Dr Justin is a lifesaver.

Dr Justin is a lifesaver. I have had ongoing shoulder and neck pain for YEARS. I like to surf, and my pain was so bad that I would have to leave the water after just 30 minutes of paddling. I would get this awful twinge and tightness in my shoulder and neck that would NOT go away. I tried various methods to cure this. Massage therapy, traditional chiropracters, holistic “healers” etc. Nothing seemed to work. After just 3 sessions with Dr.Justin my pain is gone. I surfed for 3 hours yesterday with no pain. I am stronger and healthier then ever before. FINALLY. A treatment with lasting results. If you have pain anywhere or any health problems in general I highly suggest going to see him. You can waste your time with traditional physicians but your just going to keep going in circles. This stuff works. Period. -Brendan Palo Alto, CA STAY BULLETPROOF

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