Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work – Yoyo Dieting

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Reasons Why Diets Don't Work

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Watch this video and learn more about Yoyo dieting, its immediate and long-term effects on our body.

Yoyo dieting is essentially is going on a low-calorie, some kind of extreme diet usually it involves cutting out certain macronutrients. Whether you’d be cutting way down on proteins or fats and essentially restricting calories.


Why Yoyo Dieting Doesn't Work

Why Yoyo Dieting Doesn't Work

The first thing that happens is that any time you restrict calories from the body, the first thing your body says is, “Whoa, what's going on?” – it's thinking genetics are hardwired for famine. Something is happening in the environment we got to be really careful, we got to conserve our energy. So the first thing when we send that scarcity signal to our genetics, the first thing our body thinks is famine. And it’s going to turn down our thyroid hormone. So our thyroid again, this is essentially the thermostat of our body. So we turn it down a little bit, it's going to basically run a little less energy, run a little colder, maybe a little less brainpower. It’s trying to conserve energy. And then we start to hard wire the metabolism, instead of it to burn fat and fuel efficiently and easy, we start to tell our body, “Know what, store that energy in the fat cell for a rainy day. We’re okay for a little fatigue. You rather have that reservoir or fuel so that if we need it, we got it.”

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So again, the first thing we really always want to do when we’re trying to trying to lose weight is never do Yoyo dieting. 

How to stop Yoyo Dieting

How to Stop Yoyo Dieting

So the call is we do not want to alter our thyroid hormone for the negative. We actually want to make a lasting change. So its taking into an anti-inflammatory diet, avoiding the most inflammatory foods, essentially grains, dairy and legumes. And eating every 3 to 5 hours. It really is a good way to stabilize blood sugar and send signals to your metabolism, “Hey, burn fat for fuel, have lots of energy, use it all up, feel good, perform well.” It gives us the signals to be vital and not to go into a scarcity mode.

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I hope this talk benefited you. For any questions, feel free and visit and/or email the office.


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