On April 21st, I came to Dr. Justin feeling frustrated, bloated, and uncomfortable in my own skin.

On April 21st, I came to Dr. Justin feeling frustrated, bloated, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I had been wearing size 6 jeans and I felt as though even those were becoming too small. I had tried crash diets, I had tried exercising like crazy, but I couldn’t keep my weight down to my goal weight. I must say the goal was established approximately 5 years ago when I was at my thinnest and feeling great at 137lbs (at 5 foot 7 inches). When I saw Justin I had not weighed myself recently and kind of on purpose as my scale battery died (oh darn), but I estimated I was somewhere in the mid 150s. After one month of eating good quality meat, tons of veggies, while cutting out sugar and gluten from my diet I am back into my size 4s again! I am so impressed by the ease and quickness of a few simple changes in my lifestyle that I am excited to see how far this will take me (as I haven’t been to the gym at all). Not to mention I was taking a claritin EVERY SINGLE day, which has since stopped thanks to the allergy supplements. Additionally, I would have insane sugar cravings, especially in the afternoon at work. I used to grab a handful of those fun size candy bars from my colleague who kept them in his office at least twice or three times a day. Thanks to my diet and the supplements Dr. Justin has incorporated into my protocol, I have had zero urges to go into that colleagues office besides to talk with him about work. I am able to look at all of those (former) irresistible baby ruth fun size bars without any sense of craving. Quite Amazing and I plan to continue under Dr. Justin’s guidance in order to be at my optimum health.

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