Keith Norris – Paleo FX, ARX Fit and Efficient Exercise – Podcast #137

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Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Keith Norris dive into a discussion about Paleo movement that has evolved over the years and helped a lot of people improve their diet, fitness, finances and relationships. Be inspired by Keith Norris' success as he shares about his daily routine that includes his diet, physical and mental activities. 

Learn about the  “ARX Fit” equipment and know about the exercises you can do with it, the benefits involved and the new cable version of it. 

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In this episode, we will cover:

01:20   Paleo FX Event

03:13   Evolution of Paleo FX

06:25   Intent of creating Paleo Movement

09:35   How to Incorporate the Paleo template to overall health status

11:09   How ARX Fit is done

14:14   Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

17:40   ARX Fit and Efficient Exercises






Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hey there! It’s Dr. Justin Marchegiani. Welcome back to Beyond Wellness Radio. We are on a live Youtube Podcast here we have Keith Norris here from Paleo FX, ARX Fit, and Efficient Exercises Key. Welcome to the show man!

Keith Norris: Hey Justin! Glad to be here brother!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah I didn’t really recognize you with your fashionable tool. Normally you have the efficient flat top going, aerodynamic as always. But now you’re getting a little fashionable for me.

Keith Norris: Uh You know I just started to grow it out and then a little five, six years or since I have a flat-top and I was like- “You know it's time for a change” So, uh- I am going through that very very painful process of coming back to some kind of a normal hairstyle from a flat-top, which uh- you can imagine this a little bit different called. So, shout out to my hairstylist at Berg's Barbershop, Michelle for having such patience and uh- easing me through this very trying process.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it man! Well you're looking great! And, we've got a big event this week Paleo FX the biggest more like, Paleo Primal Event kind in the world. So, I still don't want to be a speak writer I know you and Michelle, your wife put this whole thing together it's a total labor of love that seems that all the effort you guys put in all year round just to make it happen. Anything you want to, you talk about regarding the event?

Keith Norris: Well yeah, first of all, you know it's uh- it's a team effort and our Paleo FX family, the team Paleo FX has grown immensely and we could not do anything near this without them and all their dedicated efforts. And I can tell you that on the last couple of weeks, they work hard year round but in the last couple of weeks, they have really been pushing it.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it!

Keith Norris: And uh- especially in these last couple of days, men they are working hard. So if you are at the show, make sure you go out and give them a big hug because they deserve it. The show would, there is no way it could go wrong without them.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani Love it! so very still. We have Rob Will, we got Chris Kresser, Mark Stesin's gonna be there. A lot of big names in the Paleo Community dropping lots of college bums. I’m very, very excited! Excellent!

Are you gonna… Oh! From Modern too?

Keith Norris From Modern will be up there…. Oh yeah! the the Active V will be up there as well. Uh- Presenting though, I have this kind uh- I have this kind of uh- an Ick factor about presenting up my own show. So, this is totally everybody else’s platform, not mine. They're deserving in the provider of platform for everybody else.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani That's great and anyone listening, there are some live stream auctions too. So (if there is) anyone that can't make it down to Austin here for the week, -you know the weather's beautiful- We'll going to put some links below here so you can access the live stream and still be able to connect even if you're abroad.

Keith Norris: Yeah yeah. I mean, you know nothing beats being at the live show of a networking options and just you know, rubbing up with people, hire in people, talking with people face to face but if he can't be here and you can't enjoy the beautiful weather here in Austin, the awesome vibe here in Austin, then next fast thing is pull up the live stream then check it out from there because it will wack here up in site and come following you for sure

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Totally! Okay, talking about how this event that kind of evolve over the last 5 or 6 years.  It was a very kind of small event but now, it's just blowing up! Can you just kind of walk through the evolution of how these started? How you and Michelle kind of birth this baby and how it grew into what it is now?

Keith Norris: Yeah well you know in that show; we uh- the whole light here was formed uh- sitting on the airplane it's a LAX. Uh- we’re wagging for takeoff after the initial ancestral health symposium that took place out in a LA. It was the UCLA that year and that was the first year they've done it. Uhm- we have a fantastic time; it was the first time many of us said met in person.

