Intermittent Fasting to Improve Fat Loss – Podcast #144

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand discuss about intermittent fasting and the different ways on how it aids in detoxification, fat burning, and improvement of one’s immune function. Listen to them as they share their expertise on how to achieve a successful fast that fits your lifestyle and health status. Gain an understanding on other types of diet which include conventional, water and juice fasting and learn how these types of diet affect one’s body. In this episode, we will […]

Hashimoto’s Triggers – Autoimmune Thyroid – Live Podcast #143

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk about the different causes and triggers of Hashimoto’s disease. Find out how it is connected to one’s immune system, diet and gut health and learn why women are more susceptible to having it. The thyroid, adrenals and gut health are important factors to consider in addressing Hashimoto’s disease. Listen to this podcast and learn about the natural solutions and beneficial supplements to support them. In this episode, we will cover: 01:29 Hashimoto’s Disease […]

Analyzing Your Blood Test – CBC Blood Test Evaluation – Podcast #142

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk about blood testing. Listen to them as they discuss about the assessment of significant imbalances in B vitamins or Iron in one’s blood. Know the importance of Vitamin B12 to having healthy red blood cells and determine why it is needed by people on a plant-based diet. Learn about the tests and white blood cell markers which are significant in determining infections. Discover more about an H.pylori infection and understand how it can […]

Evan Brand – Joint Pain and Bone Health – Podcast #141

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand dive into a discussion about joint pain. Listen to them as they talk about wear and tear issues, lack of nutrition and autoimmune conditions which are all possible causes of join pain. Discover how stomach acid, stress and hormones are linked to joint pain and learn some natural solutions and beneficial supplements for joint recovery.   In this episode, we will cover: 00:35 Pathophysiology Regarding Joint Issues 05:39 Stomach Acid with Age and Joint […]

Bryan Timmins – Adrenal Testing and Biohealth Labs – Podcast #140

Dr. Justin Marchegiani welcomes Bryan Timmins, one of the founders of BioHealth Laboratory, in today’s podcast. Listen as Bryan Timmins shares information about the Lab’s new glucose testing and other available tests and methods. Gain knowledge about the Cortisol Awakening Response’s connection to stress and learn about the different practices to help manage the nervous system, which is the fundamental warehouse for every other health process.   In this episode, we will cover: 1:31 Glucose versus Lactulose Test 10:00 How […]

Dr. David Jockers – Ketosis and Cancer Prevention – Podcast #139

Dr.  Justin Marchegiani and Dr. David Jockers engage in a very informative discussion about cancer prevention and ketogenic diet. Explore how a ketogenic diet helps in optimizing the mitochondria, reducing inflammation and supporting metabolism. Discover how it  can be combined with periods of intermittent fasting and learn about its benefits on cancer patients. Gain information on how to go on a ketogenic diet. Be aware of the high-quality, nutrient dense foods and supplements to take and  understand the possible mistakes to avoid while […]

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