Natural Solutions for Emergencies – Podcast #178

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Welcome to another functional medicine video with Dr. Justin and Evan Brand! In this video, they talk about natural solutions for emergencies like falls and injuries, headaches, migraines, anxiety, and such. Learn the first-aid one can do for the said issues as well as understand the different treatment approach that suits each.

Stay tuned as these duos share their own experiences on how they cope with such emergencies. Keep subscribing for more of these kinds of knowledge bombs!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

In this episode, we cover:

05:09   Falls and Essential Oils

10:00   Aids for Headaches

13:00   Gut Health First-aid

15:05   High Blood Pressure

21:15   Anxiety




Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hey, guys. It’s Dr. Justin Marchegiani here with Evan Brand. Evan, happy Monday, man. What’s cooking?

Evan Brand: Happy Monday. Uh— Not too much was cooking. I did have some brisket for lunch, so I told you I was like, “Dude, my blood sugar is gonna crash if I don’t eat and we go, all day, chatting like this.” So I had to go eat some and it was delicious.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it, yeah. I have my collagen uh— coffee in such. My wife made me an amazing little Omelet with like Zucchini and like some some sweet potato and some grass-fed or pasture-fed eggs.

Evan Brand: Ooh.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So that will be like a little early lunch, if you will, so I’m really excited to that. Gotta give props to my wife, Shelly.

Evan Brand: Thank you, Shelly, for keeping Justin’s brain working. You got to have [crosstalk] food.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [crosstalk] That’s it. I’m ready, man. So, I know we uhm— just chatted about recently, before the show. We want to talk about kind of like natural— like first-aid medicine things. I know, you gave me a call Fridays. You fell going up the stairs. You were holding, I think, your dog and this—

Evan Brand: I went down.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You went down for the cow, man. Hard. And you got these new— You got a new house, which got some slippery stairs, and you went down. And you— you kept holding the dog so you didn’t hurt the dog, which is— you know— that’s a natural paternal reflex, right? Just good.

Evan Brand: [crosstalk] I went down the staircase. I didn’t go up. I was going…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh!

Evan Brand: …down. I—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, dang!

Evan Brand: I fell down. I think it was like 13 stairs. I think there’s 14 stairs in total. After the first one, I slipped and I went down. I hit my arms so hard on the staircase.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Damn!

Evan Brand: And, that’s why I called you because the bump happened immediately. And I— I saw— As soon as I fell, that was the initial impact and then, “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Bo-bo-boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” down the rest of the staircase. And then I have a baby gate at the bottom of the staircase to keep the baby out. Of course, my head busted through the baby gate too, so that was fun. And—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Dang.

Evan Brand: That’s when I called you. I’m like, “Dude, this bump is— this bump is sticking out. This is bone.” And you had me do exercises. And you’re like, “Okay. I don’t think so. Probably a contusion but go get that checked anyway.” So that’s what I did. And fortunately, the X-ray showed ‘All Clear’. No breaks so thank God. My arms still hurts like a some of a gun, but uh— it’s not broken. So, I’d rather have pain, than a break.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And then also, by the way, you went to one of these Urgent Care places, not like an ER, and you told them you didn’t have insurance. So, you end up paying in cash price. And how much  of that cash price cost for an X-ray and Eval, Evan? What are the cost?

Evan Brand:  Yep. Eighty nine dollars, US.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s insane. That would have caused you 500 to a thousand dollars for just the insurance, if you did the insurance, at a conventional ER.

Evan Brand: Oh, I guarantee it. I guarantee it. So, yeah. You know— I’m a huge fan of like Od— And this is just like a little small like Mom and Pap Urgent Care Clinic. Hospitals, I’m afraid of hospitals. I don’t want to got there. So, I was lucky enough I called him. There was nobody waiting. I got in. I got the X-ray, and 30 seconds after going in— I mean, it was just a piece of cake, a really, really good experience, and it really made me think, “Okay.” That’s when I hit you up and like, “Yow. We should do a First-aid podcast because— What else could I have done?” Unfortunately, I didn’t have any Arnica unpacked because we just moved. I don’t know where my Arnica is.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right.

