Dr Justin has turned my life around!

Dr Justin has turned my life around! I came to him with out-of-control diabetes (Blood Glucose levels over 200) and seriously overweight. He put me on a modified Paleo Diet – meat, fish, green veggies – no sugars or carbohydrates, supported by suppliments. Within a month my blood sugars had dropped to normal range and I had lost 17 pounds. My energy increased and I felt great. Staying on such a limited diet has been a challenge and Dr. Justin is a first-class coach at such times. He reminds me of where I started and how much has changed and I can go on. It has not all been smooth sailing – my digestive system has difficulties, but he has more knowledge of what can be happening than any health care professional I have met. He is a practitioner of the emerging field of functional medicine and he knows his stuff. He spends the time necessary to develop a comprehensive diagnosis. Dr. Justin works WITH his clients – he does not just lecture, but makes me a partner in the process. He takes my input seriously and works at my level of expertise. Currently I have lost 31 pounds and my blood sugars are slowly stabilizing. He has encouraged me to start sprinting and extend and strengthen my workouts. I am 67 but I feel 40 – I am in better shape than I was when I was a martial arts black belt. Dr, Justin is my partner in a healthy old age.

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