Wendy Myers – Bulletproof coffee enemas and Infrared saunas – Podcast #45


In this podcast, we review the benefits of coffee enemas and how they help with detoxification. We also touched the benefits of saunas, near infrared vs. far infrared saunas and mineral testing and adrenal fatigue.

This interview will also help you know the importance of gut, as the foundation of your health and find out the best minerals and supplements to take that could help you fight against nutrient and mineral deficiency and remove all heavy metals and chemicals inside you.wendy_myers This will also guide you in healing leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid issues. You will also understand the importance of a healthy diet, planning a healthy pregnancy, and identifying food sensitivities. Stay updated by listening to this interview with Wendy Myers.


In this interview with Wendy Myers we review:

3:51  The importance of gut and how to prevent mineral and nutrient deficiency.

14:41 About coffee enemas and it’s benefits.

22: 15 How important infrared saunas for your health.

25:02 What you need to know about food sensitivity.

33:16 All about pregnancy, planning pregnancy, and detoxification.


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Wendy Myers is the Founder and Chief Eating Officer of the Liveto110 Blog and host of the Liveto110 podcast show. She is a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, a functional diagnostic nutritionist, and creator of Mineral Power program that utilizes hair mineral analysis to help clients fix mineral deficiencies for a broad spectrum of health conditions. She specializes in using alternative detoxification treatments and diet to help people live healthier lifestyles and is currently working on her next book, The Modern Paleo Survival Guide.

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Hey, there! It’s Dr. Justin Marchegiani, welcome back to Beyond Wellness Radio. Today, we have an awesome guest, Wendy Myers straight from Malibu, California, so we’re really excited to have Wendy on. We’re thinking about, talking about detox, and coffee enemas and infrared saunas and who knows what else would come up, so Wendy, welcome to the show!

Wendy Myers: Thank you so much for having me.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Awesome! Well, tell me a little bit about on how you got into the functional medicine world, I know you have a blog yourself, ah… liveto110.com which is really cool, because – I mean why live to a hundred, when you can live to a hundred and ten, right?

Wendy Myers: Exactly, Hahaha! We know I got into health, ah – just because I was planning my pregnancy and I realized I needed to start eating healthier, and you know nourishing my body. And you know, couple of years later – you know, studying, I finally had my child, got pregnant and then I had clean up my toxic environment! You know when you have a baby, you can’t use regular cleaners and then had never really thought about that before that I have toxic chemicals all over my house, and you know, you had to clean all your beauty products and I realized I had a lot of work to do with detoxing my home.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: And then my Father, unfortunately, got diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and he lived in Austin, Texas and he passed away within about six months of his cancer treatments and he was on about ten medications, so obviously, not – something not normal about that. And ah – I just really sought to find the answers to why everyone is so sick, why are one in two people, you know, developing cancer and our immunizes-es and in other so many health issues people are having. And so I eventually concluded through all my research and writing on liveto110.com that it’s a mineral and nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal and chemical toxicities that are the underlying cause of disease. So, my mission is to educate people about that, and help them heal their health conditions naturally.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hmmm… that’s great! How important is it for the gut? Because I see so many patients, they come in, they’re eating good, they’re all ready on really good stuff invitation but then, you know, we look and they’re still really nutrient deficient however you wanna test that, whether its’ spectra cell, on organic or nutrient eval, we see lots of nutrient deficiencies. How important is the gut and how do you, how do you implement healing the gut with your programs?

Wendy Myers: Yes, well it’s a – the gut of course is the foundation of your health. If you don’t have a healthy gut, you can’t absorb nutrients and even if you have a healthy gut, everyone’s ah – mineral nutrient deficient anyways because the food is deficient, the soil is deficient, it’s been eroded. So, even if you eat a perfect diet, you have to supplement minerals and nutrients for the rest of your life. There’s just no way around that the key plan to be healthy – but as far as the gut,  I have the same thing with my clients, you know, over half of my clients have some measure of gut dysfunction of, you know, the border belly has been blunted ah – you know, they have leaky guts and many food sensitivities and all the  – all the things related to an unhealthy gut, not to mention parasitic bacterial or yeast candida infections. And, so I definitely warn for the clients you can pretty much pick up on it with symptoms, you know, you get a hands on symptomatology gut dysfunction, constipation, diarrhea that I can do testing on them, but I like to do organic acids testing, the gut bug who test hahaha! And to see, where all those bacteria and things in their body are popping out. Gonna tell you what’s going on inside them.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s really cool! Very good! So, you talked about gut infections and parasites, what are the big infections that you’re seeing with your patients?