Evan Brand: I had a stash of Arnica. I could have used as a really good natural, like anti-inflammatory and I could have just been— you know— sucking on the little Arnica pellets. But, I couldn’t find it, and I could— I had some Arnica gel I could have put in my arm, but I couldn’t find that either. So, that’s my lesson is. Make sure you unpack all your medicinal goodies.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. I think it’s— you know— good for everyone if— you know—  if you have good insurance and the thing you’re gonna— it’s gonna cover you anyway, that’s fine. But if you got like a 3-4-5-6-7,000 dollar deductible, sometimes the ca— I mean, that would have easily cost you a thousand bucks. And if you’re— got a 5,000 deductible and you may not hit it this year— you know— that’s a thousand bucks back in your pocket. So, I recommend, everyone, just kind of look at your area and just call some of these Urgent Care places and get some— you know— get a quote for a couple of things off the bat., like just— you know— X-ray for kind of bump, contusion, laceration, not like life or death things, like you get in a car accident. You know— You’re really in a bad position, obviously, go to the hospital, right? But, let’s kind of research a couple of Urgent Care places. So, maybe you need stitches, maybe— you know— you have what you have when you fell, you can get kind of a simple diagnostic kind of X-ray for cheap and it’s not gonna break the bank and be— you know— ridiculous price.

Evan Brand: Yup. You got it. We got to be smart with it. So, uh— needless to say, I got it clear. What I found out was a solution. It’s a clear grip tape, kind of like a skateboard. ‘Cause I don’t want to cover up the wood. The wood on the stairs is so pretty. So, I found a precut, my exact size, to fit all the stairs. And it’s funny ‘cause all the reviews are 5-stars. It’s like, “After my husband fell down the stairs, I knew I needed to buy these.” So, uh— it’s funny how people buy something they need after they hurt themselves. But anyway, this clear grip tape will go right on top of the stair. You won’t even see that it’s there, but it’s gonna be…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [crosstalk] Oh. Good.

Evan Brand: …like sandpaper texture.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I know we talked about some kind of uh— a carpet over, but that sounds even better if you can keep the wood look.

Evan Brand: Yeah. There’s people that posted pictures. They say it looks literally like 100% professional. I’ve never seen a product on Amazon so highly-reviewed. So—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s amazing. Oh, great. We’ll have to send me that link. We’ll put it in the show notes. That’s great.

Evan Brand: I will. I will. So, let’s chat about falls in step first. As our— as our first aid, like falls and bumps and hitting your elbow like I did uh—  what should be in somebody’s toolbox?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I mean, I think off the bat, you have some just conventional wisdom with ice, right? That could be beneficial just to reduce the inflammation. But then, we have kind of our natural anti-inflammatories, which are gonna be— you know— higher dose Curcumin, and we like the liposomal version for extra absorption. You know— we like Frankincense Essential Oil. It’s phenomenal to topically put on that area. So, like essential oils because you can get it right on that area fast, and if you got an oil, you can get it in there via the skin absorptions so it goes right into that area, which is great.

Evan Brand: I would add in Magnesium gel. I think it’d be great, like a Transdermal Magnesium gel. Now, maybe it’s not gonna be hitting you that fast, like it’s not gonna take the pain away, but I think it could really help. And then, what about some of the—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Well, I would say— just to kind of add— I would say Magnesium gel will be really good at this, like a leftover muscle spasm, ‘cause the Magnesium will really help kind of relax that muscle a bit if it’s in a spasm. So, if you really pull the muscle— you know— of course, getting the inflammation down, getting some good myofascial release or a good precursor on there to relax the muscle and make it more pliable. But yeah, getting some Magnesium on there will really help relax it too, and/or just a really good Magnesium salt bath, Epsom Salt Bath.

Evan Brand: And that’s what I did, and I soaked and it felt so good. What about some of the herbal anti-inflammatories. I know Science has a couple good products that we’ve used before with uh— the Boswellia [crosstalk] and stuff in there.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, I mean, I would just do a Frankincense Essential Oil. Uhm— There’s a couple of Boswellia AKB— AKB. I think, 57 or 47’s a really good quality Boswellia. I know, in my line, i have the liposomal Curcumin, the Curcumin Supreme, which is great. Uhm— Systemic enzymes can also be great just to go in there. You take them away from food. They’re kind of like a Lumbrokinase or a Serratiopeptidase type of enzyme. They’re enterically coated to be able to make it’s way past the stomach through the acidic environment and get into the bloodstream. You’re taking them away from food— you know— typically, an hour before, three hours after, or empty stomach first thing in the morning. And  that gets into your bloodstream. That will break down a lot of these inflammatory cytokines and interleukins, and also help with the remodeling of the scar tissue, as well.