That was the first really big gathering of all these Paleo people in this brand new movement it was forming up. And uh- we're not there to have a fantastic time but uh- you know that as they should be ancestral health society, it's a very academic society and it's an academic conference. And we thought you know, if there needs to be a little bit more of the rubber meets the roach, we definitely need the academics, no doubt.

We need that for sure to keep the movement alive but there needs to be a middle option there for people who understand that all of this, this whole movement is packed with science absolutely. But, uh- you know whether they’re doing their day-to-day lives, they would pull this off. And, so that was the underpinning of the show.

We put together something very quick, how we'd pulled it off, I still don't know. Again, (it was a) dedicated effort from a lot of different people, not just Michelle and I. But uh- a lot of people would butt into the idea and we got Rob Wolf to sign up right off the bat to be the first speaker. We told him, “You know, we don't even know what it is but we need a speaker”. We need a big name to come in and kind of pull this off and he said “Hey any chance uh- hanging out with you guys for a week in Austin that I'm in? I don't know what you guys are trying to pull off or you know even if it won’t come about but yeah I'm in.” Sign me up!

So from that, we're off and running. We had about 800 people, the first uh- event in 12 Vendors. 10 of which we just begged to come in and set up a table just to have some money there.

 And now, you know we take over the entire Palmer Events Center. We are even moving outside of the Palmer of this year for the first time just because the movement has grown so fast and so furious. A 150 plus vendors, sponsors, thousands of attendees now, over the 800 we had the first year; uh- over a hundred speakers Justin, himself being one of them.

 Networking opportunities, it is the largest Paleo show in the world right now and we are very proud of pulling that off. But I will tell you that it is only a reflection of the Paleo movement, as a whole. And you know if the Paleo movement is a whole, once it's there we will never be pulling this off because we’re just a reflection of that.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Totally! And there's a functional medicine clinician myself that kind of a foundation of which I work from this Paleo template and to me what that means essentially, is eating essential foods that we have enough time to evolve or adapt to, so to speak. And then trying to trigger our body from a lifestyle perspective and a movement perspective that make sense from an evolutionary and perspective and then in general, choosing foods that are anti-inflammatory, a nutrient-dense and low toxin. Well, I know that Paleo words kind of a big buzz word and it's being co-opted commercially. What does it mean to you like when you and Michelle were creating this thing, what was the intent in this Paleo movement for you guys?

 Keith Norris: Yes, so you know- we come and the basic mindset that we bring to this is nothing makes sense except by seeing through the lens of biology, right? The middle lens of evolution. So everything we do, whether its diet, movement, uhm- relationships, finances even, uhm- spirituality even. All of these things have to be seen through the lens of biology and the lens of evolution for to make sense and for to function for us and to the extent that we've removed ourselves from that to the extent, that we have put ourselves, in an environment that uhh- there's a mismatch to that process and we find ourselves in trouble.

 So the intent is not to go back to the cave in a sphere, that's not what anybody wants to do but the intent is how can we leverage the beautiful gifts of technology that we do have and do it in such a way that actually helps our geno instead of hinder. That's the whole idea and again you can extend that to diet, uhm ah- fitness, and any aspect of your life you look at and if you look at it through that lens, things begin to make sense.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani Right. We don't want to throw the baby out of the backward. We have some things maybe today that are better or grab on some of the old knowledge in the past that we marry for God and we are applying it today. Totally make sense.

Keith Norris: Absolutely! And you'll see many bio-hacking companies out at Paleo FX, because they realize that. And the only reason these bio-hacking companies exist is people within the community are asking for it, right? So there's a give and take. The market asks for it, the market will provide. And so again going back to the first year we have Paleo FX, was 12 vendors, our brand 50. So we're growing so very fast. This movement is growing so very fast. It's heartwarming and what's really heartwarming for me is to see the success stories there. And not just, and not just Obviously, I am not just talking about the health and wellness, the stories, professors, and so many of those diabetics who would essentially come up with all medications to hundred and fifty pound weight loss just what striking up the diet. All these success stories but then we have all of these entrepreneurs who are now able to pursue their dream of being an entrepreneur; number 1- making good living; number 2- give back to society, which is even more so important; number 3- are actually doing something that they can feel good about and make money while doing this. So, that's thrilling to us.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I love it! So in this Paleo movement, we have people that are grabbing this information and they are taking it and they are applying it to themselves and getting better and getting healthy which is great. And then we have clinicians like myself and you because you also have many gyms in the Austin area efficient exercise for a year. Imagine you have some technology which we will talk about in a bit on the exercise side but walk me through when your patient comes into your gym and how are you incorporating the Paleo template to their overall health status?

