Why did I receive a late fee on my invoice?

Late fee's are added automatically by our invoicing software, but If you need to adjust your invoice, don't worry you will not be charged any late fees as long as you let us know you need to make adjustments in the first couple business days of receiving it. If you need to delay any of the supplements or labs (not including consults) we can break them up into separate invoices that can be paid at a later date of your choosing. Labs and supplements will ship once they have been paid.

You can also ask the doctor to leave supplements or labs off your invoice during your consult and you can go online and order them at your leisure at www.justinhealth.com/shop.

We always waive late fees as a one time courtesy for new patients. When you read the invoice cover letter that goes out with every emailed invoice, the late fee policy is very transparent. The late fees start 2 business days after the consult and do not apply if you reach out back to the office in the first 2 business days to make any adjustments. If you have reached out to the office within 2 business days and received a late fee, just email us and we can waive it for you.

The policy is here for a few reasons.

1. To incentivize good patient behavior to ensure payments are collected in a timely manner. In a physical setting, payment would take place immediately after the consult.

2. To ensure the timing and sequencing of care in regards to labs, supplements and follow-up consult rescheduling. Also, many patients have information regarding their invoice top of mind right after their consult, the longer a patient waits to pay, the greater chance they forget why they are being prescribed a certain supplement or lab tests in their protocol. This then requires the need to schedule additional follow up consults so the patient can be refreshed on the rationale of their protocol.

3. To prevent staff time from being spent chasing after late invoices, rescheduling patients, answering questions and accommodating patients who have delayed payment.

Since we added this policy it solves the issues above. Thank you.

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