her and that one in school and of course Carla fever at the staph infection, I think and I can easily affect the heart to increase heart valve problems as well as your horizontal lines or beau's lines that can also be due to psoriasis as well or any type of circulation issue because scarlet fever can usually affect the lungs and potentially the heart so that's always a possibility,any comments?

Evan Brand:  I don't know much about scarlet fever. So no, I don't have anything to add to that. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay, excellent. Anything else you want to talk about after that?

Evan Brand:  The easy one that some people forget that they did something to their nails. Like if you smash your smash your fingers in the door or like you shut the car the kids shuts the car on your nail and sometimes people forget to say. Oh my god. I've got this black spot under my nails, you know, Bob Marley died of melanoma under his big toenail had a dark spot under his big toenail and he said well, yeah and he said well. The Rastafarian mine said is you you don't amputate any of your parts cuz they wanted to cut off his big toe to get rid of the melanoma and he's like no I didn't want to do it and then unfortunately the melanoma kill him. So yes a dark spot under the nail could be A possible skin cancer its rare, but it's possible. So in some cases of dermatologist may want to look at dark spots under the nails but a lot of times it's oh I bang my my hand to get something and I forgot and now I've got medicine blood under there.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And just poor digestion not digesting absorbing. A lot of these good fat soluble vitamins fats and proteins can be a big one and vitamins and minerals too, we have Terry's Nails as well. So Bose nails are going to be the horizontal lines kind of more midline. Terrys nails are going to be The White Strip at the very top that's also going to be a horizontal line as well at the very top. So you'll see kind of a big white strip at the very top and that one is some of these ones can mean you no more significant issues to me and they can mean different types of potential liver issues. Kidney issues diabetes. So the more unhealthy you get the more your nails just really go to hell in a handbasket. So to speak you have the area Nails think of in school. We learned Terry Nails T4 tip tea for tip and then bows, Bose in closer to the base B for bass, Terrys horizontal here bows more in the middle closer to the base and then autoimmunity plays a big role and then more of your bigger issues like kidney liver cardiovascular issues COPD, we can start to see more clubbing issues. And of course psoriasis is connected to a lot of these different ones of General. 

Evan Brand:  Lets just briefly mention cuticle health to you no cuticle health I would say is correlated with the nails my cuticles back when I had a lot of gut issues. My cuticles were always red and puffy and inflamed and I don't know if it was directly correlated. All I can tell you is that my cuticles look much better now, so I think if cuticles are irritated, maybe its cuz you're picking on your nails. Maybe it's the way you're biting your nails if your bite or it could be something like that. But to me, I think cuticles are correlated somehow. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I think its good day every now and then to go get your nails done and just have those cuticles really opened up. 

Evan Brand:  I like talking about how the cuticle grows up over the nail your head. If I'm at those getting pushed back.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep, getting pushed back and trimmed out. I like that. I'll do that. Maybe once once a year of what twice a year. I get my nails kind of turned up. It's getting cleaned up with us cuticles. Nice. Anything else want to say? 

Evan Brand:  Well, there you go when you have the official go-ahead from Dr. J go get your nails done. I can tell your husband a Dr. J told me to.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I just be careful. I use a lot of chemicals and then I also just make sure that they're you know use their everything's kind of coming from like a I sterilize type of Enclave or I forget what its called. I don't know but its Anyway, its type of sterilization unit sterilize those tools. 

Evan Brand:  Maybe there's some like, you know crunchy like organic type nail salon out there, but God most nail salons. I can't go anywhere close to them. I've actually had quite a few I don't even know what you would call him like a nail technician. I guess nail salon workers that have been clients and you should see the amount of xylene. So cylons often used in gel nail polish oh my goodness. Im talking record record levels of xylene, which is super neurotoxic. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So don't depend on two people going in just just take some extra activated charcoal with some extra glutathione if your health is okay, if you really getting spun out afterwards and just do your best to limit exposure, but I just go and get mine just get the base and get those cuticles trimmed up someone worrying about that the moon underneath the nails thats a good sign of circulation. But a lot of times the cuticle grow up over that Moon so you may not be able to see it. Most people can see it in their thumbs, but they may not see another nails like I cant you cant See mine that well, but once you once Im on kind of goes down and gets that cuticle out, you can see it a lot more. Sometimes that cuticle covers it.