Keith Norris: Yes, so I tell people when they come in that they're human body primarily was meant to move we were obligated movers and opportunistic eaters. And the first thing that they hear or spoke up is, “Oh! Opportunistic eaters, so that means I get to eat everything in front of me?” And I say “Yes”. Now, imagine yourself 200,000 years ago. Now, eat everything that was in front of you, that did take or kill you first or be poison you out after you ate it. Yes, you're right. It's just your choice were very limited and so that generally perks people a lot “Oh I get it! My choices were very limited then, and so yeah! I didn’t have all these packaged foods and all the carbohydrates. We're trying carbohydrates we have access to, now the good is you pick with this within our society and there's a lot of reasons for going to – why those things were you picked within this society? You know the fact remains that they are.

So now we have to put a check on that. We have to be smarter about our food choices and we can’t just rely on our drives to eat everything in front of our face because let's face it; if we didn’t have that drive, you and I wouldn't be here talking right now. Initially, we have to be cognizant of that now and apply again, new technologies, new learning to be able to navigate this environment that we find ourselves in them.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Got it! I am curious too, how are you applying it in your life? Kind of gives me a day in a life. What I mean of, what is your food look like throughout the day and exercise too?

 Keith Norris:  Well, I can tell you today; I didn't eat anything up until about 30 minutes ago. So, I got up about at 8:00, fasted. Uhm- I normally, I will go through occurrence of fasting. Intermittent fasting is just what I’ve found that works for me. Uhm- I can pull it off. Otherwise, my diet is uhm uh- I would say it is Cyclic Ketogenic. I would classify this at of course I am not following any hard fast rules. I do train quite a bit and I have to fuel the type of training I do is by nature, repeat power output. So I have to fuel that with adequate carbohydrates. But I only eat enough carbohydrate to fill that process. You know I go by a feel because; I've done this for so very, very long. I know ate how much and be when to taking carbohydrates. And my carbohydrate sources are generally orchid tubers. But I ‘m not a mean to having the periodic shifts in case so or whatever. I allow myself that. And I find that if I allow myself that, I might have end up not eating very much of it. It's just a psychological trick of known yet. I can have it if I walk but as soon as I try to put the brakes on it and say absolutely not. I'm just insusceptible like anybody else be tell me not to that just get lodged in my brain that “oh that must be something I really want”. So I applied in some just very basic psychological tricks on people because they work. I mean they are trying through and they worked.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: When you get people healthy too, it's kind of like if you drink a lot of alcohol right when you built up a tar and then you need to more drinks to get buzzed. It's the same kind of thing when you feel really good and you're used to having a really good eating plan then you go off on a little bit, you can really feel the difference and then sometimes what happens is the feeling of being in the zone and in the flow state is just better than the small little bit of artificial taste you get from some of that you do. So you kind of played it out.

 Keith Norris: That is so true. You know I am a big believer in giving a person one win. You know, whatever that win is, whether it's walked your first mile, whether it's losing your first pound, whether it's going your first couple of hours without eating sugar; very easy basic steps. But one win, begets the next win, begets the next win and overtime before you know it now yet; you have strung together in an entire day read of having the added sugar or now you've strung together five days in a row read at the gym and now you are on a roll. Because just like you said, once you feel great you don't ever want to go back.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani Yeah that's great too because you've been in this community in the lifting in the body building community for a long time and you’re a clinician as well, yet you practiced what you preached. So it's really refreshing seeing you walking your talk which is great. Love to see that. Well, I'm just curious how are you dialigning your pre and post workout nutrition?

 Keith Norris: That's a good question.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: How do you do creatine, brushing aminos, carb timing or protein timing?

 Keith Norris: Yeah I don't worry so much about the timing of my food just because of the nature of my lifestyle is all over the map. I don't work out at any set time every day- I don't even. You know- there are some weeks where I will work out 7 days in that week. That’s just because, it's available to me. It doesn't mean the intensity is super high every workout, it just means that I am doing something every day.