Evan Brand: Yeah. I am taking the TRF 350, which is like a tissue-regenerating factor. I’ve been taking that for my foot ‘cause I hurt my foot back in the summer. I fell on my foot when I was barefoot running. I thought I broke my toe. Uh— So, I’ve been taking that TRF, and it’s— that’s helping, too. Uhm— Maybe we should give a mention  to uh— things like a Witch Hazel, for example. Like I know— If you— if you had a— a cut open, uh— in your hands, I’ve used Witch Hazel very effectively, like a topical like with the cotton pad.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, man. I think Witch Hazel can be excellent. You putting it on the area topically. I mean, it could be great. It’s a really good astringent as well. Uhm— I mean, what else can we do topically? Peppermint is really good, so let— We kind of hit the— you know— the more the— the— the fall kind of bone bruise kind of thind. But just for a burn, or a sunburn. Peppermint Essential Oil is phenomenal with burns. Of course, we have Aloe as well, organic Aloe. And then we also have good peppermint oil that we can topically add on to that area. And then, of course, we have Frankincense, which is just a really good anti-inflammatory. Frankincense is essentially Boswellia.

Evan Brand: Oh. Interesting. Okay.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Yeah.

Evan Brand: I didn’t know that.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Pretty cool. [crosstalk] And if you go back to like the days of the— the Three Wise Men, right? Remember they— they said, uh— “The Wise Men came.” They brought what? They brought Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, and Myrrh is actually— I Googled at it— which is actually uh— is incredibly powerful for Thyroid conversion, right? So, you got Gold, which is— you know— your— your— your currency. You have a Frankincense, which is your anti-inflammatory, and Myrrh, which is your Thyroid-supporting uh— herbal.

Evan Brand: That’s insane. Well, I know the Egyptians, too, in some of the tombs that they opened up, they found that even more important than jewelry to some of the Egyptians were essential oils, and they actually had certain vats, like gallon-sized vats. I don't know. They’re probably made of Bronze or Copper— who knows what metals they used, but— that these essential oils, including Frankincense was in perfect quality thousands of years later…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it.

Evan Brand: after they opened up the tombs.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s amazing. So, we just chatted about like bone stuff, right? Of course, we can add an extra Collagen peptides and extra bone broth to provide really good connective tissue amino acid support. I think that’s phenomenal. It’s really good there from a building block standpoint. We talked about the burns and the peppermint. We talked about some of the topical stuff with the Frankincense. We talked about some of the natural anti-inflammatories we do, the liposomal Curcumin. Uhm— Homeopathic-wise, you can do the Arnica. I think that’s a phenomenal one.

Evan Brand: Let’s chat about headaches. I know…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: …a lot of the clients that had come to us, they’ve had headaches. Usually it’s a gut issue,and it’s a food sensitivity issue, like a Gluten problem causing headaches or migraines. So, let’s just assume that everyone listening has already cleaned up the diet. They’re doing the lifestyle stuff, just in terms of like staying hydrated and making sure that they’re not doing too many diuretics like coffee or tea. Then, we could chat about a couple first-aid headache options. One…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: …Camomile tea.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So, first off, right? I had a headache last week. I was in Vegas, okay. I had a cou— I was at— you know— a party there. So, there was kind of an open bar. I’d— I— Typically, I’ll do like a uhm— from out like that, I’ll do like a really good Tito’s Vodka with Lime juice, and I’ll do like a Mini cape Cod or so, just to splash of Cranberry juice. Just a touch. So, it gives it a little bit of flavor, but— you know— it’s relatively clean, right? And it’s pretty low sugar ‘cause there’s not much Cranberry in there at all. So, I’ll do that, and I did a handful. I had a headache on the— th— th— Two days later, I had a headache, and I actually did end up taking an Ibuprofen. But here’s the strategy though. Number one, I took my minerals, I took my extra B vitamins. Uh— I drink extra mineral water that morning. I had a really good breakfast. I took the Ibuprofen because after three-four hours, it still was there. But then, three hours later, after the Ibuprofen w— were off, the headache was gone. So, I got to the root cause. I got to the root cause of it. The problem is, it may just take three to six hours for it to resolve. So, for me, I did all the natural things, and I did— I wasn’t quite getting the results, did the Ibuprofen that gave me that three hours of relief, but then the underlying cause was addressed. So, then when the Ibuprofen wore off, I was symptom-free. So, I’m open to using conventional medication only if the underlying cause is addressed. So, I did the…

