Blood Sugar Regulation Podcast #12

In this podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani explains in depth the different mechanisms of blood sugar regulation.   He also discussed the negative effects of having very high and super low blood sugar measurements in our body and how important it is to stabilize one’s blood sugar. Learn the different blood sugar thresholds, how to use a monitoring device and why constant testing is necessary for blood sugar control.  Also find out how a low-carb, high fat diet as well as some […]

Beyond Wellness Radio Q&A Forum Dominator 2 Podcast #11

In this podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Baris Harvey did another Forum Dominator where questions from the Paleo Hacks community were taken and addressed by providing interesting insights, useful tips and clear, detailed answers concerning various health issues.  Listen as Dr. Justin and Baris tackled topics like tannin sensitivity, increased sex drive through Paleo diet and trace minerals in reverse osmosis water.  Dr. Justin also explained in depth the issue of low breast milk supply and how to properly address […]

Sleep Podcast #10

In this podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Baris Harvey emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep and how it affects a person’s brain function, performance and overall health.  Listen as Dr. Justin explains in detail the phases of sleep, and the adverse effects of sleep deprivation on one’s metabolism and blood sugar regulation. Learn the different strategies and tips for better sleep and for staying asleep, the different adaptogenic herbs to support our sleep as well as the importance of […]

Male Hormones Podcast #9

Listen to this podcast as Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Baris Harvey take a closer look at the main male sex hormone called “testosterone”.   Learn how diet, lifestyle and stress can greatly affect this hormone and how to help boost one’s testosterone level.           Minerals like zinc and magnesium along with some adaptogenic herbs such as eleuthero, tribulus and maca can be very helpful to increase testosterones naturally.   Optimizing one’s vitamin D level can also be beneficial.   In this episode […]

Resistant Starch Podcast #8

Our gut is home to millions of good and bad bacteria.  The goal of resistant starch is to act like a prebiotic, where it feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut which then produces short chain fatty acids, specifically butyrate, that is so beneficial to digestive health.  The elevated levels of butyrate create a better gut environment for good bacteria while making it more inhospitable for bad bacteria in which to live.  Like soluble fibers, resistant starch helps reduce one’s […]

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