Dr. Justin has gone to extraordinary lengths to understand the latest in treatments

Dr. Justin is much more than a chiropractor. If you live around SF or SV and are in pain, it is a no-brainer for you to visit him. $200-500 over a few sessions might save your life and I’d say at the worst…you’ll get significant help from him. I flew from NC to see him every day for a week. Some items worth sharing: 1. I believe he cares about more than money and will work with you to improve your health. 2. His kinesiology background allows a much more intelligent implementation of chiropractic work. He’s not gonna squeeze and pop you the same way he does every other patient. The first visit is a lengthy evaluation of multiple body systems to see where work is needed. I’ve visited 8 chiropractors, 15 physical therapist, and 5 surgeons from places like Hopkins, Georgetown, Duke, and UNC and never had this kind of kinesiology work done before. 3. Dr. Justin has gone to extraordinary lengths to understand the latest in treatments. Such as: whole body vibration, ARP wave, advanced knowledge of supplements; and the best parasite, adrenal, and bacterial testing on the market. Check out his youtube channel for some free advice too.

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