Hypothyroidism: A Natural Approach To Healing

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Hypothyroidism Natural Approach To Healing

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Most people I meet with thyroid symptoms (hypothyroidism) feel: fatigued, cold hands, cold feet, thinning hair, over weight and depressed. These symptoms can be fixed, and are typically not alleviated by conventional thyroid medications.

Conventional thyroid treatments typically only involve synthetic T4 (inactive thyroid hormone), which many individuals have a difficult time converting into T3 (active thyroid hormone).

There are many different factors that may prevent you from making this conversion.

A couple of these factors are the following:

 Hypothyroidism Common Factors

Cortisol from the adrenal is need to activate thyroid hormone, while at the same time not enough thyroid hormone could suppress the conversion.

 The 5 deiodinase enzyme this is responsible for converting thyroid hormone is selenium dependent. Any deficiency could impair the conversion.

The antibodies from these conditions can block the receptors for thyroid hormone.  When the receptors are blocked, thyroid hormone will not be able to do it's job and increase the medication won't work either.

(Remember, don't take Iodine unless you have been properly assessed by a physician to rule out an autoimmune thyroid, taking Iodine could make the problem worse!!!

Know more about iodine issue by clicking here.

This could range from a B12/Folate anemia all the way to a iron based anemia.

Chronic infection could create excess inflammation which could impair hormone conversion.

Eating refined sugars, food allergens and high glycemic carbs with out enough high quality protein and fat could exacerbate blood sugar swings which can affect thyroid hormone balance.

Stomach is need to break down protein and ionize minerals that are important for thyroid health. Many times infections are to blame for low stomach acid.  You need to get tested to rule out the infection connection!


Hypothyroidism Root Cause

Whether you have an autoimmune thyroid condition like 90% of the population conventional medicine doesn't seemed to be to concerned because their treatment doesn't change either way. It's time medicine evolve and start providing customized care based on the patients individual needs.

At my clinic it's amazing how fast patients turn around and start feeling better once the underlying causes of their thyroid hormone imbalances are addressed!

If you want to get your thyroid fixed, schedule a complimentary consultation by click here!

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