If you have any problems that aren’t getting better or you just want to heal quickly contact Dr. Justin and his staff.

I can not give more praise to Dr. Justin Marchegiani (Chiropractic Kinesiology). I can say I was skeptical at first, but I take that back. I suffered a broken collar bone over a year ago now. I have gone through 3 surgeries, MRSA (staph infection) and osteomyelitis (bone infection). The last surgery they had to remove the plate so my clavicle went back to being displaced. Its been healing like this for 8 months now and not ideally. I haven’t had hardly any range of motion or any lifting strength since the last surgery. In 2 sessions I went from being able to life my arm from maybe halfway up to all the up to practically touching my ear. And with more sessions it just continues to get better. I was more than overjoyed considering after going to a Stanford doctor and him saying he couldn’t do anything for me. Please, if you have any problems that just seem never get better or you just want to heal quickly; contact Dr. Justin and his staff. They are incredible and truly care about you getting better.

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