The Lymphatic System and Infection Support | Podcast #241

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Lymphatic System is a part of the vascular system and is plays an important part in the immune system, and comprises a large network of lymphatic vessels that carry lymph directly to the heart. So, it is very important to know more about this, and how to keep this healthy and running.

In today’s podcast, Dr. Justin and Evan Brand are going to talk about the Lymphatic system and infection support. Everything is discussed, including how important it is, especially when you have stressors or infections, and how you can support it.Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

In this episode, we cover:

1:08 All About Lymphatic System

8:07 Massages for the Lymph

11:09 Symptoms and kinds of Infections

18:06 Testing things, herbal solutions

26:59 Other recommendations


Dr. Justin Marchegiani: All right. And we live it's Dr. J. here in the house with Evan Brand. Today's podcast is going to be on the Lymphatic system and how important it is, especially when you have stressors and things like infections going on in your body. We're going to talk about what the Lymphatic system is, how you can support it, and how important it is, especially if you have things like infections which are stressors on your body that could be essentially clogging up that lymph system. So excited to be a great podcast today, Evan how we doing man.

Evan Brand: Hey I'm doing well. I was looking at a picture of the Lymphatic system and we were talking off air about how crazy it is that the lymph is its own separate system from the blood. So when you think of all your blood flow and arteries and veins going every which direction and then you look at a picture of your Lymphatic system, it's almost like two totally separate but parallel highways in the body which is just incredible. I've never done anything like a human cadaver work. Did you ever do that when you were in school? Did you ever work on human cadavers at all?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes we did. Yep. I have a lot of experience of that.

Evan Brand: Did you see could you see like lymph nodes and such when you were in there or was it just too small?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah I mean you can definitely see a lot of the lymph I mean a lot of it's gonna be dehydrated when the fluids not there because it's kind of like a balloon without air in it. Right. It's more collapse, it kind of looks like a little bit of tissue. Yeah definitely you can see it lymph plays a a pretty major role in the body I mean typically what I describe the people is like you have tissue, you have blood, and the blood has to be clean because the bloods go into the organs, so you have like nutrition and things coming in, and then you have waste build up from the tissue whether it's metabolic stuff like lactic acid or toxin exposure whatever. And that's going to essentially go from the tissue ,think of the lymph as \ the filter, the in-between type of filter, and then think of the blood as everything it's clean. So in other words like, if people have like a gravity filter like a Berkey filter right figure of the top part of the Berkey, think of that as like your tissue fluid, that's your tissue fluid. All right the fluid in your tissue Lymphatic fluid. Think of the filter, the Berkey filter component, that's like the lymph and then think of the clean water you drink is like the blood. All right. So that's kind of the lymph in a nutshell and it's really important because when we get exposed to toxins and stressors we want to make sure that's really clean and there's a couple of different organs that are responsible and that are involved in the process of filtering. So there's a bunch of different things I haven't listed out here but in general, we have spleen which actually helps make a lot of red blood cells and are really really important for making the healthy cells that we need to you know have good function, thymus also makes a lot of T cells in lymphocytes which are actual white blood cells that are involved in the Lymphatic system which is really important, they actually call attention to attack infections and really important for knocking down cancer and other not so good things. We have the lymph vessels which are like, essentially the transport pipes between the lymph nodes, the lymph nodes are like the filters. Right. That's where like a lot of mono sites and other bigger players are going to live and they will start gobbling up and attacking and lacing or breaking down a lot of critters, so the lymph nodes are kind of where a lot of these things hide and stay and they will go and attack a lot of critters and you'll see lymph nodes swell a lot because it's gobbling it up. It's kind of like you get putting a lot of food down the garbage disposal, it may kind of like the water may kind of backup for a minute while the garbage disposal kind of breaks it all down a while it gets shot down the pipe. So we talked about the findings we talked about lymph nodes and lymph vessels and what's the difference there? The spleens really important we talked about that because that's where you're going to make some red blood cells there's also going to be a lot of filtering of toxins there. Now we have tonsils which are really the first major filters, the first major lymph in the body and these tend to get removed because it's like the pre filter that just gets blacker or congested or clogged really soon and we can see that one get filtered up and kids can get congested and people get tonsil stones and this is kind of the major pre filter that gets pulled out first which is really sad. Right. I had my tonsils taken out at age five. That's a real common thing. And last but not least is going to be the bone marrow. Right. Bone marrow helps make red blood cells, helps make white blood cell and platelet, so really important with the immune system. Also a lot of lymphocytes come from there as well. So we need lymphocytes. They are the cells that are going to primarily hang out in the Lymphatic system. And then one more thing about the spleen, spleen is the largest organ in the Lymphatic system. So its primary job is to filter out kind of damage old red blood cells. So we want to help the red blood cells of the spleen is really really important for that. And then basically the spleen also helps sure a lot of our lymphocytes. So that's where they grow up and become stronger and bigger. So that now when they enter the Lymphatic system, they're kind of, they're ready to go, and they're ready to do its job and help keep the blood really clean. That's kind of the organs. I'll give you a minute to comment.