Wendy Myers: Uhm- of course candida.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: Candida’s the biggest problem because, you know, you know parasites are opportunistic and as someone’s health begins to decline they develops adrenal fatigue and then these are feeling fatigued wants – stimulants and then you know, they just have this downward decline and as the host becomes weaker and weaker, then parasites and yeast starts to take hold, H. pylori. H. pylori  is very common and Candida as well, and you know various parasites, but ah – you know, as those begin to take hold then the – the person becomes sicker and sicker and sicker, and develops more more problems.  But, you know, like I said, these parasites are opportunistic, so as long as you keep your body strong, people then do not have this much of a problem. Their immune system can find out these bugs but, what I’m finding is because people are so nutrient deficient, their immune systems are deficient in weekend. They – they’re just ah – they’re very good hosts, they’re very tasty hahaha!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right! Right, right! And you mention about a lot of minerals. Amino minerals are really important. They’re like activators for our – for ourselves, so can you give me like your favorite  three to five minerals and I get – they’re all important that you need them you know, synergistically, but what are your  big three to five?

Wendy Myers: Well, my favorite one, I think the most important one is magnesium.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Of course, yeah!

Wendy Myers: And that’s it, for you know, over 3700 processes in the body  we’re finding more everyday.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Shit, That many now! I thought it was like 300.

Wendy Myers: No, it’s 3700.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh my gosh!

Wendy Myers: Yeah! Yeah! I’m good friends of Morley Robbins, he’s  a magnesium man.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah Morley!

Wendy Myers: And as is 3700, yeah today.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 3700!

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I’m sure there’s a billion hahaha!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Wow!

Wendy Myers: But ah, that’s only ones we know about! But ah – I’d really like to give that – my clients multiple forms of magnesium. My favorite one’s magnesium glycinate because that raises RBC magnesium.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hold on one second, I guarantee I’m gonna guess your second favorite.

Wendy Myers: What?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Magnesium alloy.

Wendy Myers: Yes! That is!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh! Kudos!

Wendy Myers: Yes! Yeah, that one, it gives you energy and it helps to deal detox metals and what not – and of course I like magnesium citrate too. I like nasalcrom vitality, ah – magnesium, magnesium citrate and that’s –  that’s nice to add as well. Not everyone responds to citrates but they have their place, most – most supplements have magnesium citrates, and numbered! It’s not the most ideal form, but everyone, you know, response and perform and you gonna have to find what works for you.  But I just start our clients with all three of those, just to cover all those bases.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It is a product by, designs for help as of three to get any David glycinate, uhm -the Mallee and maybe even the citrate. Have you tried something that has all three, or use them all separately in different bottles?

Wendy Myers: You know what, I haven’t found a product that has all three. I found one that was co-liquid, but I was only gonna work that has the Mallee and a glycinate, but I’m developing a formula right now! I’m developing my own summer line called by a rehab, and my partner, we’re gonna be developing a magnesium that you know, fits what I’m looking for hahaha!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Very cool! Awesome! So, when you typically doze off magnesium, are you dozing it to bowel tolerance for the person to get those stools or you find it that these key lets you absorbing so well, you’re not getting that effect.

Wendy Myers: Well, I think that people, you know, people who take five times their body weight in milligrams , so five time their body weight in pounds and milligrams. And I find that if you do that people do not tend to have loose bowels. Everyone’s a little different though, but the glycinate does tend to cause loose bowels that some people have to take quite a bit before that happens.  Ahmm, but he also wanna take too much because it can lower sodium which affects, you know, adrenals, some things like that! Ah, but you know you gonna have to find what works for you.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right! So, you said five times your body weight. I’m 200 pounds, I’d be taking about a gram.

Wendy Myers: Yeah!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: of magnesium, is that correct?

Wendy Myers: Exactly!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Good! And you’re doing red blood cells magnesium testing as well?