On the flex, there are weeks like the last two weeks where I've been just incredibly busy up and out of town a few days. I've worked out maybe three times in this last two weeks. And apparently, it will I know, I won't work out again until after Paleo FX. So there's like, but I don't beat myself up about it. That's just the way it is. So I can float in and out of those scenarios, so very very easily. So to answer your question there – If I were to put a nice tidy bow on all of this, I would say “Do I work out frequently?' Yes, as frequently as I can. But the key to it is since I weigh intensities with every workout, so I don't blow myself up every time in the gym. I blow myself up you know maybe once or twice a week. And then the rest of those workouts are more moderate in nature, call it going 80%. I think that's the big key to it. People would ask -Can I workout every day? Yes, you absolutely can, you just have to weigh the intensities and be smart enough then.

 To your question about pre and post workout, I do take a pre and post workout drink that has Creatine, the pre-workout that has a little bit of caffeine in it as well. I'm pretty much a coffee hand to you even though I've gone through occurrence in my life where I completely cut coffee out. A- just to see if I can do it B- to see if there is any off benefits to it. Right now, I am back in a coffee kick. On the out swing of that, if that's your question, you know basic things like zinc, creatine or you know those types of supplements that I would take in on pre and post workout. I'm not to go anyway a vitamin pitcher but I'm a founding member if ID life which is a Nutritional Supplement company so I use their products but again I don't have to go in that pitch it just happen that I really like their pre and post products.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That's good and what's the name of those products? We'll put the links down below

Keith Norris: Yeah it's ID Life and you can just look for the pre and post workout products. I can send you a link. 

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes, please send some the link we'll put it underneath people could take it.

Keith Norris: The great products the creatine that we use on these products is creapure which means…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Is that an alkaline buffered?

 Keith Norris: I'm not sure. That, I don't know. I do know that you can get away with taking much less of it so it's not like the old school creatine monohydrate which was the final product you just had to load up on it. You had to take quite a bit and that could cause some gastric distress to some people. With the creapure, it's about half the dose of the monohydrate.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah that's probably alkaline then that's the buffered. Totally make sense. Good, so we got dose that’s for your doing pre and post. And then walk me through your workout because you're incorporating a technology called ARX Fit, correct?And this is not like an ISO Kinetic really?

 Keith Norris: It's ISO Kinetic. Yeah, the easiest way to explain it is the ISO Kinetic for people who know this conditioning. For people who don't know string thing conditioning if you could imagine doing the bench press- you know this old school bench press. Then, imagine that you have some E or Elves on either side, able to load or deload the weight on the barbell that perfectly matches your maximum force output and each of the positions of the range of motion both concentrically and eccentrically. That's essentially what we are doing with the ARX Fit equipment. What does that mean? That translates into 1, 2 or 3 repetitions that utmost going all out and you're spent. I mean you just can't do anymore because you're physically thatched to your maximum peripheral range of motion if you choose the use of the equipment that way. That's not the only way to use your equipment. You can moderate your force output and get more repetitions out of it and there are advantages for doing it that way for sure because then you can also use it as a rehab tool, as well. So I've rehab people from ACL Surgery using that same equipment that I could go on immediately following that client and go just bounce to the wall.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And you guys also incorporated a new cable version on the last few years. How's that going?

 Keith Norris: It's been going fantastic. In fact, that particular union is selling A because it's cheaper or B because you can do more exercises on it so the cause per exercise ratio is more in line with what people wanting to spin. But yeah, it's a fantastic tool as well. So we have a hard fix version and we have a cable version of that machine and we have another version that we are currently working on that'll be coming down the pikes soon. Both of those by the way you will be able to see it in Paleo Fx we'll have them on the floor. And in addition to the ARX fit equipment, we also work with real fittest score. We put on a, what you could consider a combine for the regular guy. We'll just put it that way.

 It's a series of 10 exercises. Then these 10 exercises are easy to perform technically but they are very telling on an athletic output you know the words like a vertical jump. Very easy to perform, everybody can vertical jump. Great athletes vertical jump very high. Not so good athletes don't vertical jump very high but everybody can do a vertical jump. Everybody can do a frog jump, everybody the exercises that we have picked everybody can do. It's just that the better athlete you are, the better you'd be able to do. And so that's a fun competition that's been a big hit every year.