Evan Brand: Yeah.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …Liposomal Curcumin. I did Ginger. I did the hydration. I did the extra minerals. I did the blood sugar stability. I did all of those things to help. Now, if I went back in time, what would I have done more the night before? I probably would have had a little bit more charcoal. I probably have— would have a little bit more antioxidants and vitamin C and Sulfur amino acids, and I was drinking a little bit more coffee that day ‘cause I was uhm— on the go a bit. And that probably acted as a diuretic that made my headache maybe a little worse. So, I’m not a zealot, or I say, none of that, but just make it the last thing and then just make sure you address the root cause so then, when the medication wears off, you’re good. You’re good to go.

Evan Brand: Nicely said. The Peppermint Essential Oil, for me, I’ve actually got— I mean, of course, you could carry just a straight Peppermint Essential Oil, but I’ve seen some Peppermint Roll-ons that I have. My wife usually keeps a Peppermint or Lavender Roll-on in her purse, and I’ll just rub that on my temples or across the forehead. That stuff works like a charm. Same thing for the stomach too. So, if you’re out and about— let’s say, you did get like food poisoning or something like that, you’re out and about, you’ve got some tummy trouble. What are you gonna do? You know— One is try to take digestive enzymes if you can. But then, for me, the Peppermint Essential Oil topically on the stomach is great, and I know you’re a huge fan of the Ginger tea.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup.

Evan Brand: So, I think maybe we can transition from headaches, let’s chat about uh— this whole gut— gut issue. Maybe some first-aid gut health uh— enzymes would be good, and then the Ginger tea would be good. The Peppermint Roll-ons, what else could we— could we add in?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uh— I would say, activated charcoal too. If you ate some really bad food and you’re kind of bloated or gassy, uhm— activated charcoal is proven to help relieve gas and a lot of that bloat. So, that can help to soak it up. And, someone chimed in here. Uh— Tia chimed in here on YouTube Chat. You know, “What to do for alcohol poisoning?” Same thing. Get the activated charcoal on there. I mean, if you go to an ER for the most part, my freshman here, my college roommate had alcohol poisoning. I had to bring him to the ER, and they— all they did was put an IV in him, right? Think about it. What are they doing? Minerals. Electrolytes. And then, what do they do? They give them a whole thing of activated charcoal. So, what do we do on the functional natural medicine side? If you want to get pounded, you want to get sloshed, fine. One drink, then one mineral water. One drink, then one mineral water. You go back and forth, and you bring an activated charcoal and you take it with each drink.

Evan Brand: I feel like it’s pretty reasonable. [crosstalk] Obviously, I only drink…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And then if you want— And then— And then you can add if you gonna do a little bit more. If you’re gonna do more than like a two or three, which is social, add the vitamins in, add the N-Acetylcysteine and— or the Sulfur amino acids. Like in my line, It’s the Detox Aminos. That’s the extra precursors for Glutathione. Go ahead, Evan.

Evan Brand: I was just gonna say, “I only drink like a shot a year.” i mean, it’s just so poisonous that I don’t even play with it ‘cause I get drunk so easily, I’ve probably got some Phase II liver issues or something to where alcohol, just like a sip of cider and I’m buzzed. That’s how sensitive [crosstalk] I am at  alcohol.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. The Good Heart apple cider’ i good. I mean, you can— I mean, you should see me like uh— I’m so corny sometimes. I will literally get a champagne glass and pour my Ginger Kombucha into the champagne glass, and feel like I’m having Champagne ‘cause I’m drinking my Kombucha in the— in the [crosstalk] shot glass.

Evan Brand: [crosstalk] It does. Your brain does it.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: I do Kombucha in— in a coffee mug. I got Kombucha in here for some reason. I don’t know why.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I mean, it’s like— you know. It’s like 7:30 0 or 8:00 o’clock, like we put our kid away to bed.

