I dreaded turning 60, but now I feel better than I did in my 50s.

Dr Justin has changed my life. I always thought I was a healthy person. I had good energy even though I had gained a few pounds, but I was working out, and eating frozen low-fat, low calorie meals and salads trying to get my weight back under control. I thought I was on the normal progression of aging. Then I met Dr Justin. Initially I agreed to be tested to prove to myself that my “state of health” was just normal aging. Dr Justin tested my adrenals and put me on adrenal support supplements which lowered my cortisol and reduced the additional weight that was building around my waist. After the GI test, he discovered fungus, etc. that was impacting my GI health. I have worked with Dr Justin now for 3 years and I am so satisfied with the results. His nutritional program has introduced me to healthy, delicious and satisfying meal options. Even though I live in another state, Dr Justin can still manage my “optimal” healthcare needs. Although I work in the healthcare field, I was not aware of the options he had to offer. Thank you Dr Justin for all you have done for me! Following your healthcare management style truly is the best decision I have made at this time of my life. I dreaded turning 60, but now I feel better than I did in my 50s. Thanks so much!

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