And we do incorporate the ARX fit equipment net for the high force production staff from the leg press, and its breast press is what we have think on top for this round of combat. So that's fun as well. People really really enjoy that. And you get to check your scores against everybody else that's at the show but you also get to check your score that gives everybody else in the room that database which is huge. And another interesting side note is some of the exercises like the 40-yard dash for example; you can also compare yourself to the best in the NFL and see how you're 40 stacks up against those guys which can be very humbling if we put it that way.

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Absolutely, very cool. And that's we call real fit and how does that plug-in to ARX, does it? Or there's just something parallel to that?

 Keith Norris: It's just a date post, wall pumps, real fittest score which is very good friends and there's some business alignment there we're looking at rolling out these combines across the nations that's one of my projects coming up its each with a work with date of pulling that off. So we'll take that particular part of the show on the road. That could be fine. We'll see what's available…

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Very cool. Now I've done the ARX Fit handful of times it's one thing I can tell you what you've said before like 3 reps and you are set. So the idea like you don't have a lot of time it's just a few minutes to be able to kinda get that into your routine which I like. 2 questions out of that though.

1- If people are in Austin how do they find an ARX Fit to be able to use it

2 – How do you incorporate it into your workout and/or your clients' workout?

Keith Norris: Sure. So I use particular equipment a little bit different than a lot of people do so to answer your first question you can go on the ARX Fit site. It's There is a search function on that site and it will show you the nearest ARX Fit to your town essentially.

We've only been in four scales production mode in sales mode for about the last year and a half or so. So there's not that many out there but we are manufacturing and shipping just as fast as we can. That's the first question. So second question, I utilize the equipment along with more old school barbell dumbbell exercises and bodyweight exercises as well. So I don't just use the ARX Fit as a standalone device although you could. I tend to like to mix and match because I think there’s a lot of values in a let me read backup.

Most of the blowback you give from people who are purists in this string thing conditioning game would be they would tell you that you know if you stay on the machine too long you'll get kind of locked in that particular range of motion and it's not functional because it is a machine which to some extent, I agree. I mean we are multi planer, we move in many directions and so to incorporate more functional movements I do more functional movements.

I just happen that I have access to the ARX Fit equipment too so now in those fixed positions I can load my body way above and faster than I would with a barbell exercise. Now for instance last night, I can do deadlifts very effectively on the ARX Fit equipment it just so happens last night I wanted to do freeway dead lifts and then I did freeway diets, both. Both exercises I could have done on ARX Fit but early in the week, I had done similar movements on the ARX Fit right so I'm like “Okay now it's time for a little bit more of functional movement pattern”

So I weighed and weaved the ARX Fit into the workout as well. Same thing I would do with my clients. My clients’ workouts were about a half hour in length. I don't sneak in it is because that's our good to way to train in this setup at efficient exercise. And our clients like it that way, our clients are mostly doctors, lawyers, professionals- people who are on a fixed timeline. That whenever I workout I don't have any time constraint whatsoever generally. For sure, I am not locked in into a half hour. So I can pretty much do whatever I want in there. There are some workouts that it’s only ARX Fit, and there are some workouts where I don't use ARX Fit at all.  It just kind of depends. Mostly it's a mix and match.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So when you're doing ARX Fit, you said like the goal of doing the freeway functional movements is you'll going to be developing stabilizers and there's lot more functional movement pattern. Multiplanner like you said. But with the ARX Fit you're putting more of a goal of just putting a whole bunch of load on that joint and those muscles.

Keith Norris: Yes so if you look at this ability force continuum right? The less stable you are, the less force you’ll going to be produced, and that's fine in many instances. I mean most sports are played in an unstable environment. Maybe it just takes a look at soccer and how much time you spent at one foot for instance- Running and kicking and you know. So it's totally unstable environment. And you need to train quite a bit and in an unstable environment for that particular sport or just for life. Like there's value in maximizing instances of maximizing force output in a very stable position. And so it's just a play it. I talked people and clients there's kind of like difference between being flexible like a martial artist or a yogi and being very tight like a sprinter.