Evan Brand: [laugh]

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Like, my wife can’t really drink. She doesn’t really like Kombu— Kombuchas. I’ll— I’ll have my Kombucha in a champagne glass and just chill out, and it makes me feel like I’m doing something fancy.

Evan Brand: That’s great. Uh— We had another question here about uh— high-blood pressure. So, let’s— let’s answer this one. “What are natural solutions for sudden high blood pressure?”And I think we probably got to add the Caveat. That if it is sudden high blood pressure, it would depend on how high, right?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: ‘Cause if it’s too high, that could be crisis.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I mean, above 160, I’d be really concerned about that— you know. I’d be more concerned— I mean, i— it really depends, too. If it’s like 160 and you have  a history of cardiovascular disease, that’s more important. You know, you probably want to get that stabilized. I mean, the first thing I would do is make sure you’re getting enough hydration and minerals in your body, and I’d also worked on getting some good Magnesium in there, maybe even take an Epsom Salt bath yo kind of get that Magnesium going ‘cause that will help relax the heart. And then— you know— Is there a blood sugar issue? I mean, I’ve seen people where— you know— they have gut issues. They got diarrhea. Their minerals are low. Their blood sugar is all screwy. I remember with you, we had an issue with your blood pressure because you were having some stress and you had uhm— some diarrhea that was causing your electrolytes to go wonky. And then, if you add a blood sugar stressor, now, your Cortisol and your Adrenaline’s wonky, that can really make it go off. So, I mean, if it’s an acute thing and you don’t have a cardiovascular history, I’m not as concerned. I’m more looking at blood sugar, emotional stress, minerals, alcohol, toxin exposure. If it’s more of a chronic heart disease issue, then we want to get that stabilized faster. So, I— I try to reach for some of the Magnesium and natural nutrients and, obviously, things like Hawthorne and— you know— you can do things like GABA and Valerian to kind of calm things down, Magnesium. And, you may need to go to an ER if there’s a cardiovascular history. Again, I’m just saying that as an of— kind of a Caveat CYA to everyone out there, because if you have cardiovascular disease, I don’t want you to uh— say, “Oh. Well, my heart rates it— you know— my heart beats it— you know— over a hundred, and I have a— a blood pressure above 160-170. I’m not gonna do anything err on the side. If you have a history and it’s that high to go do something, go to an ER and get that stabilized. In the meantime, you can do the natural things once you come back and you’re in a good place.

Evan Brand: Agreed. Yeah. Please don’t be silly. Please know when you got to go get checked out. Yeah. My blood pressure was— It was like 145-150 at one point, and yeah. I— I had the whole house packed up. Everything was moving. I didn’t feel stressed though. See, I was taking all my adaptogens. So, it’s almost like my brain was handling the stress but my body wasn’t. Like, my subconscious was more stressed than me. I felt good. I felt in control. You and I were like doing a podcast while my laptop was sitting on a cardboard box, like I’ve felt fine with everything being chaotic around me, but I guess my subconscious was like, “Evan, you can’t fool us.” And then— you know— I just got that stool test back that showed those gut bugs, and I’m treating those. A lot of factors, so yeah. And I would say, just to finish out your conversation about how…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You need some looser stools too, though. Right? That was…

Evan Brand: I hit—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …some minerals?

Evan Brand: I did. Yep, that I had so ‘cause I had that CycloSpora SPP, and that’s a parasite that can cause diarrhea. So, yeah, I had a couple bouts that and that probably threw off minerals. So, I guess long story short, if high blood pressure is you can do the acute stuff, but you got to make sure you get to the root cause. Same thing is the headache conversation you mentioned.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. The thing I looked for— I always look at Magnesium and Potassium first, right? Get your— you know— you add some see salt to your water, right? If you’re not sure, you can always just drink like a mineral-enhanced water like a Topo Chico or a Pellegrino that’s got some Sulfur and it’s got some uh— minerals in there. Number two, is ensure you’re getting 4,700 milligrams of Potassium a day. And then, number three, make sure you’re getting about a gram, 1000 milligrams of Magnesium. That’s a pretty good rule of thumb. If you want to do it— If you want to do it from uh— food, you can run your food through Chronometer if you want to get some supplemental stuff in there. You know, you can just factor that into what’s happening in Chronometer. And then, And you can check that out. That will give you some great options of kind of what your micronutrients are for your food.

