Bridgit Danner – Hormone Balance After 40 – Podcast #138

Click here to sign up for the “Hormone Balance After 40” Summit! Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Bridgit Danner, an expert in functional medicine, talk about how the hormones in the body behave, what are the factors that drive these hormones to work that way, and how such affect women at the age of 40. This podcast discusses different pieces of information, like the different ways on how to balance one’s hormones, the diseases one can get from an unbalanced diet and lifestyle, and […]

Keith Norris – Paleo FX, ARX Fit and Efficient Exercise – Podcast #137

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Keith Norris talk about how Paleo FX movement evolved, and the ways to incorporate ARX Fit into your daily routine exercises. They also pointed out the Essential Exercise Key. Learn more about how easy ARX Fit can be incorporated into your preferred exercise and lifestyle as Keith Norris shares his views and personal experiences about it. Know about how Paleo FX can cater all types of lifestyle and kind of workout you prefer. Discover more about the ARX Fit machine, where to locate ARF Fit gyms, entrepreneurs joining the Paleo […]

Dr. Rachna Patel – The Truth About Marijuana – Podcast #136

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Dr. Rachna Patel talk about medical marijuana. Learn more about the THC and CBD types of marijuana, uses, side effects and how to obtain such effects and benefits. Know about the delivery mechanism of marijuana, addiction, and recommendations from Dr. Rachna, medical marijuana expert. Also, discover what are the effects of marijuana on certain medical conditions. In this episode, we will cover: 5:14 THC vs CBD types of Marijuana 8:47 How to use marijuana and delivery mechanism 15:23 Side effects […]

Dr. Jack Kruse – Functional medicine mistakes, EMF, sunlight and your mitochondria – Podcast #135

Dr.  Justin Marchegiani and Dr. Jack Kruse talk about the mitochondria and the environmental effects on it. Learn more about the importance of sunlight exposure and other light exposure as Dr. Jack shares his views and personal experiences about it. Know about solar callus and how to optimize light exposure including the processes and benefits involved. Discover more about biohacking the environment and get some valuable insights on the different types of diet that correlate to the location where you live. […]

Dr. Eric Zielinski – Essential oils for your health- Podcast #134

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Dr. Eric Zielinski engage in a stimulating and inspiring discussion about essential oils. Gain useful information in choosing the right essential oil for you as Dr. Eric shares his experiences and research studies background supporting the use of essential oil. Learn more about essential oils and its different uses in health issues faced by adults and kids. Pick up on some knowledge bombs about essential oils and its effect on cancer, benefits in women, and use in vaping.  […]

Sinus and ear infection solutions – Podcast #133

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand plunge into a discussion about ear and sinus infections and how nutrition either boosts our immune system or makes our bodies susceptible to infections. Be well informed about the products and natural solutions they have used in successful treatment of infections they have encountered with young ones and adult patients, too. If you have kids, pregnant, breast feeding or planning to breast feed, listen very well and get loads of beneficial information regarding the importance […]

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