A lot of my symptoms have subsided but the recent thyroid discovery I am sure will turn me into a brand new person.

I originally discovered Dr J through a groupon for his i-lipo treatment.  I lost almost an inch  everywhere but sadly I got bronchitis and couldn’t follow the exercise program that I needed to do.  A year later I went back to him for his alternative medicine.  For 5 years I was experiencing the inability to deal with stress, dizziness, heart palpitations, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, brain fog, short term memory loss, lack of focus, severe fatigue, constant colds and yearly bronchitis, irritableness, lack of motivation, heaviness/stiffness of limbs and kaiser just kept sending me to one different doctor to another.  I got fed up with it and felt the worst this past year and since I had $$ in my flexible spending acct I set up an appt with Dr J.  He ran a saliva, stool and thyroid test on me, all of which my Dr’s would never do since they said I was just stressed out and found out my adrenal glands were shot, I had an overgrowth of bacteria in my gut and a thyroid issue.  5 years of testing and Dr’s appts and Dr J helped me in 3 months. I’ve changed to a paleo diet and I am taking supplements.  A lot of my symptoms have subsided but the recent thyroid discovery I am sure will turn me into a brand new person. Their staff is friendly and caring.  They are very flexible and I truly believe that if you know that there’s something wrong with you and your doctor isn’t helping you, alternative medicine is the way to go!!  I highly recommend Just In Health!!

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