Evan Brand: Yup, were there any other questions. I didn't have those pulled up in front of me. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Someone broke a nail fungus be acquired from outside sources yet totally can being and that's why you really want to topically hit it. That's why it may not always necessarily be a gut issue. So easy as first thing is just do a good fungal so what your nails and topically headed as well. Usually it's going to take about three to six months for a fungal nail to grow out. So I had a fungal big toe issue and it was very light. It wasn't even yellow. It was just kind of like the nail you could just see their integrity was lost a little bit. Were all the other nails were fine. And I thought it was a mile mile fungus topically hit after a month. You saw the bottom part grow out nice and clean and I took about three months 3 to 4 months to grow out the big toe. 

Evan Brand:  I'm surprised. It happened that quick that seems pretty fast.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, 3 to 6 months may depends, you know, like your pinky nails going to grow out that nail much much faster than your in your thumb. So it's all got a pen how much real estate has to move. Yeah, but still you provide extra building block so it grows faster and then you number to you topically hit along the way so it doesn't reinfect the new tissue coming out. That's why sometimes its so expensive cuz it sucks at times can really penetrate things deeper, which is nice. 

Evan Brand:  I haven't needed to use it but I have recommended a few people to use that after you told me about it. And yes, I've heard it. Thanks. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, I'm a big fan of two if you gotta do is Soak. There's a couple I use one that's got an Epsom salt in it as well. And so I just love the epsom salts in a foot bath. Like I am so relaxed and so chill at such a great way to get extra magnesium in especially if you know your tummy problems just soaking in through your skin. It won't cause any diarrhea or anything thats goes right into your bloodstream. So bypasses the gut so you get extra magnesium. I don't have any at having any laxatives that either. 

Evan Brand:  You could probably throw in some essential oils to I can't tell you right off the top of my head. Hey this essential oil or that one would be better for the neales lot of times people talk about like the tea tree, but I think if you did a foot soak, I don't know if you mention that fungal so having essential oils in there, but I think I could be a good extra little boost. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I have a separate one. Ive to that I use are the herbal nail fungal soap, which is really just good for killing nail fungus and help me with fungus like athletes foot or you know, cuz a lot of times you can see fungus on the feet with a lot of excessive dead skin is like a lot of excessive dry skin. Cracked skin around the footer to heal a lot of times that can be fungus too. So I'll put some links but low for like my favorite fungal foot soaks cuz I won that does the Epson salt and some essential oils like lavender and peppermint and its very very good. Very last time I do after this up Podcast cool. Excellent. Anything else you wanted to highlight today Evan. 

Evan Brand:  I would just say dig deeper. If you have nail issues hair issues skin issues. There's probably something else going on. So yeah, maybe you do a foot soak cool, but what else is going on? There's probably not a situation where a nail issues going to happen in isolation. There's probably some other symptoms may be anxiety depression sleep issues gut issues bloating, you know gas constipation burping the spice something else happened. So it'll be like the zoom in on these issues because one you all gave great feedback on the hair loss but never too because thats thats what people look for. It's the vanity that gets people interested in their health in some cases like somebody doesn't just wake up and say I want to Look at my gut fer infection. That's what you and I do because we love and breathe this stuff. But your average persons going to wake up and look and say oh my nails look how hideous my nails are all my hair. Look how ugly and then they get motivated to dig deeper, but I would encourage you just to get dig deeper on your own. Just think about what else could be going on don't wait until you have a bunch of other ships of is it if it's just the nails may be running organic acids test and see if you've got a big candida problem run a stool test and see if you've got a big fungal problem there. These are really low-hanging fruit items that we can look for that encourage us to do a test find an answer and then you can make a protocol to address it from the inside out as well as the outside. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 100% someone wrote and what happens if one nail is yellow, but we have just been talking about Im just now same thing. You can have it on me. That all of them that's what the whole podcast is about. So just go back and listen everything Shawn Rhoden on vacation in Greece notice my hair and skin were significantly healthier than when I was at home along with better sleep any reason. So first thing is she said I was eating a lot more gluten. So is less gluten content in the food in Europe bus pass the size and such but could be a combination of stress being lower than if you're sleeping better has to be less stress to be better sleep. I'm not sure what your diets like when you're at home already. So you have to look at the variables of stress sleep also sunlight maybe you're getting more sunlight exposure. All of those factors could have a huge role in what's happening that she was amazing to think you could see the difference. 

