Dr. Tim Jackson – Mitochondrial dysfunction, mold and MTHFR solutions – Podcast #124

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Dr. Tim Jackson dive into a stimulating discussion about mitochondria, the enzyme MTHFR, genetic testing, and mycotoxin. Join them and pick up some valuable information as Dr. Tim Jackson shares his knowledge and expertise on gene SNPs, factors that affect them, the supplements he recommends, as well as the approach he implements to create a positive impact on someone’s health.  Learn about the mitochondria’s function and discover its connection to the Kreb’s cycle and electron transport […]

Natural menopause solutions live – Podcast #123

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand engage in a discussion about menopause. Join them as they share their expertise on women dealing with menopause, including the associated symptoms, hormones, and health factors creating an impact to this period. Menopause is a naturally occurring transition in a woman’s life. It is a period wherein women undergo a lot of changes in their bodies. This talk will give you important information about these changes caused by hormones, including hormone function and drug […]

Natural solutions to combat stress – Podcast #122

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk all about stress, its effects on our health and variety of natural ways on how we can beat it. They discuss into detail the parts of the brain and hormones affected when we deal with stress and how these hormones are related to health issues like gut inflammation, ADHD, decreased libido, weight gain, depression and memory problems. Find out some of the sources of stress that we engage in consciously and unconsciously. Learn […]

Dr. Jack Wolfson – The paleo cardiologist – Podcast #121

Dr. Justin Marchegiani welcomes his special guest, Dr. Jack Wolfson, in this interview where they discuss topics related to cardiology practice in the Paleo World. Dr. Jack Wolfson shares his knowledge, views and expertise in successful testing and treatment of his patients following a Paleo approach. Learn all about cholesterol, including its functions in our bodies as well as the important markers like triglyceride, HDL, APOa’s contributing to cardiovascular events. Gain a better understanding on the tests involved in assessing the […]

Nutrient density, eating local and grains – Podcast #120

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand discuss about nutrient density and the different benefits of going organic and local when it comes to produce. They explore the nutrients of juicing, how our body processes such nutrients and its effects on our health.  Find out how sugar and insulin affects our body when it comes to burning fat. Discover other nutrient dense sources that are available in the market. Learn about grains, anti-nutrients found in plants and how they are related […]

Dr. Tom Bilella – Nutrition secrets and natural solutions to the drug epidemic – Podcast #119

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Dr. Tom Bilella talk about nutrition and ending the drug era in this special podcast episode where they go into nutrition secrets and natural solutions available in the modern world. They discuss about sugar and how it affects our health in ways leading to nutrient deficiency. Find out about carbohydrates portions and intake at different times of the day and how such factors contribute to achieving healthier body. Learn about intermittent fasting as well as its […]

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