Evan Brand: We think that's all awesome info. I'm just so amazed at the Lymphatic system. You know when I first had tick bites this was probably 2011 maybe 2012, when I was working at the park system, I remember feeling low left quadrant pain and learning more about Lyme disease and co infections. Epstein Barr virus, certain bacteria, they can actually affect the spleen and cause the spleen to swell. So like Lyme disease you can have spleens swelling and so if you've had pain on that looking down at yourself that lower left quadrant over there that could be related. And so really, you and I were kind of talking about this off air, Lymphatic system problems are really secondary, meaning the Lymphatic system kind of catches the crap that wasn't addressed upstream. So meaning, if you've got bacterial infections in your gut that haven't been addressed. If you have Epstein Barr virus and other viral infections that are suppressing your immune system, now the Lymphatic system kind of has to come in as like the secondary team. Hey we're going to try to help out but the goal is not just take Lymphatic support herbs to get that better, you have to still work upstream to fix the root cause. So if you need antiviral herbs, you've got to use antiviral herbs, or if you need antimicrobials to address the bacteria overwhelming the Lymphatic system, you've got to get rid of bacteria and then get the proper testing done too. So you know if I'm mentioning Lyme and co infections you got to try to look for that stuff and see do you actually have Lyme and or co infections causing spleen pain or swollen lymph nodes in the groin or armpit or in the throat. I was telling you this morning my throat had felt kind of weird kind of tied up in here. So I'm assuming I've got some Lymphatic stagnation going on and we were looking at some research and we found that there was a study from it was journal of complementary medicine and it was just titled, “A Study of the Effects of a Single Session of Swedish Massage on HIPAA and Immune Function”. And it was pretty cool. What they found is that just a, let's see was it a forty five minute massage, or was it an hour. Yeah. Forty five minutes of Swedish massage compared to a light touch massage. It was proven the Swedish massage, number one it lowered cortisol a bit, but then it increased the number of lymphocytes significantly, and then it also decreased Interleukin 4 5 10 and 13, meaning that we've actually lowered inflammatory cytokines. So you mentioned that massage is a critical part of your maintenance plan on your own body I should be doing more massage. It sounds like and everybody definitely could and should benefit.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah massage is a really important tool. I mean it really helps move the lymph mechanically right so you can move them the lymph mechanically just like you would with a lymph brush. And again the key is if you're going to you can even massage yourself that's not a problem it's pretty simple. It's just basically light gentle touch. I mean you can do deeper but essentially you want to always bring it back to the heart. That's kind of the key. Like when I was doing more chiropractic work, there was something known as what's called a fashioned flush. And when we were taught that technique I would use a precursor or roller and we'd always bring it back to the heart over in the front we'd bring it up the inferior vena cava back to the heart, because that's where the lymphs all dumping back because the goal is the lymph is taking fluid and filtering it out and bringing it back to the heart. So the heart could pump out clean stuff. Right. So we're bringing it back to the heart either from the front we're going down up or from the back we're going up and over like over the shoulder back to the heart or back to the heart. So if you're watching the video, that makes a little bit more sense over in the back, we're going up it over the shoulders, back in the direction of the heart in the left side, or in the front we're going up to that left side to kind of get that fluid back there so it can go back into circulation and that's really important. Also, yesterday I was doing a lot of whole body vibration so I got a massage. I also had whole body vibration, whole body vibration is going to be amazing on the Lymphatic system. You're moving Lymphatic fluid so much you're everything kind of almost feels very warm because there's so much movement of your internal lymph where everything's just heated up. It's pretty amazing. And that really helps because you're helping to move that lymph and keep things moving which is amazing. Right. The more that filter gets clogged the more things just start to kind of stay and get stagnant so keeping that lymph moving is amazing. You're going to have the same thing with exercise because you're pumping your muscles and when you're pumping your muscle, that's the kind of like you're giving yourself an internal massage by contracting the muscles, so muscle movement is going to help as well. That's really important. I would also say drinking enough clean water is important because if you don't have enough good clean fluid to work with, God forbid that you're using a lot of fluid that's like soda or alcohol base that's going to create more inflammation that's going to make that fluid and be like molasses like biscuits. So drinking lots of good clean fluid and having good electrolytes as well is going to help. We need healthy electrolyte levels so our sodium potassium pumps can work. Not enough sodium potassium we're going to have some problems there.