Wendy Myers: I do! I likewise like to do that because, you know, we definitely need to know what our RBC magnesium is in race that. Ahm, you know, they need to be between five and seven. I’m a lot of logs, so I have a little bit of lower to log onto slower but it really needs between five and seven. Most of my clients are add five or under five, and it’s almost so like running your car in one-quarter of oil, when you need five or six. So, it’s just the engines not gonna run optimally.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly! I think, I think, on my ah – laboratory analysis for my thick, I say 5.7 to 6.8, so, we operate for the ballpark right there!

Wendy Myers: Yeah! Uh-huh.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Very coo! So you mention some minerals, and we know those are really important. We know that magnesium gets a play, they were eating lots of refined sugar because it’s so important for blood sugar. What would be your next mineral be after magnesium?

Wendy Myers: Definitely Zinc!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Zinc!

Wendy Myers: See now, must be for the deficient zinc. You gotta have zinc to have a healthy immune system. Man need it to you know, make sperm in testosterone, things like that!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: Uhm., so it’s very very important for man. Uhm – but it’s also needed to keep copper in check.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup!

Wendy Myers: I find a lot of clients have copper toxicity, copper dysregulation. It’s really one of the biggest problems in all of my clients. I’ve only tested two people, who do not have copper dysregulation on their body, and it happens as a result of adrenal fatigue. Ah -yeah!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That makes sense, because we know  zinc is important to keep copper in check. How do you copper detox? So, you just giving higher amounts of zinc to help flush out the copper?

Wendy Myers: Well, it’s not necessarily that simple, you know, you can’t think of too much on zinc cause it can cause of its host to problems. Uhm, but you know, just, ah – you know, a decent amount, you know, thirty to fifty milligrams perhaps and definitely accumulated zinc is ideal, absorbs better and uhm – getting rid of copper is complex. Some people or some icons are extremely copper toxic and it’s – it’s  a process, to get rid of that. And uhm – I think coffee enemas are a great way to help the liver to get rid of it, copper stores in the liver. Ah – people also, ah – they have to heal their adrenal glands. One of the reasons, the copper builds up in their tissues and is bile unavailable and can’t be used is because of adrenal fatigue.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hmmm…

Wendy Myers: And when the adrenals are fatigued, it suppresses their signaling to the liver to produce a protein called ceruloplasmin that binds the copper to make it bile available on the body. So, in the absence of adequate ceruloplasmin, the copper will build up. Now, you know, ’cause all kinds of problems, you know, definitely, any female with endometriosis or ovarian cysts or fibroids, any of that nature on its’ because of copper toxicity without a doubt. Uhm -it cause so many symptoms and it namely anxiety, panic attacks, ah – depression. There’s just oh – headaches, anyone with migraine headaches  that’s, that’s gonna be copper related so, there’s really a whole clause of symptoms and uhm – and like people really suffering up from copper toxicity.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Got it!So let’s back up a little bit there, so you mention this – this protein, this enzyme called ceruloplasmin and that gets low when we’re having adrenal fatigue. Is that what  you’ve mention?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, what the adrenals – what the adrenals job is to signal to the liver to produce ceruloplasmin, and when there’s fatigue, they can’t do that, part of their job. Uhm – so, that’s part of reducing copper in the body is healing the adrenal glands. And one way you do that is you eat meat, let’s eat animal protein. Ah – because we need all those minerals and meat, people think meats are just protein, it’s mineral rich.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It is!

Wendy Myers: So, we have to have meat to ah – to heal our adrenal glands. I find it vegetarians don’t tend to heal their adrenals, or adrenals tend to worse and worse over time. Uhm – so you need that, those nutrients in a meat and especially the zinc, that’s in red meat, very bile available form in red meat, so that’s very much key and helping the body get, you know, get rid of copper.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Got it! So, the adrenals are need to be talking to the liver to make these enzyme, and that enzyme for that molecular compound that is ceruloplasmin is really important for copper metabolism. Is that the mechanism there for the listeners?

Wendy Myers: Exactly!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay!