Evan Brand: Nice. We got one  question. “How to speed bone fracture healing process?”

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. So, Collagen— Collagen peptides, 60 grams a day. Natural anti-inflammatory support, and I would say after that— I mean— you can do some things to help with blood flow, like Ginger’s a great uh— anti-coagulant to keep blood flow going. You can do some systemic enzyme to keep blood flow going, and then help with the remodelling of scar tissue and it gets a really uh— good thing. And obviously, make sure the underlying cause is addressed.

Evan Brand: What about vitamin D and K? I wonder if those are…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh! Oh! Oh! Uhm— Yeah! A hundred percent. I’m sorry. Vitamin A, D and K in there. Yeah, so you can get vitamin A from some eating good quality egg yolks and full fat foods. We can add additional Cod liver oil to get your fight— the vitamin A up. Uhm— Vitamin D at about 10,000 Iu’s per day ‘cause Vitamin D will really help extract Calcium out of the gut into the bloodstream. Vitamin K pulls— uh— Vitamin D helps pull and extract Calcium out of the gut into the bloodstream. Vitamin K helps extract the Calcium from the bloodstream into the bone. So, Vitamin E and K— And again, we just did a podcast on Friday, I did with Dr. uhm— He’s a dentist at Australia, Dr. Lin. Uhm— And he— we did a phenomenal podcast on dental health and part of it, we talked about bone because your teeth are— you know— a manifestation of your bone strength. So, vitamin A, K and D, and I also talked about the Collagen peptides ‘cause half of your bones are protein. So, it’s really important we have good connective tissue amino acids to build those bones up strong.

Evan Brand: And that you’re digesting your proteins you’re eating too.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: BIngo!

Evan Brand: Yeah.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— [crosstalk]

Evan Brand: So, if you got stomach acid—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Go ahead. Yeah. Go ahead.

Evan Brand: Just go say, if you have low stomach acid, you’ve got H. pylori or other infections, you’re gonna be at a disadvantage for healing up your bones. So, make sure your gut and your digestion is optimal.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it. Yeah. Makes sense. And again, that’s part of the reason why like, in my TRUCOLLAGEN, it’s Collagen peptides because we’re kind of already factoring in that your digestion may stink. So, we want to make sure that it’s already in the peptide proteolytic form so it can go in to your bloodstream without much issue. That’s the benefit of the peptide form. Is— If your gut’s having some issues, it’s okay. It’ll also be able to go in there.

Evan Brand: Well said. We got to hit one last thing.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: And if we’ve got a couple questions to addressed. Let’s do it. But we’ve got to hit on anxiety ‘cause this is something I dealt with when I had gut bugs down in Texas. And, uh— I— It was not— It was not just stress. The gut can cause anxiety problems. And that’s what happe— ‘cause I— I’m not an anxious person by nature but I was just off the rails. And, you had called me out on it like, “Dude, it’s your blood sugar, and then the gut.” ‘cause I had the Crypto giardia infections. I sound like uh— a broken case here, but uh— I’ve just been through a lot. And, I know, Anxiety is something that, typically, people are just gonna go drink a beer for. Like, on Friday night.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: They’re just stressed out. “Oh. I need a beer.” It’s like, what you really need is those support neurotransmitters. You don’t need a beer.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right. So, of course, like sleep and blood sugar, and emotional stress, right? Adaptogens are gonna help a lot of that. Obviously, a quick mindset check. Right? So, we can only be at three places at once. We can either— Our brain’s either in the past, thinking about the past, it’s either now, enjoying now, or it’s thinking about the future. Right? And there’s a kind of a combination where you— you think about the past so you learn from it. You live in now so you can enjoy, and then, you can control over now. And then, you live in the future so you can kind of be goal-oriented and achiever, right? The— The goal-oriented people live to much in the future. The people that— you know— maybe are in pain and not liking their life where it’s now, they live in the past. ANd then, just kind of like your status quo, they live present. So, it’s a combination of being present, learning from the past and then setting goals for the future is helpful, number one. And then, people that typically are more anxious the— their thoughts are more on what it is they can’t change versus what it is they can change. So, the first thing is you just— you look at things— you look at what you want and then you look at the things that you have control over, number one. And uh— number two, you have to create the attitude of gratitude, because if you start shifting and focus on what it is you have and what it is you love in your life, that creates a huge shifting Cortisol and Adrenaline. So, we can use herbs and nutrients to manifest this stuff, but if we’re kicking around and focusing on all the crap the crap that we’re missing from our life versus what we have, that can make a huge mindset shift. So, just—