So many people now realize how in-flexed ball sprinters are. There’s a reason for that. I mean they are meant to be springs not slinkies, right? So you look at the yoga practitioners, they are slinky. They're not meant to be a spring. That's not what they do. Most people need to be in between that continuum, somewhere, to be very healthy. So it's the same idea. One of the biggest problems in fitness I think is that we tend to paint these ideas in an absolute; some black and white. And that's generally, in the less year in a leg sprinter or in a less year I don't know what you would call that in a league yogi. You need to be somewhere in a middle continuum to be very healthy. That’s what I strife for, for also in a mix of being a stable and very strong in a fixed plane as well.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Totally make sense. And I'm just curious. How are you incorporating it into your workout for like a bullet pattern just like walk me through your last workout for instance? What movements did you do? What were the movement patterns that look squat push-pull and how did you weave it in there? Can you walk us through that?

Keith Norris: Yes so my workouts are a little odd in the fact that let me back up one more step and so here's another way I incorporate fitness in my life. I have positioned myself such that I don't have a car. I don't own a car first and in fact that Michelle owns a car so it's odd for me to be a carless. I have positioned myself on purpose not to own a car. I have a lot of meetings to go to. I’ve got a lot of traveling to do but I do it all on bike. That's a combination of bike, bus, walk you know these kinds of thing. And I did that purposely to myself because I was you know what I'm getting a little soft. I go out and my car is always on the driveway and that's always my first option is that I have to go somewhere grab the keys and go off the walls. You know what that's ridiculous. I need to pull myself in an atmosphere where I’m a little uncomfortable. I like being uncomfortable, I don't like being soft. That's a whole philosophical thing to lie in bed. I need a little discomfort in my life to keep me on my toes. So get rid of the car which worked really good when we live in central Austin. I mean that was a couple of miles of everything- right in the middle of everything where we have since moved in the last couple of months way south Austin, which is cool. It’s a beautiful area and I love it. But, now I'm in a position the closest I am to anything that I really need to get to as five miles. So that means on a good day, on a very light day, I'm riding between 10 and 15 miles. In most days it's about 25. And I'm doing it on a fixed speed bike because; I want to of the end of a little bit discomfort. So it's all on a fixed speed bike. If anybody knows anything about fixed speed bikes, it’s exactly as it sounds. You can’t coast. There's no coasting involved. If the wheels are turning your legs are pumping. You either applying force or you're braking.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That's going to be tough on the summertime though when it's a hundred and plus degrees out of here.

Keith Norris: Yes, it's a commitment. I'll just hop on it that way. It's a commitment to do it. But it's like anything else you ease into it. You know the weather changes, you acclimate to it. Something practices where you can go 60-95 in a day and vice versa. You just get used to it. I'm lucky enough to be involved in events and health and wellness and see if I show up in a meeting sweating then people are like “Oh that's what he does” So that's just about every day that I'm on a bike. So I'm giving that constant movement every day. So I have to incorporate that I have done that in my lifting steam too. So, for instance, you are asking about a typical workout. The workout I did before the last night's workout was a push pull and drive on the ARX Fit machine. We often to have pulling of the ARX Fit machines that are at the Paleo FX Office this is another perk of the multiple businesses. I can actually have workout equipment in my Paleo FX office.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That's crazy

Keith Norris: So 8 miles from my house to the office road. And that 8-mile did a push-pull drive. And what I mean by push-pull drive is one of the devices that we have on the ARX Fit is a horizontal device where I can do a leg press, I can do a chest press which winds up looking like a declined press or I can do a horizontal rope on the same machine, utilizing the same machine just takes me about a minute to reconfigure between the different exercises. I did four sets of three of each exercise just rotating through. So, leg press, chest press, row, rest, leg press, chest press, row, rest- 3 reps of each. Went through four rounds of that, did some more work and then I rode back up to 8 miles, which is not an easy 8 miles having done all that leg pressing. So that's a typical day for me and I understand that I am so untypical that most people are not going to be able to do that. They don't have the equipment, number 1. They haven't lost their marbles like I have and their willing to bike to work. Number 2, they don't have to copy me per se but it's the mindset, right? So again, going back to the nothing in biology make sense except through that lens of evolution I consider myself an obligate mover and I have positioned myself such right. I got rid of the car, you're not driving anywhere you don't have to move. Return to obligate mover part to it and then I just spice it up with some leg or feet. That's a typical day for me.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That's enough for a faint of heart though so I give you mad props for the biking. One thing I've done similar not nearly as extreme but I got to stand at, so I got to stand up a day and also bought a treadmill in front of my desk so I'm walking about 10-13 miles a day which are you know still really good you don't even know what's happening coz I'm you see I have patients, I'm on the phone, I'm doing emails and its like whoa I got treadmill on and then I walk 12 or 13 miles.