Wendy Myers: And you also – to take care of your liver. Ah – one way of you take care of it is don’t eat high fructose corn syrup or sugar. That reduces the liver’s ability to produce ceruloplasmin. I really like when clients do coffee enemas, not just a couple of weeks, not going crazy with them. Uhm – but just to help, you know, mechanically clean out the liver. Uhm – definitely nutritional support for the liver and easier glutathione, things of that nature alpha lipoic acid now just ah – the liver so important to health and detox and copper dysregulation.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh great! So, on that topic right there, let’s jump into, to this coffee enemas here, so we have like your typical detoxification which is, you know, supporting phase 1, phase 2 with various herbs and minerals and amino acids, that’s like your, your functional medicine based detoxification. Can you talk about coffee enemas? how they’re different? What’s the advantage? What’s the pro’s and con’s versus the two?

Wendy Myers: Yes, well uhm – coffee enemas versus supplementation.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes, so what we have like, you know, uhm – our general phase 1, phase 2 support and functional medicine made were giving milk thistle or NAC or herbs, how’s that different and how would someone actually go do a coffee enema?

Wendy Myers: Yes, well uhm – you know, it’s always a good idea to give the liver the nutrients it needs. I like to give the clients’ trimethylglycine. Ah – you know, other nutrients like that to help with liver function. Uhm – it needs nutrients to work, but, the coffee enemas work differently and that ah – you’re basically, mechanically detoxing the liver.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani:  Yes.

Wendy Myers: And, uhm – it increases actually glutathione production by about 600% when you do a coffee enema, and you have to have glutathione to bind the heavy metals to take them out of the body.  Uhm – so the metals just don’t magically come out, they have to have something to bind them, to remove them. Uhm – so we have to increase those nutrients in the body, so the coffee enemas, ah – they have palmitic acid, they have caffeine in them. And those will serve, you know, while they’re being held in the colon to dilate all the millions of capillaries and the portal vein ah – that, you know, attached to the liver and it just stimulates the liver to dump, you know, all of its’ toxic contents into the cone for elimination. Additionally, while you’re retaining the enema for five, ten or fifteen minutes, in fifteen minutes, the blood filters  to your liver about four to five times and it’s almost ah – just  – it’s cleaning out your blood of all the toxins. So, when people, you know, or my clients are detoxing, they’re doing infrared saunas or just, you know, increasing their bodies vitality with minerals. Their body begins to detox and they start having detox symptoms like headaches or nausea. And when you do a coffee enema, you ah – get rid of all the garbage in your bloodstream while your body is, you know, taking its’ sweet time trying to eliminate these toxins, and you eliminate those issues, those toxins and heavy metals and you relieve your detox symptoms so they can really be ah – life saving for some clients you’re dealing with anxiety and headaches and nausea and things like that when they’re detoxing.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Got it! So what kind of coffee should some be using, I mean, she would be using a bulletproof coffee for a coffee enema or a, she were using a certain types of green coffee obviously organic and such and – and, how do we go about doing them, and obviously we’re kinda like in this fetal position, uhm – you know, prone, like facing downward, but obviously waiting for the coffee to cool down to, you know, relatively body temperature. Can you walk us through how’d you’d actually do it?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah yeah! Well – I, you can definitely use bulletproof coffee. Uhm – I kinda like the ah – coffee enemas, specific coffee, enema coffees that are not so milk-ful hahaha! Like S.A Wilson is good, and I liked PureLife ah – by ah – by Dr. Ben Lynch seeking health.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, got it!

Wendy Myers: And those are great ones ’cause there are a little light roast, so it retains more of the caffeine and that just makes the coffee enema more effective. Uhm, obviously for caffeine sensitive, the problem not gonna work too well for you . Ah – so, you have to you know, judge on individual basis to tell coffee enemas are for you, but to do a coffee enema, ah – what you do is, you know, you gotta get your equipment, you know, you have to get your enema bag or a coffee enema bucket. I love seeking health products, I think they have a book, ah – they have a really good bag in a bucket that you can do.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: I like the bucket because it’s just so easy to clean and you can wipe it out, and why not, and ah – you have a little  hose with those coffee enemas, you know, thing at the end, and uhm at the tip, that’s the tip that goes in your anus, so you brewed the coffee on the stove, I just usually use about 2-3 tablespoons of and grind it up fresh and ah – just boil that on a stove in about an inch of a water and then after that’s been boiling for about ten minutes, then I’ll fill it up with filtered or distilled water all the way to the top of the pan and then cool it down to body temperature, maybe a little bit warmer and you put that in your bucket and then you just kinda, you know, fill up. Ahh – you know, ah – you ah try to, when you’re about a cup or two cups of coffee and then you do the best you can to retain not, you know, for 15 minutes.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So, 15 minutes, you’re in that kinda like fetal prone position and then from there you just get up your, you’re holding you anus tights so it doesn’t leak, so you just go to the bathroom basically right?

