What does it cost to work with you?

New patient consults with Dr. J $399.

Follow-up consultations (For existing patients only) are billed in the block increments below.

Consultation is typically recommended every 4-5 weeks to ensure optimal compliance and support.

The new patient consults with the new patient consult coordinator is $325 (Not Dr. J).

It depends on how many test kits are recommended (typically 1-4), but we always recommend that clients start with their first test if there are any budgetary concerns.

Body System 1 Test (Hormone System): $100-$450.

Body System 2 Test (Digestion & Infections):  $400-$450.

Body System 3 Test (Detox, Nutrients & Toxicity): $300-$450.

Test recommendations are specifically recommended during the new patient consult and follow consults. Our recommendations are based on getting the optimal information depending on what the patient is dealing with health-wise.

Our recommendations can be adjusted and consolidated to help meet the patient's budget. Doing something is always better than nothing; creating a program where at least 1 test can be taken is a great starting point.

Supplement recommendations can range between $50 to $400 per month. Supplements are recommended specifically on a case-by-case basis depending on patients' individual body system lab testing for their hormones, digestion, infections, detox, and nutritional deficiencies. It's also dependent on what phase of care the patient may be in, as some phases of care overlap. This may occur when infections are addressed while supporting the adrenal and digestion.

The factors influencing supplement recommendations also include the patient's current diet, lifestyle, sleep, work, and home stress. Other variables can include your age and how long you have been dealing with health challenges.

Supplementation recommendations can also be adjusted to a patient's budget. The biggest issue is making sure expectations are managed. The more health challenges a patient is currently dealing with may require more supplementation to help accelerate their healing.

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