Skin Care with Kevin Gianni – Podcast #23    

In this episode Dr. Baris interviewed the founder of Renegade Health, Kevin Gianni author and blogger on diet, fitness and natural health.  He has done extensive research and interviews with health experts and has studied different diets and protocols like vegan, raw food, fasting and more.  In this podcast learn more about what type of diet is good for you and why we need to run blood tests to see if our diet is working for us.  Know the different […]

Functional Medicine Lab Testing – Podcast #22

In this podcast we will review how tell if you are anemic via blood testing. Do you have adrenal fatigue and how use a cortisol rhythm test to help evaluate this? Do you have a chronic infection that is throwing off your hormones? How do you evaluate blood sugar via lab testing? Dr. Justin Marchegiani talks about the key labs so we can get a clear understanding of how our body is functioning including some tests that we can use to take a deeper look into our cholesterol […]

Intermittent Fasting – Podcast #21

Intermittent fasting is quickly becoming a popular fad which is a pattern of diet wherein one cycles from skipping meals to eating.  This can be very beneficial for cellular health and in recycling stored fats in our body.  But is intermittent fasting for everyone?  Is there a downside to it?  Which type of intermittent fasting would be right for you for best results? In this podcast, learn more about the different aspects of intermittent fasting as Dr. Justin and Dr. […]

Reboot Your Mindset with Kevin Geary – Podcast #20

Dr. Justin and Dr. Baris interviewed Kevin Geary, founder of Rebooted Body and discussed the simple principles on how to get and keep the body and life that you love through proper nutrition, functional fitness and behavior psychology. In this podcast, learn it is not how much you eat but what you eat that makes the difference concerning your health.   Find out how a variety of daily activities you enjoy and love to do can keep you active and healthy […]

Detoxification Issues – Mary Vance – Podcast #19

In this podcast, Dr. Justin and Mary Vance, a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach talked about the importance of functional nutrition and how by determining and addressing the underlying causes of one’s disease rather than simply dealing with it symptomatically can greatly provide relief and make a huge difference in one’s health. Learn the proper approach to detox and how proteins and amino acids play a vital role in making our detoxification channels run properly.  Also find out what the […]

Beyond Training – Ben Greenfield – Podcast #18

In this episode, Dr. Justin and Dr. Baris interviewed Ben Greenfield, the New York Times bestselling author of “Beyond Training”.  He is also a prominent fitness coach, ex-body builder and an Ironman triathlete.  Ben has over a decade of experience training professional, collegiate and recreational athletes through proper nutrition, lifestyle management and wellness to obtain optimal performance. In this podcast, discover the proper workouts to help improve one’s speed and performance.  Recognize the benefits of combining isometric exercises and electro-stim […]

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