Evan Brand:  Is that quick though? Like, oh I went to grease my hair got better say well, I don't know about that. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Also, its a vacation like you're going to like paradise, you know, you're going to other kind of a more Paradise relaxing space. So there is a level of excitement. And just being in an awesome Place probably been saving up for a for the year. So there's a lot of you know the kind of emotional things that are part of that as well as not just a you know, a physiological thing to. 

Evan Brand:  Maybe it was a bunch of olive oil. I just don't think you would see changes like and lets hit him if it was like a month vacation may be but if it's like a week and now you're just do an olive oil and bread on everything 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Maybe the olive oil help maybe lot more fats how stressed you were but I personally don't think you see it that fast because it takes time for your skin cells in your hair cells that turnover. Yes, you're on vacation for a good month or two and you start to see it might want a month to I think it'd be hard unless you're just not getting any sunlight. Now you get a little bit of a tan and your skin feels, you know, a little bit better cuz of the vitamin B, I think it takes longer.

Evan Brand:  I have a friend who, when I say he was maybe fifty-fifty to sound like that last time we hung out we went hunting together and he had brown hair, you know, good-looking dark brown hair and then it would this was in the fall. We would like doing a Fall deer hunt and then the next spring we were going to go hunt turkey and his hair was all gray. Im talking just over the winter. His hair went 100% gray and I thought oh my God, and so what happened to your hair and guess what happened over the winter? He got a divorce and Superbad divorce, you know wife went crazy excetera. And so then I see him I didn't see him through the summer I catch up with him again for another fall hunt. So went from you know, the fall before Brown the next spring gray to the next fall. Guess what his hair was brown again perfectly Brown. I said, did you color your hair? And you said no, it just went back to Brown and I said always a divorce over he goes. Hell. Yeah, everything settled my thoughts. Wow, look at the emotional connection to hair. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. The hair going gray is the catalase enzyme is really important enzyme for the hair going gray. And that enzyme is associated with glutathione. So glutathione is really important for hair color. And I just think what happens is all the sulfur I think all the cortisol is going to cause you to just burn through a lot more that sell fur and so you have less sulfur available for the hair. Is your body kick your ass doesn't care much about the Aesthetics like its first on the priority list to go. 

Evan Brand:  Yes survival or crossed off the list.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So, you know, what I recommend is when that happens. You should hear starts going off the glutathione up the selenium right? Make sure you're digesting and you're consuming lots of good high Quality Meats with sulfur and good high-quality, you know sulfur Rich vegetables. 

Evan Brand:  Yeah, his hair is looking good now, so maybe just the stress alone. He he self-regulated but– 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Man you can just make sure that grows and you can do also extra green vegetables used to be really helpful. That's great. Excellent. I'll do a podcast or I'll do it video right after this on gray hair. I'll do a little summary video afterwards people coming in and they want to recap I'll do my own little shop talk to you. Cool. Do it or anything else having you want to highlight here. 

Evan Brand:  That's it for the nails if people want to reach out Clinically Justin and I work with people around the world so you can check out his website for scheduling consultation set is at JustinHealth.com. My website is EvanBrand.com and we both work with people around the world were super grateful for the opportunity to help you also. Thank you for letting us serve you and if you have feedback suggestions on podcast topics symptoms think we have covered. I'll put it in the comments if you're on Justins YouTube video or if you find us on Facebook. Twitter Instagram somewhere look us up and let us know. Hey, I want you to cover this or that and we'll make it happen. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, let us know your experience with your fingernail or hail here issues. Love to hear it. Love the comment about it as well. And if you enjoy the podcast smash that like button, it really helps the YouTube algorithm and that read us a review. I JustInHealth.com/iTunes,  EvanBrand.com/iTunes, and we really appreciate the reviews, and Im share this with your friends or family. When did you know that could help her benefit you feel free to share with them and also our link below will be there for consultation if you want a diving deeper and look at some of the deeper issues, EvanBrand.com JustinHealth.com. We're here for yall. Hope you have a phenomenal day. I will be back tomorrow with some more contents and you guys have a phenomenal day. Take care. 

Evan Brand: Take care. Bye.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Bye. Bye.



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