Keith Norris: Nice, I tell people – I was just able to get rid of my car and that just how I did it. i totally get that most people are not able to do that. And by the way, I still have a car in the driveway if it's pouring down rain or whatever, I will always do Uber. I like that I live in the Austin where every bus has a bike rack. So I'm very familiar with the bus routes and our bus system here has an app so I mean it's easy. I mean that part of it is very easy if you just commit to do it. And I realize not everybody is going to do that. Not everybody wants but for me it's that was important for me to pull off. And I’m glad I did it or some days I'm like… Someday it's like seriously? This is going to be a 40-mile day.

But at the end of the day, I’m like that was great I did it cool. And also to the movement helps in mind, we all know that the more you move the more mind is alive. But it really has helped my creativity to just. The movement he has but also the fact that I can rely on that car being in the driveway. In other words, I have to look at my schedule in the morning and go “Okay first meeting at nine, 8miles away, that's going to take 30minutes by bike riding” So I have to do all these little mini calculations in my mind that keeps me on my toes and I think there's a lot to be said there.

And not to mention just being aware while you're actually on the street in riding your bike because I can tell you there's a big difference riding in the birds where I live right now, and when I get to downtown Austin that’s a big transition. It's far as traffic keeping your head while sweating. So it's all good.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: There’s an article in business insight or lash. There were interview of top CEOs about their exercise and morning routine and such and the big thing a lot of these CEO's talked about was the main reason why they are exercising not just for health and to look good naked essentially was really for the mental performance boost that they got from the movement because being a CEO you got to be on top of things mentally, emotionally, and the big reason exercise was there because it helped their mindset and their performance.

Keith Norris: And I tell you I’m a big proponent of meditation as well although it is very difficult for me to meditate the traditional sense. It’s tough for me to spend any time on a cushion meditating but I can get into that meditating state when I'm riding like that or when I'm lifting or some. So I call it movement meditation for myself as well. I can just kind of get into that space at least when I'm in the suburbs, I can’t do that when I’m downtown but the appropriate times, I can get into that space. It works for me.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: How are you doing is in more like base on draft and just not thinking and just kind of responding to movement.

Keith Norris: If you're into different aspects of Buddhism so you have the emptied mindset which it would be more of a tradition of Buddhism? And then you have more of the Zen concentration. It’s kind of the other extreme of that so there’s extreme concentration on the lending hand. There’s the empty mind idea on the other and then the middle of that is concentration which is the middle path or midway path or you call it Buddhism.

That’s generally what I’m doing. I’m contemplating different ideas not necessarily concentrating with an unbroken mind but I’m you can imagine I have explained it like you have a ring like these old velvet ring boxes, and you're just kind of tumbling around in your fingers contemplating it and you're looking for the latch and you're just kind of rolling it around on your fingers that would be the metaphor for contemplation so whatever the idea might be I’m just contemplating. That’s it and that should I know that does make a whole lot of sense. To set it to go low to centers plus but that's essentially what I’m doing. That really calms my mind it helps me think through some concepts that I may be struggling with trying to figure out and it's super calming.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So you're not trying to force the mind to be quiet you're just letting whatever thoughts about business or the workout or whatever just kind of float through you, you're not forcing it to stop or start you’re just allowing to kind of move past you

Keith Norris: Yeah if a particular thought hangs, in my mind I will contemplate it I will force it to hang there once my mind lets it go I did not let it go nor do I try to force it out. Nor do I try to capture it and concentrate on it these are kind of the different schools of thought under Buddhism. You know under the Zen you would have coins so to speak and you were a mantra and you were just steady you know that mantra and you won't let go of it you just continue with the mantra, continue with the mantra, and continue with the mantra you never let it go, which is fine. There’s different path for different people that works for some people that doesn't work for me. Nor just completely emptied mind really work for me and some instances it can generally it doesn’t. But what works for me is at no path.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it very cool. Is there anything else you'd like to say that people that are kind of finding you guys over at Paleo FX or just incorporating the paleo kind of template into their diet or just maybe incorporating some of the things you do at efficient exercise? Is there anything else that maybe we should just touch upon but for maybe those people that are newbie just making their fingers wet?

