Dr. Justin Marchegiani Featured on “The Fat Burning Man” Podcast with Able James: Tom Brady’s Diet, How to Slow Aging & Fine-Tune Your Carbs



Weird question: what does amputating limbs teach you about health?

That’s how my guest this week started his career… in the surgical ward assisting with amputation after amputation. He knew there had to be a better way.

Now a practitioner of holistic medicine, Dr. Justin Marchegiani treats the root cause (not just symptoms).

On this show with Dr. Justin, you’ll learn:

  • How bad bacteria in the gut can cause depression and fatigue
  • How to boost testosterone without drugs
  • When you need to fine-tune your carbs
  • Why we can control aging
  • What Tom Brady eats for performance
  • How to heal your thyroid
  • And much more…

Click here to access the podcast audio and full transcriptions!

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