Wendy Myers: Yeah! It’s kind of like wrestling a water moccasin hahaha!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: It makes it hard to hold it in, to retain it, but so if people have problems with that, sometimes, a tailspin of black strap molasses can help with that. I’m also putting some epsom salts, ah – for about you know, maybe half a tablespoon or half a teaspoon . Ah – it can really really be helpful with ah- you know, relaxing the, the colon to stop it from spasming so you have an urge to evacuate. And, uhm – so that could be really really helpful, and they’re amazing, I mean you feel like a million bucks after you do a coffee enema. You feel really, really good, and it’s something I definitely recommend, you know, a couple of times a week or as needed for detox symptom. Uhm – but there are some people to get a little carried away and do them every single day and unfortunately, I’ve had clients doing that, they won’t – they come to me and they’ve been doing it for a while. They’ve really had very low mineral levels on their hair mineral analysis.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: And I think it’s just the word of caution even though they’re healthy, you can get too much of a good thing and I think, they need to be used, you know, sporadically with caution but of course you can add some salt, some sea salt to the coffee as well to mitigate any mineral loss.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay, got it! So we get this coffee brewing, we add some water, so we get the water to like about 98 degrees yourselves. Our body temperature doesn’t matter how the temperature of the water. Obviously, we don’t want it too hot, but is there a certain temperature you liking at?

Wendy Myers: Well, every – I don’t really go over the temperature, I’m just gonna put my finger  on it.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Just feel!

Wendy Myers: Just a little warm, you know, bath water is fine.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Bath water.

Wendy Myers: You just wanted it so hot, it’s uncomfortable.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay, so what we’re doing is we’re getting this mechanical push shove, bile and toxin because we’re getting the liver to circulate and filter out faster and we’re getting all of the dilation of the capillaries in the intestinal track and what else? Is – is it stimulating glutathione too or it’s just a big mechanical push of toxin?

Wendy Myers: Oh yeah! There’s estimate today, it increases glutathione by about 600%. I don’t know if that’s a 100% accurate, but uhm – I do find a client that are doing the coffee enemas, ah – do have much better results especially if they’re doing a detox program. You know, there’s no reason to be miserable, ah – while these metals or toxins are floating around while your body is trying to excrete them. And ah – everyone’s liver are so toxic today, ah – there was a 2009 study with the world health organization that said we have 500 chemicals in our bodies on average.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Wow!

Wendy Myers: And, that’s frightening and our livers have to deal with all that and there’s many chemicals the liver does not know how to detox. So, coffee enemas I think are very impaired especially in our country where, we have 30% of the population has fatty liver disease.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right!

Wendy Myers: Our livers are not working and they need a helping hand and ah – additionally, if your live is isn’t working optimally, it’s a very good idea to do infrared saunas because when you sweat out all these toxins to the skin, you bypass the liver.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hmm…that is true, the skin is a really important mechanism for detoxification.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah! So, I’m a big fan of infrared saunas. They just, uhm – ah -there’s some metals and things you can always went out to your skin. All these metals and chemicals, like I said you’re liver can’t process some of these things, it doesn’t recognize them, they were never around. So, in the last few decades, uhm – so, it’s very very important to use, ah – to take – take advantage of your skin and sweat out these chemicals and metals and you can even sweat out uranium incision on radio active bottles that we’re finding environment from Fukushima.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Wow! So walk me through this, right! We go with you in infrared sauna session and we have to towel off or shower right away to get those metals off the skins, we don’t reabsorbed them. How important is the after, after the – what should we do after the infrared sauna session?

Wendy Myers: Absolutely, you ideally wanna shower off, I mean towelling off will work too, but ideally you just wanna shower off all these garbage. I – I actually run to the shower hahaha!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: They find the sweats starts to dry really really fast.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah!

Wendy Myers: So, I actually run in the shower and shower off – off all the toxins, if there any left hahaha!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: ‘Cause technically, if the toxins are on your skin, you could just reabsorbed them if they dry right?