Evan Brand: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Just go into like— you know— if you look at Tony Robbins. He does a three-minute thing where it’s— He does 10 minutes where he just does three minutes of what he appreciates, three minutes of basically affirmations of what he wants to create, and then three minutes where he affirms and he talks through what it is he wants. Like everyday and every way I’m getting better and better, or like I’m a phenomenal communicator. He makes these statements and affirmations to prime his head of what it is he wants. And then, he kind of visualize what he wants. So, it’s kind of this appreciation. Right? It’s— It’s this— this self-talk, really programming self-talk, and then, it’s this visualization of what it is you want to create. Creation, Self-talk and then uhm— appreciation.

Evan Brand: And that makes sense.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Powerful.

Evan Brand: Yeah. It does makes sense. It’s— It’s freaking powerful. I think the mind stuff is more powerful than the supplements, but people want the quick fix. So, I would add on EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes.

Evan Brand: …seeing is great. [crosstalk] Meditation, too, which everybody says, “I try to meditate—” I know you get your clients to say the same thing, Justin. “I try to meditate.” It’s like, what does that mean you try? Are you actually doing it? ‘Cause I always ask that follow-up question. Okay. You try to go to bed at 10:00. Are you actually going to bed at 10:00? Like what is— when they throw the word try in there, it’s kind of like they’re letting themselves off the hook of not actually doing what they’re telling you to do. “I try to meditate, Dr. J.” But they’re not doing it. You gotta do it.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Here’s the deal, right? There’s some good technology out there, just download the com app, right? And just do a— do a 5-minute thing where you just go through it. And then, it’s not about I— I tried. It’s, “Did you do the five minutes session?” Like, whether on not you were able to like be present through, I don’t care. Did you do it? Right? That’s it.

Evan Brand: That’s it.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So, either do or don’t do. So, I like objective things like that because— you know— some people, they need their hand held, and that’s a good way of using technology to hold your hand.

Evan Brand: Let’s— Let’s go through a couple quick supplements though. Ashwagandha’s…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: …gonna be one of my favorites. Uh— You could use it any time during the day. You could use Ashwagandha before bed as well.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup.

Evan Brand: I would say 500 mg would be fine.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup.

Evan Brand: I would say Rhodiola is a good antidepressant/antianxiety, but if you’re on like a Panic episode, you don’t want to do Rhodiola ‘cause it can overstimulate you and push you a little too hard. Holy Basil, I think, would be another good choice. Uh— Reishi mushroom, I think would be another good choice. Reshi’s pretty calming. What else would you like to add in?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I would do Magnesium, of course. I would do GABA. I would do L-Theanine or Passion Flower. I think these are all great ways to kind of come down? You could just— Again, it’s so hard when— when you’re kind of this manic kind of state, right? It’s so hard to get people fu— mind of what’s going on. So, if we can’t get it off of what the situation is, I much rather think about it and then— and then tap uhm— the various acupressure points on the face that you do an EFT to then reduce that sensation with their ass. So, they’re an eight or nine out of ten, and ten being the worst, we can only get them to think about the problem and tap on these EFT points. I’d do a double tap. It’s not a [crosstalk] technique. I double tap it.

Evan Brand: So, see. I just go in this order. I just go like this. [crosstalk] So, you’re doing both.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, I go— ‘Cause, typically, it’s here, here, here, here.

Evan Brand: Yeah.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Here, here. Here, and then, you can go under the— under the nipple—

Evan Brand: So you’re getting it done faster? you—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah.

Evan Brand: You’re going —

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I know two. [crosstalk] I— I know two for one, so here, here, here. And then I want to come to the nose underneath, I just do—

Evan Brand: Okay. [laughs]

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: These two together.

Evan Brand: That saves it, a little time.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You can do both collarbones, and then you can do this, or you can do the monkey way like you do.

Evan Brand: I like the monkey way.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [mimics a monkey sound]

Evan Brand: Yeah. He has to use a game changer. I mean, absolutely.  It has to mean—

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s the last one. You can do the—

Evan Brand: I do crown. [crosstalk] I’ve always done crown at the first.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. You can do that too. You can [crosstalk] that or start with it. Doesn’t matter.

