Mold and Mycotoxins | Podcast #212 “You don't just magically become sensitive to smells, you become sensitive to smells after you get exposed to mold” - Evan Brand. In today’s podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani discusses Evan Brand’s personal journey on molds and mycotoxins. Listen and learn... Read More
Tom Brady’s Performance Secrets | Podcast #211 Did you know that the secret to a good performance in anyone’s career does not only involve the physical well-being? In today’s podcast, Dr. J. discusses Tom Brady’s performance secrets. Watch as he discusses the important things that Tom did... Read More
Ketosis and Safe Natural Sweeteners | Podcast #210 If you’ve exceeded the pleasure that you’re getting out of pizza, cake, wine and everything else, diets may not just be suitable, as they are temporary.  In order to get that lasting change, you really need to engage in a... Read More
Addressing Mold and Mycotoxins|Dr. J Podcast #209 Have you been feeling dizzy for no reason that no matter what you do, it just keep on getting worse? There are many things that could be causing it but, you just might want to check your house. It could... Read More
Carnivore Diet Experiment with Caitlin Weeks | Podcast #208 Carnivore diet is a type of diet which involves eating almost nothing but meat for about every meal. If you are looking about changing your diet, take it on someone that’s been doing it full-bore! Watch the video as Dr.... Read More
Menopause, Perimenopause, Hot Flashes, and their Natural Solutions | Podcast #207 In today’s podcast, Dr. J. and Evan Brand discuss the different symptoms of the menopausal stage. Watch as they tackle in detail the transitional years of menopause, or perimenopause and the different natural ways to minimize the effects of hot... Read More