Hack Your Brain and Your Sleep – Evan Brand Podcast #29

Sleep plays a huge factor in one’s health, creativity and productivity.  The lack of it affects our blood sugar levels, hormones, ages our skin, as well as make our brain foggy.  Sleep problems can even lead to a more serious illness if not properly addressed. In this podcast, learn from Evan Brand of Not Just Paleo ways to beat stress, improve brain function, performance and well-being through Biohacking protocols, supplements and other cutting edge techniques for enhancing one’s sleep. Evan […]

Improve Your Mood Part 1 – Podcast #28

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Baris Harvey reviews why your mood is off and shares with the listeners some simple things you can do to help get it back on track. Basically, this is a discussion regarding mood and neurotransmitter health. So if you have overthinking and anxiety issues, listen to this podcast learn how to deal with them. Dr. Justin also explains the importance of female hormones and the adrenals working for PMS, mood issues, or disruption of cycle. Find out about the key foundational principles that will definitely help with […]

Detoxification 101: How To Enhance Your Body’s Detoxification – Podcast #27

Are you having skin issues, allergies or gut problems? Do you feel tired or sluggish? Or maybe are you struggling with weight loss? Perhaps a good detox program is what your body needs. But what exactly does detox or cleanse mean? How does it work and can anyone do it? In this podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Dr. Baris Harvey discuss the phases of detoxification, the role of amino acids for these processes to work, consuming proper nutrients and supplementations […]

Muscle Activation – Mike Hoban Podcast #26

In this podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani interviews Mike Hoban, a strengthening and conditioning expert to talk about the science of muscle activation in strengthening and enhancing athletic performance. Find out the methods to reactivate our muscles by pressing the neurolymphatic points to restore and improve function.  Also the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation in building muscles, the different muscle testings, exercises to minimize injuries as well as the treatments available.   In this episode we cover: 01:46  Muscle activation […]

Brain Hacking and Brain Supplements – Podcast #25

Do you suffer from memory lapses, mental exhaustion, or problems with concentration?  These can be linked to several factors like lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle and diet or even menopause for women. Find out in this podcast how one can overcome brain fogginess and improve mind performance through proper diet of good fats, sleep and the right exercise for brain health.  Learn more about PQQ, CoQ10 and other brain supplements as well as some adaptogenic herbs that powerfully boost one’s […]

Do You Have Parasite Infection? – Podcast #24

Parasite infections are more common than we think.  The idea that these critters only thrive in third world countries is not exactly always the case.  In fact, there are also a lot of cases of parasitic infections in people in developed countries as well.   Parasites enter the human body in different ways like consuming contaminated water, unclean food, or not properly washing hands.   These organisms live and feed off inside the human body.  When we are infected by these […]

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