I have my life, mind and body back to a place where I feel grateful.

After 1 full year of dizziness and nausea after eating anything I did a GI test and then phone appt with Dr. Justin. (Referred to Dr. J by Mary Vance who is a wonderful nutritionist in SF). Turns out I had crypto infection and since I cannot tolerate antibiotics Dr. J put me on herbs which he promised would not only clear the infection but also lead to improved GI function and ability to tolerate foods. After so many doctors, both western and alternative, I was skeptical and had family members urging me to do the antibiotics anyway bc they were so tired of living with me and my nausea and strange ailments. But I decided to give Dr. J a chance and between the herbs and the HCL and digestive enzymes he recommended, along with dietary guidelines, I can now actually eat real food without feeling sick afterwards. This is a huge improvement not only regarding food but also overall quality of life, decreased anxiety, depression, insomnia etc. I think I have seen every doctor in the SF area and whenever someone says they have a health issue they are dealing with which is not getting solved I now refer them to Dr. J. He is excellent. And this is my experience only over the phone working with him! He is very attentive, knowledgeable doesn’t ever suggest anything that is unnecessary, keeps expenses in mind for his patients, he is patient and totally attentive. I am a hard case- symptoms and tx were not so clear and he was able to not only treat the crypto infection but also the other GI issues (low stomach acid, inflammation, and the need for serious digestive enzymes) that were causing related problems. I highly recommend him and believe me, this is where I was at the end of my rope. I have my life, mind and body back to a place where I feel grateful.

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