I feel I’ve added years, if not decades to my life. And the quality of my life is better. I’m very thankful.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Justin for a few weeks now. I’ve had pain in my hip that has kept me from running for over 3 years. I also have hypothyroidism. Dr. Justin has helped me strengthen my leg and glute muscles and relieve the pain in my heel from plantar facicitis. Dr. Justin places pads on opposite sides of my body that flows a variable current through my muscles. It’s intense. I perform squats, bends, and hula hoop motions while the current is flowing through me. After 10 minutes of this I feel as though I’ve gotten a strenuous workout from weight lifting. Dr. Justin also makes manipulations, by hand, to adjust my neck, spine, leg, and hips. All of this is great. I’ve stressed my body over the years through marathon running and sitting at a desk. I have a way to go before I run again (no more marathons) but I feel I’m on the path to recovery. Even more important, Dr. Justin, really understood about my thyroid. I mentioned I was frustrated with my care from my regular doctor from Palo Alto Medical Foundation and how they delayed a second panel of blood tests on me after I had lost 30 pounds in 15 weeks — and could only recommend a cortisone shot to help me with my hip pain. Dr. Justin said he could run complete blood, urine, and adrenal tests. His report on my blood work ran 5 pages versus the 1/4 page of results I got from PAMF. The result? My regular doctor completely missed critical results showing my C-Reactive Protein Cardiac was high to the point of putting me at risk for a cardiac event and my Hemoglobin 1Ac showed a 2-3 month snapshot of my blood sugar indicating I was pre-diabetic. This was a wake up call for me as my father died with diabetes, liver inflammation, pancreatic cancer, and dementia. My doctor from PAMF didn’t have a clue about my inflammation that puts me at risk for heart problems and diabetes. The PAMF doctor recommended treatments for each of my symptoms including cortisone injections for my hip, and statins for my cholesterol, and duplicate hip x-rays because the x-rays from the lab down the street wasn’t “in our system”. Dr. Justin was able to see by the more comprehensive tests he ran that my problem is systemic inflammation. He set up a diet, drug, and supplement program for me. And while my PAMF doctor was shooing me out the door after 15 minutes, Dr. Justin took the time to explain to me why I’m sick and what’s needed to help me get better. With the knowledge and treatment I’m getting from Dr. Justin, I feel I’ve added years, if not decades to my life. And the quality of my life is better. I’m very thankful.

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