l started working with Dr. Justin four months ago. Since then I’ve lost over 20 pounds and over 7 inches off my waist, and my mental focus and energy are coming back.

Before I went to Dr. Justin, I had zero hope for my quality of life.  After years of chronic stress I was exhausted all the time, had lost all mental sharpness, and was busting out of my fattest clothes.  I’d been following a strict paleo/bulletproof nutrition plan for a month and hadn’t seen even one glimmer of the promised benefits.  Even with all the extra weight, I was getting pretty positive feedback from within the traditional health care system — from my very sweet and well-meaning primary care physician’s perspective, absolutely nothing was wrong.  So I was starting to feel a little crazy. Luckily, I heard Dr. J interviewed on a podcast and had a feeling functional medicine could give me some answers.  On my first appointment, Dr. Justin spent a ton of time going over my symptoms and history, and laid out the basic philosophy around how we were going to rebuild my health.  He developed a few theories around what my core issues might be, and then ordered some lab tests to find out for sure. After reviewing all the labs, I was almost relieved to see that there actually were a couple legitimate problems with my health.  Dr. Justin not only explained what all the numbers meant, but talked me through the underlying chemical and physical processes on nifty powerpoint presentations.  He took the time to answer every single one of my questions, too.  Then he put me on a crazy regimen of capsules and drops and told me to email him a food log every couple weeks.  Which I did, and which he read and quickly responded to.  It’s pretty much a dream come true to get a note from a doctor urging me to eat more healthy animal fat. All that started four months ago.  Since then I’ve lost over 20 pounds and over 7 inches off my waist, and my mental focus and energy are coming back.  Oh, and I have about a quarter as many aches and pains as I used to on a daily basis.  According to my friends & family, my skin looks better too. Just In Health gives you the option of doing phone check-ins, but even though I live all the way in Oakland, I still prefer to drive out to the office.  There, I scramble my brain a little on their Whole Body Vibration plate, chat with Astrid the super-rad receptionist, and find out what new thing Dr. J can teach me.  So far we’ve covered everything from home earache remedies to Mindfit light & sound therapy. Thanks to Just In Health, I’m totally optimistic about my future.  Nothing but five stars covers it!

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