Evan Brand: I can't believe that some people just don't drink pure water. You know I've had clients where the husband or the brother and the sister the cousin they say all they drink is tea or juice or soda and I'm like well do they drink, just pure water? No, they don't like water. All my goodness how do you not like water? How do you not drink pure water? If you're just living on sweet tea or even unsweetened tea. That's just a diuretic. It's not good.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah definitely not good because they will cause you to lose more water. So I always tell people anytime you're drinking coffee or tea, that doesn't count it again, doesn't count as your fluid for the day. And number two is you have to compensate and actually do more high quality fluid to combat the decrease in fluid from peeing it out. So that's really important.

Evan Brand: Let's talk about symptoms a bit. So things that can be going wrong with you and you would know, hey I've probably got something wrong with my Lymphatic system and therefore there's probably an issue above that. So like chronic fatigue could be common. We talked about the swelling of the lymph nodes like your throat, the jaw line there, the armpits, the groin, muscle aches and pains, joint pains, sore throat just in general that pretty easy, getting colds more often frequent infections viruses, fibromyalgia symptoms, arthritis, and even cancer formation could be on this list here because what's it called Hodgkin's disease. That's a Lymphatic cancer- lymphoma, that's a Lymphatic cancer.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes sexually the cancer cells accumulating in that lymph system. We're not going to go into the different types of it, not necessary but in general the more we keep our immune system in our Lymphatic system healthy through keeping inflammation down, inflammation is one of the first and best things because number one, cancer cells are primarily going to thrive in a in a glucose rich kind of anaerobic environment, so the more we provide good oxygenation through keeping inflammation down and through movements, that's going to keep those cells moving right the more we put more inflammation into the system. That's going to add Interleukin and cytokines are gonna be responding. As a result, it's kind of like if a rock in the beehive the bees are gonna swarm afterwards. When you put a whole bunch inflammation in your body of your food or stress or infections like bacteria, or viruses you're going to have a lot of Interleukin and cytokines being produced which are going to make cells agglutinate, glutinate means like a stick together. So it's like if you're trying to clean something, a whole bunch of grease gets put into your sink. You just feel that coat and everything. And that's kind of what's happening in your Lymphatic system, everything just gets really this viscous and very coded. So we want to make sure that we keep inflammation down, so a good paleo template. And if you're really inflame, keeping the glucose in the carbohydrates down can be helpful just because glucose and sugar can cause a lot of stress on the Lymphatic system as well. And if you're healthy and you're exercising and your leaner, you may be able to handle that, also lower thyroid function is important because low thyroid function or hypo thyroid was originally known as myxedema. Hence the word edema. So we need healthy thyroid function also for your metabolism to work, for your heart to work inside. So we need healthy thyroid levels we can see extra fluid retention with that. I see a lot of people develop fluid retention during an autoimmune flare so getting exposed to gluten or any other autoimmune foods that could create inflammation and of course people that are more, they have an autoimmune predilection or predisposition, they're going to create more inflammation than their immune system is going to aid, their immune system is actually come to the party and create more inflammation by attacking. So we talked about adding inflammation to the system. Well if you're autoimmune, we're adding inflammation but then your immune system also joins in at the party and creates more inflammation as well. So it creates this spiral control, it's why you see a lot of people with autoimmune issues have lots of swelling and lots of lymph issues for sure.

