I began seeing Dr. Justin for severe lower leg pain a couple of months ago.

In my case, Dr Justin is a miracle worker! I began seeing Dr. Justin for severe lower leg pain a couple of months ago. The pain was so bad I didn’t sleep most nights. I had been to my medical doctor several times over a 4 year period and was only offered drugs to mask the problem. The drugs were totally ineffective which was probably good since the side effects were devastating (the last one prescribed was an anti-seizure medication!). I started taking supplements recommended by Dr Justin and also saw him for an adjustment. Unbelievably, my leg pain disappeared after just one visit. I know it sounds unlikely but its absolutely true and I am so incredibly grateful. I am sleeping through the night again and have felt no pain in over a month. I honestly didn’t think this could happen. I have complete faith in Dr Justin and am continuing to see him for health issues related to perimenopause and weight loss. I drive to the clinic from the north end of San Francisco and its never taken me more than 45 minutes to get there. I would drive much further to get this level of treatment. I would highly recommend a vist to Dr Justin.

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