Keith Norris: I think what I would tell people who are new to this are you know paleo FX is for you too. but there's a misconception out there that paleo FX conferences for those well steep of this whole concept and yes most of the people there are very well steep in this whole paleo template and paleo concept but there is so much value there for even the person who's wondering “you know is this template for me?” can i pull this off. I mean the very nearest of the new can come there and get a lot out of it. there's just so much there for the uninitiated to just come in to try it on seeing if fits and you know like I’m kind of like rob wolf in that respect where I say you know give it 30 days to kind of like the greasy used cars else thing give it 3o days. I guarantee it’s been a work for you. Like you know if u give it 30 days and it doesn't work for you, then what have you lose? You haven't lost anything.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Plus you guys did a great job at Paleo FX because you kind of label everything like you has your intro if you're a beginner, you're intermediate, then you kind of have your advance sections. So people can kind of you know kind of jump over the advance if they feeling a little risk here, they go back to beginner stuff to get work on their foundations so really set that up well. So, people can self-navigate if they show off or…

Keith Norris: And the expo floor too, I mean you can learn a lot on the expo floor there’s a bunch of vendors who are there. I will tell you this if we've bet our vendors severely if they are on our vendor floor they are on the up an up and they you can feel rest assured that you can buy products from these people or get information from these people and they know what they're talking about. It’s an extensive vetting process we have to get on the vendor floor because we want to keep the quality high.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: the products there are amazing I meant I’ve could bought products are meat and some of the Paleo treats that are u know they be more treaty but they still maybe unlike a healthy safe starch in there which is better than the junk food that's out there. So many great vendors that I was like you don't even know. I remember I was there last year there was a person for whole foods that was they're searching people out and pulling these vendors out and getting into whole foods  so it's really cool pretty cutting edge for sure

Keith Norris: yeah we do have buyers out there for the vendors who are interested and we do have bio-mental foods to be out there again this year. And they are looking for the next best thing. And again this all comes back to our most immediate form of democracy is how we spend our money. Right, so it is totally market basis. So people who like whole foods any of these people if they see there's a market demand for it, they are going to fill it I mean that's just capitalism 101. And let’s fill it with good products. I mean it's between 60 years of going the other direction now the shift is starting to turn and we are going in the right direction you just need to keep the momentum going we’ve done that

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Excellent. Last question for you, if you're stuck on a dessert island  and you can only bring 1 nutrient  1 supplement  1 of whatever it is what would that be for you

Keith Norris: wow am i say something that might shock you I would probably take some form of plant medicine with me I would mean the mushroom or ayahuasca. I have so much insight from that it is indispensable in my life now. But along with that, I would also take a heavily loaded barbell. I have to have both sides or the ARX Fit machine…

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So we got,,

 Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Are you still accepting a client or patients here in Austin to train? I’m not personally but just like the vendors on the vendor floor on Paleo FX. I have some of the best trainers in the nation working for me at efficient exercise and yeah so am I personally taking clients? No, but my trainers are. The highest form of pre is when I recommend my parents or kids go too absolutely.

Is anything we missed? Anything else you want to touch upon or any other links or URLS we missed?

Keith Norris: Come to Paleo FX men I just want to send that out there to anybody especially those of you who are already in Austin you are really come up there and check it out. Change your life for the better.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: If we can’t, we have the live stream access to the right.

Keith Norris: Yup! We have the live stream access.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah we will put links below guys for everyone.

Keith Norris: Absolutely and I would say, “Whatever it is that you believed in, invoke that way, with your dollars” That’s how we’re going to affect change in this marketplace.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Keep that. I appreciate that man great chat today.

Keith Norris: Thanks, Justin! Thanks for having me

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You too, take care.

Keith Norris: Yup!


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