Evan Brand:  Not good. So you've got to get it under control. Well you mentioned thyroid. So looking into thyroid testing with your practitioner would be a key thing to do, making sure you're getting a full panel too, like I had a woman last week she e-mailed me she said yeah here's my endocrinologist, they did bloodwork on my thyroid and it was literally TSH and total T three or maybe total T four maybe two or three markers total and that's their quote, full thyroid panel which I mean that's just not enough information to do anything with. Do you want to speak on proper thyroid testing, making sure you're getting above and beyond the standard of care?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. So with the thyroid we definitely want to be looking at TSH to make sure that's adequate ideally below two and a half but definitely below three is ideal. And if it's not then the question is why. So then we go look at T four levels one to one point five for T for free six to 10 for T for total right, 3 looks at the functional amount of five what hormone that can actually dock to receptor site. Total looks at the overall strength of the gland, freeze more important like to see both in range and then t three free is about three or above is adequate and then 100 or above for T three total. And then of course we have reverse T three which can go up when T three starts to drop, we may see it with an adequate selenium levels with liver stress, and with adrenal stress, and then T3 uptake which T, T three FDA tends to be adequate if reverse T three is good, and T3 levels are good, that's kind of the uptake of thyroid hormone by the receptor sites. So we look at all of those things, and it's important if we have low thyroid levels we want to get to the root cause, we'd also want to look at thyroid antibodies because antibodies, remember that autoimmune mechanism is a big part. So TPL where thyroglobulin antibodies are really big that that's high that tells you your immune system is really aiding into that fight and that could be really creating a lot of sluggishness with the thyroid and your immune system.

Evan Brand: I felt a huge difference just comparing and contrasting my blood work when I had elevated reverse T three at one point, I was in the 30s, I was like 34 with reverse T three which is real high, and I had a lot of adrenal stress going on, I had multiple sculpture, I had tick bites, I had immune stress I had all of it. So it would make sense why I felt so sluggish that reverse T three which is way too high. And last time I checked my blood reverse 23 look great. I was down to like a 12 or so but don't just depend on your thyroid panel. You could have perfect thyroid numbers and still feel like crap and still have problems with Lymphatic swelling and other issues.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah also heart's really important obviously because the heart's the muscle that's pumping everything. So if you're older and you have risk factors or symptoms of heart failure or cardiovascular disease, we'd see that with thoughts of inflammation or decrease ejection fraction of the heart, maybe higher blood pressure, right higher blood pressure means your heart has to pump harder and work harder to kind of move. Because if your blood pressure is 150 over 90, your heart has to generate more force than the pressure in the arteries to move things. So you have to work 20 or 30 percent harder. So a lot of times that's going to be from inflammation, because inflammation is in it cause constriction of a lot of the vessels. The more inflammation you have you start generating foam cells. You decreased your nitric oxide, your n0 which is gonna be really important for basal dilation. People that consume lots of fructose or have mold exposure or inflammation from infections, that's going to decrease your nitric oxide levels which nitric oxide is your natural base Odile.

Evan Brand: Yeah I can tell you one hundred percent. Last summer, my blood pressure was crazy and I did the Burchell. I think it's Berkeley, not Berkey, but Berkeley test strips it's nitric oxide test strip. You put it on your tongue. I failed at every single time. Just showing I had no nitric oxide production at all. So in the interim while I'm in the middle of detox, I've been doing beet powder and some Argireline and Centreline and other things to try to help, Hawthorne, some extra folate been trying to increase my nitric oxide but I'm still using bandaids. My ultimate goal has to be to detoxify but luckily, blood pressure is back to normal now so I've experienced exactly what you said and it's not fun.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. And then if we see that of course we're working on getting everything, inflammation getting the inflammation down, and we're working on giving nutrients to help our heart work. So I mean low hanging fruit are gonna be high quality B vitamins, carnitine to help generate energy from fat co Q10 which is really important for the heart. So it can have that energy to to run the electron transport chain, and help beat then of course magnesium as well because magnesium is a natural beta blocker and a lot of times people's heart is stimulated too much by that sympathetic nervous system, causing the heart to contracted beat. So magnesium can really help relax the heart too, so when you're, when you're not stressed, your heart can actually downshift. It's like driving a car and having it be stuck in first gear on the highway and your RPMs are are too high. So it allows you to go into that higher gear for the highway but then also allows you to downshift so you can relax and go into that lower gear when it's time as well.

