This year, despite a record pollen count, I again was just sitting there waiting for the allergy symptoms to hit me, and they just never did…

Read My Story If you’re not sure which doctor to choose. It’s long but it’s important to me to share. I suggest anyone going to Dr. Justin or thinking about going to him, to open up with him more generally about your health and wellness. After visiting him several times for general back problems our discussion got off track. I was talking to him about the Allergist, Ear Nose and Throat, and Primary care doc I had just seen to try to figure out a light headed / vertigo sensation that I was experiencing for several months and which was starting to effect my work. I wasn’t looking for any sort of help, but Dr. Justin was very inquisitive into my lifestyle. Each time I came in he’d just ask me a few questions on how I was doing and after a while he suggested some lifestyle changes might help. I eventually agreed to some specific lifestyle chances and a regimen of a few supplements. Within ONE week my vertigo was GONE… I literally had to stop myself during the day multiple times and ask, am I feeling dizzy at all?? No I’m not! Have I felt dizzy at all today? No I haven’t. It was pretty amazing. If the story ended there I would still say this is pretty much a miracle, but the next allergy season I noticed I wasn’t really getting the itchy eyes/throat that I usually get. Every previous year I’ve had to take Allegra and just barely managed to get by. This year, despite a record pollen count, I again was just sitting there waiting for the allergy symptoms to hit me, and they just never did… I can’t believe it.. I’m still not sure I believe it, but my family noticed the difference, especially when they were sneezing and blowing their nose last spring. Thank You Dr. Justin

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