Lab Testing

Natural therapies have advanced to the point where we can now use the perfect blend of science and nature to create lab guided, doctor recommended supplement programs. This is done by using advanced clinical laboratory testing to create individualized nutrient programs. Lab testing results can be applied to a wide range of health concerns, from weight loss to hormone balancing. Using the latest technologies, we can now accurately assess specific nutrient deficiencies, measure hormone levels and determine the best therapeutic protocol for correcting many chronic health conditions. This technology can also be used on a preventive basis, to maintain healthy functioning in those without any current health problems. Most lab tests are used to detect states of disease and usually nothing in between.  
Dr. Justin uses cutting edge labratory tests to assess how you are functioning as a whole. This  provides us with the information to help bring your health to the next level in regards to how you look, feel and perform. Many people have gone to the Doctor feeling terrible and have returned with the response, “Your lab tests are normal.”  The tests we use actually provide us with answers that make sense and no longer make you feel like you have no control of your health.  
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