Natural Solutions to Infertility

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Natural Solutions To Infertility

By Dr. Justin Marchegiani

When the female body is stressed, one of the main things that occurs is the hormone progesterone gets converted into a stress hormone called cortisol. When this happens, it causes the progesterone to estrogen ratio to go out of balance. This is also referred to as estrogen dominance. The body naturally should have about 25 times more progesterone to estrogen which can be assessed via a salivary lab test.

The Female Cycle

Female Cycle

If you look at the female cycle, essentially it can be broken down into two phases. The first phase is referred to as the follicular phase, in this phase the hormone estrogen predominates and helps to thicken the endometrial lining so an egg can be implanted. Once estrogen levels drop between day 13 through 15, this signals ovulation where a corresponding rise in progesterone occurs. The rise of progesterone is a hallmark of the luteal phase and in plays a role as a pro-gestational hormone that helps the egg grow.

With many patients that have PMS, many are not getting enough progesterone in the second half of the cycle. This lack of progesterone causes symptoms just before bleeding such as breast tenderness cramping headaches etc. The solution is to not just give progesterone alone. It's because if the underlying stressors are not addressed, the progesterone will just be used to fuel the stress response.


How we address the underlying cause of the problem is to reduce the prominent stressors the person is dealing with. Stress causes the body to convert progesterone into cortisol. Getting the predominant stressors under control prevents the body from burning itself up. So doing simple things such as addressing blood sugar and handling issues helps regulate cortisol. Addressing infections such as parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections can help address the underlying cause and put cortisol back in the balance.

The adrenal glands are primarily responsible for producing cortisol. At the same time, producing a good portion of the woman’s sex hormones. So to address PMS is vitally important that the adrenals are supported so they can function optimally to provide hormonal balance. The female hormones never spontaneously go out of balance by themselves. So to produce a lasting change, we need to address lifestyle, diet, and female hormone support all the same time. The solution comes from doing the right things, in the right combination, at the right time.

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