Wendy Myers: Oh yeah! I mean you absorb every toxin that you touch, every time you’re touching plastic or VPI receipts or things like that, you’re absorbing it to your skin and that’s why transdermal medications are becoming very popular because you are ah – you’re skin very effectively absorbs medications and other you know, products that touches.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah! And that makes a lot of sense.

Wendy Myers: Yeah!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And so, right now, kinda – what you’re doing with your patients dietary, someone comes in to see you, are you just starting off with ah – a Paleo general paleo diet or how are you customizing the dietary recommendations that you’re making to your patients?

Wendy Myers: Well, I – I don’t take full paleo ’cause I think that, you know, there has to be some consideration that some people have adopted a dairy. You know, some people are find little games, so I have developed what’s called “The Modern Kill Your Diet” and that’s what my upcoming book is about, and it’s about where we need to begin with paleo as a base, maybe do it for 30 days of you know, full on paleo diet. We are not eating on a – dairy in legumes and grains and including things like that. But as, ah – you kinda, you know, do that diet and get rid of all the foods that people are typically sensitive to. I have a few sensitivities too, then I think people can start to experiment and incorporate ah – dairy, you know, grass fed butter and other things like that but ah – people don’t wanna do a food elimination diet because it’s kind of a pain. I do food sensitivity testing. I do the mediator release test.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hmmm.

Wendy Myers: That’s about 94% accuracy and you know, how you people are a little are a little starting point ah – to what food that they are sensitive to. Many clients are surprised that they are sensitive to beef or to caffeine or to ibuprofen. Uhm – gonna test food chemicals in a couple of medications as well. So, I find that people can be uhm – very much helped by finding out what their food sensitivities are and that helps to reduce inflammation in your body and many other health symptoms as well.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Got it! What’s that food sensitivity lab test you using called?

Wendy Myers: Yeah! It”s by Oxford labs, it’s called the MRT test – Mediator Release Test, it’s just tests your white blood cells reaction to like the – test the how much mediators your white blood cells are releasing in response to a food and ah – it’s a great test because it tells how sensitive you are to the food, uhm – so, you can see the food you are just somewhat sensitive too and very very sensitive too.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right!

Wendy Myers: Uhm – really helps to get a great road map to what kind of personalized diet you should be eating.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right! And how’s that different than like an Alcat test?

Wendy Myers: Uhm.. ah – you know, I’m not  hundred percent familiar, is the Alcat IGG?

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I think it has to do more like the white blood cells as well, it just sound like a similar mechanism.

Wendy Myers: I think it’s a similar test. Yeah, most fruits and sweeties has their IGG which are the antibody release about, you know, 24 to maybe 48 hours are maybe a little bit longer, after you know those are the responses that you have with the foods after you eat them. So, people can eat the food and them have a symptom two days later, a headache or why not they can’t make the connection. So, I think ah – food sensitivity testing is very very valuable.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Got it! Got it! And you mention your book here and the upcoming book is coming out soon as The Modern Paleo Survival Guide, so what’s the – what’s the essence of that book? Is it just more helping people make these – these dietary and lifestyle shift, like what’s the over all goal of that book?

Wendy Myers: Well, it’s all about diet lifestyle and detoxification.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Detoxification.

Wendy Myers: What I find is that a lot of clients coming to me, they’re eating perfectly, carrying a perfect paleo diet or a modern paleo diet or bulletproof diet – whatever, and they’re eating, they’re so good with their diet. Ah – there are also almost ah – you know, ortho, they always have orthorexia nervosa hahaha!

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right!

Wendy Myers: But, they need to ’cause they’re not healthy, but ah – I find it even doing that, they don’t resolve their health issues. It’s not the whole answer and because many of them aren’t taking enough supplements are not taking the right forms of minerals or what have you. So, I wanted to write this book to talk about here’s the diet you should be eating and here’s things you have to do with your lifestyle to be healthy and you have to add detoxification because in our toxic modern world, if you are not tending to detoxification, you’re not gonna be healthy. It doesn’t matter how well you eat or how much you sleep and exercise. I’ve got a million clients, they’re in their 40’s write, “but I ate perfect and I sleep 8 hours a night and I work out three, four times a wee

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