Evan Brand: And then, you do your affirmations. So, it’d be, “Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply love and accept myself.” And then, you go through and you do three rounds. “Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply love and accept myself.” And if you’re in a rush, or you’re in a subway or something, and you don’t want people judging you. First of all, who cares what people think. Most people are— you know— not educated about proper stress management. They tell you to pop a Xanax instead. So, if you just want to tap one point, the clavicle, just go straight to clavicle.  

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. You can just do this.

Evan Brand: And it’s pretty effective. I mean, I feel it now. I feel the stress just kind of melting away right now. [crosstalk] So it does work.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And you didn’t just think about the words. You didn’t just think about _____[27:36]. Or if you’re really in a tough place and you know- you’re really stressed or anxious, you can always just go to this one like this, and just keep it down.

Evan Brand: Oh, yeah. I like that one. Or on the pinky, I’ve don an inside of the pinky there. You know that one too? Ain’t that another one?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep. Yep.

Evan Brand: Those are cool.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep. So, that’s— I mean these are good things that you can do— uhm— to help. And again, you may need a train provider if you’re dealing with more trauma, like more PTSD, or sexual trauma, any— Anything that’s like a deeper trauma…

Evan Brand: Yeah.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You may need someone to work through it with because it may be— they may have to take you back to certain parts of your life where things happened. And they may have to clear those things out. But it’s really good for in the moment, and you can come in at a seven or an eight and you can get down below a five uhm— within usually three to five minutes. And it’s like, [sigh]. It’s just nice.

Evan Brand: I love EFT. I love having a ta— a tapping party.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I think it’s great. I mean, you don’t need much time. Three to five minutes is great. And uh— I will try to do whatever met. I’m in bed at night, and like, something’s stressing me, I just will sit in bed and I just close my eyes, and I just think about whatever that issue is. And I just tap for like three or four rounds.

Evan Brand: Yep.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And then, I’m typically 30 to 40 percent better after those three or four rounds, regarding the anxiety that I’m feeling.

Evan Brand: Yep. yep.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So, that’s good. So, those are good tools. So, I mean— First-aid stuff, I think we— we hit some pretty decent things. Uhm— Burns, we talked about digestive stuff, alcohol stuff. We talked about— And I think sleep, just travelling and stuff. We talked about in hacking travelling episodes, but a little bit of sublingual Melatonin when you’re travelling is great. Really can help reset the Circadian rhythm. Get up first thing. See that sun rising. Have a little wallop of caffeine in the morning. That can really reset that HPA axis if we’re changing significant time zones too. So, that can be another good one, guys.  

Evan Brand: Awesome. Well, I know we got to run. I’m late for my next uh— interview here. I know you got to get back to clients, but so much fun. And, we’ll put some links in the show notes. They can check out your Collagen. I think it’s an awesome product. So, definitely have it in your toolbox, if you don’t already.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Big products for today from— of mine is Liposomal Curcumin, and the— the TRUCOLLAGEN. That’s the uhm— Curcumine Supreme and the TRUCOLLAGEN. There’s a bunch of other products that we don’t even carry that you can just Google online. Maybe we’ll put some Amazon links in. Uh— Anything of yours that you have in your store that you utilize that you formulated yourself?

Evan Brand: The GABA Chews.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [crosstalk] Ooh! GABA Chews.

Evan Brand: That’s a go to. PharmaGABA, it’s a 100 mg chewable of PharmaGABA. It works great. It’s got a purple label. So, just go on my store. You can type in GABA, and you’ll find it. So, look up, and then check out Those are our sites. You can go look at our products and our full— our full list of things, which are professionally made and not just a random warehouse that throws together ingredients. We do very stringent testing and reporting on all of our quality. So, quality control is our utmost priority.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And if you enjoy the information, you support us by any— Any way that you buy something from us, you are supporting us, and we are gonna provide more information back at you. Hit the Subscribe button. YouTube now needs you to hit the bell as well to get notifications. Bang that Subscribe! Whack that bell! And we’ll be back really soon, guys. Look forward to chatting with you all later on this week.

Evan Brand: Take care.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Take care, you all.

Evan Brand: See you.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Bye.



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