How much do supplements cost and what factors affect Dr. J’s supplement recommendations?

Supplement recommendations can range between $50 to $400 per month. Supplements are recommended specifically on a case by case basis depending on patients individual body system lab testing for the their hormones, digestion, infections, detox, and nutritional deficiencies. It's also dependent on what phase of care the patient maybe in, as some phases of care overlap. This may occur like when infections are being addressed while supporting the adrenal and digestion.

The factors that can influence supplement recommendations also include the patient's current diet, lifestyle, sleep, work and home stress. Other variables can include your age and how long you have been dealing with health challenges for.

Supplementation recommendation can also be adjusted to a patients budget. The biggest issue is making sure expectations are managed. The more health challenges a patient is currently dealing with may require more supplementation to help accelerate their healing.

Realistic expectations help patients to be more compliant on their health journey. If a patient is currently dealing with massive stress (work or relationship stress) that can't be avoided at the time, our goals maybe more to prevent health decline than actually heal and improve ones health. Everyone's at a different place in their health journey so Dr. J's goal is to help meet a patient where they are at on their journey.

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