I highly recommend Dr. Justin for shoulder issues and injuries…

Dr. Justin had a big challenge with me. I’m a diabetic with shoulder trouble. Dr. J Pietila is my cousin in Minnesota who invented the In-Balance with ARP Wave technique and helped me recover from two painful shoulders a few years ago. I then moved to California and recently felt one of my shoulders heading in the wrong direction. I asked Dr. J who could help me out here in the Bay Area and he recommended Dr. Justin. My shoulder troubles are from minor injuries that get inflamed and the ARP Wave therapy got them all healed up again. I was so fortunate to find out that Dr. Justin was across the street from my work and he was able to do everything Dr. J in MN did for me a few years ago. Just after 5 sessions in two weeks, both my shoulders are feeling excellent! The ARP Wave drives out inflammation, gets muscles firing again, and allows the body to heal quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Justin for shoulder issues and injuries. I feel great again.

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