Evan Brand: Yeah. Let's briefly mentioned other testing things that may be important if you're dealing with the Lymphatic system problems. So we talked about thyroid. You mentioned antibodies which is great. I would throw organic acid testing into the mix because we know that bacterial infections can stress out the immune system in general. So streptococcus and staphylococcus and parasites and worms and Candida overgrowth these are things we can find using a combination of stool and urine test.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah and you can see the extreme with parasites that get into the lymph. You can see it like elephantiasis issues which are like massive Lymphatic swelling of worms or parasites really disrupting more of the actual physical structure of the lymph. And that's you know that's going to be the ultimate, you know endgame or end stage type of disease presentation, but you can have in between stressors where fungi or bacteria or yeast or parasites are stressing out the lymph. So of course the first step is going to be seeing a good functional medicine doctor, a practitioner that can help figure out what those stressors are, and then work on killing and addressing those infections. Now I think we hit everything up pretty good from a foundational level, now what are some supplements that we use clinically to help. Well I'll tell you off the bat, Ginger is a really really great one and I use that part of my program preventively because it helps with inflammation, helps with gastroparesis, it helps with digestion, it helps with the lymph. It's also a natural Biofilm Buster So supporting the biofilms and supporting the lymph and the inflammation we kind of use ginger tea is kind of a catch all. I'll let you go list off some of yours I have and have a couple others I want to hit up to.

Evan Brand: The red roots going to be my favorite. I personally felt the difference using red fruit when I didn't have that lower left quadrant pain. I started using a blend, so I can't tell you it was red fruit just by itself. I would tell you it's probably a combination of some of the other ones in there like burdock, but the red fruit for sure helped reduce swelling and if we are doing the lyme or a co infection protocol with someone, red fruit has some antimicrobial properties too. But I was using it just for spleen and in general lymph support.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah so red root or red clover is pretty much I think the same thing. Also burdock roots powerful in my [inaudible] product. I put the burdock root in there because it really helps support the lymph. So burdock is amazing red root is also a famous cancer formula that have been used by natural cancer people for I think 80 years called SCA T and SCA T he has like rhubarb in there but the big thing that has it has burdock. Like I just mentioned which is a really powerful lymphatic cleansers, a lot of natural cancer people have known for a long time that burdock helps because the lymph tends to be overstressed with people that have cancer. So even if you're doing chemotherapy or a conventional cancer program, you really want to work on supporting and helping to cleanse your liver because all this stuff's coming into your body and you want to make sure that you can filter it out after it's gone and done its thing with the cancer cells. So SCA T or some kind of a natural Lymphatic support is gonna be really helpful. And I would say systemic enzymes, especially Serratiopeptidase or lumbrokinase are amazing because all of this viscousness, or kind of stagnant sludge that can build up in the lymph, the enzymes are kind of like a liquid plumber so to speak so you have that clogged deepen your drain. You don't want to call the plumber to go pull out the snake to kind of break it up physically, but you may put some liquid plumber in which is gonna break it down internally through various enzymes or corrosive compounds, we can use enzymes internally which are natural, they aren't going to hurt our body and they're going to help break down some of that inflammation ,break down some of the cytokines break down any any sludge. So some of these enzymes can be amazing. We've got to take them away from food. Typically an hour before food three hours after we take, higher amounts and it really help kind of Roto-Rooter our system.

Evan Brand: Good. That's that's a killer recommendation. We've done a podcast before on immune system in general, but I would just throw some other general support immune herbs at you so like the astragalus echinacea, those are gonna be a couple of good ones. Medicinal mushrooms I would say could and should be part of the protocol too, like some Rashi, Cordyceps, Mottaki, Shittake, beta glucans, anything that's generally supportive of antiviral anti-microbial immune support. Olive Leaf. I would throw that in. Now does it directly influence lymph. I don't know. I could look into some studies and see but I just know that for me, Olive Leaf is helpful for beating Candida and helping as an antiviral. So I think that could be a good strategy.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah looks like your lymph is like your pre filter and think of your kidneys as kidneys and liver is like the post filter. So anytime you're supporting the liver or the kidneys, you're having an effect on the Lymphatic system because everything has to go back to the heart which then gets its way into the tissue again which then has to make its way back to the lymph. So you can create a backup. So things like astragalus and cordyceps and chaparral, these are all medicinal compounds that will help support the kidneys and we use a lot with kidney patients, so we know things like mold and mycotoxins stress out the lymph and we know that they also the studies that they stress out the kidneys as well. So any time you support the kidneys or the liver, you're gonna be helping your detoxification. Are you going to be helping your Lymphatic system directly and indirectly.

