Can I purchase supplements other than from Dr. Justin?

Dr. Justin carries his own line of high-quality supplements that have been formulated to achieve the best results in the right specified dosages. These supplements are also stored in a climate-controlled environment and come directly from the manufacturer to ensure potency as well as avoiding contaminants like lead, mold, and mercury.

If you want to do your own research on different supplements, you can do so but we do not recommend it. We do not provide any other recommendations nor advice on other specific blends or brands. If you purchase other supplements from other manufacturers, please research carefully. Not all ingredients are equal. There are many issues regarding supplements from Amazon and other sites being counterfeit.

Just In Health provides the highest quality by:

Storage: Supplements are received directly straight from the manufacturer.

Product freshness: Supplements are not sitting around for a year or so in an area that has light.
Potency: Supplements are stored appropriately in a climate-controlled, air-conditioned environment to keep the products from spoiling. Even items we have in the warehouse are climate controlled.

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