Evan Brand: Yeah I just found a research paper here looking at the different herbs used for lymphoma, so green tea extract was mentioned, Optisol, Rashee mushroom, sunshine exposure, olive leaf extract, reducing sugar stress alcohol. So yeah I mean pretty much everything we're already doing, we're kind of fixing Lymphatic issues often, even when we're targeting a primary issue like a viral bacterial pathogen problem which is pretty cool.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah and lymph nodes are pretty much going to be everywhere in your body. I mean you're gonna see it really conglomerate in and around the throat area, you're gonna see a conglomerate in the axillary armpit area, and then you'll see him really conglomerate in the growing areas. That's where a lot of them are gonna be. And like the first major thing that anyone listening to this that has Lymphatic things, what's the best thing you can do is number one, get your diet on a paleo template, get the inflammation down, number two, get enough good clean water and fluids in your system, with maybe a little pinch of Redman's real salt. There's some kind of high quality mineral salts and the number three, move and that could be anything from just if you're totally sedentary or wheelchair bound. Just isometric where you're contracting your muscles and not even actually moving, or actually someone just going for a walk or someone actually doing a workout, or even doing a whole body vibration, where you actually sit on a vibration plate and that stimulates your lymph system and then you can do things outside of that by doing a massage. Getting a lymph rush, or actually getting a really good deep tissue or sweetest massage to help really move a lot of this lymph can help stimulate your immune system to.

Evan Brand: Great great strategies and get the testing done to figure out what you're up against there's there's something happening right. If your Lymphatic system is not working not working properly there's a reason. So now you just gotta do some digging and figure out what it was. In my case, I have multiple things I had to fix and I'm still working on fixing.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. Then of course the nuance. Things are gonna be all the infections so you really want to work with your functional medicine doc on that to help that of course when we have inflammation issues in our body. We already talked about the things that you can control but your adrenals are a big interplay, because your adrenal helped regulate inflammation that your natural anti inflammatory. We talked about how the thyroid has a major role and can create edema which can put more stress on the lymph because you of all this fluid that's pooling ,that it just makes it harder to kind of get back up into circulation and clean it out and then all of the infections like I mentioned and all the supplements that you can use. It's really important though that you start with the hierarchy, all the things we talked about one two three and four before we go on to five and six which are going to be the Lymphatic supporting arms as well, as, as well as killing the infections, we can put activated charcoal in there too because activated charcoal is a great cleanser in the guts. And if we're cleansing crud out in the gut that means there's less chance that it has to get circulated back to the Lymphatic system goods going out in the toilet because it's going to be stuck in the intestines packaged up with the straight jacket on it and then out into the toilet. So activated charcoal or any type of really good binders or fulVic minerals can help bind up a lot of this junk and help you excrete it as well.

Evan Brand: Cool. It's interesting you know we talk about a topic we try to go and zoom into that topic but we always end up connecting it to the other piece mainly because that's important for us to get that message across. But because you literally can't focus on just one body system, you literally can't. You will fail like if you just. I'm going to go take a bunch of limp supporting herbs. You're not going to succeed, because you've got to address everything else and for you to throw the adrenalin there too is critical because a lot of people ignore lymph and that's why I mean one of the first things you and I talked about, you know, four or five years ago was hey you've got to have adrenal is on board whether you're working on thyroid gut infections, like adrenals are literally the pillar that hold you up to make you strong enough to be able to handle working on any other system. So if your practitioner just doubles down on killing things in your gut and you don't have adrenal support on board that could be a reason you're not feeling as good or you're still dealing with chronic fatigue type issues, you may just be overloading the system and the adrenal is can't keep up.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 100 percent and that makes total sense man. Well today was a really great chat. Is there anything else you want to add about the lymph or add about any functional medicine aspects connected to this?

Evan Brand: I don't think so. We could always do part two but for now I think that's a good limp support and dysfunction 101 and we could dive deeper next time.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Great. Well if you guys are listening to this we really appreciate a thumbs up, a share if you're watching on YouTube make sure you give us a share. Hit the bell as well, and put comments down below. We really want to know what you guys think. Want to get ideas for future topics. We really appreciate you guys jumping in. Reach out to Evan, Evan does consults all over the world, for me. We all do consults everywhere. So if anyone's in any country feel free to reach out. We'll be happy to help you and I hope everyone's enjoying a lot of this free content, not just listening to it and being entertained which we hopefully are. But we want to make sure that you guys are picking at least one thing where you can apply to your health, into your daily routine to make yourself healthier.

Evan Brand: Hey man, hey man, we'll it's great to chat with you. Look forward to talking with you again next week.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Awesome. And then you have a great day. We'll talk soon.

Evan Brand: Take care.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Take care. Bye.

Evan Brand: Bye.


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