Digestive issues improved!

Dr. Justin really helped with my digestion, energy and mood issues. I tried conventional medicine treatments but I only felts worse. With out Dr. J I am not sure where I would be today. If you have health issues and can’t find an answer, schedule a consult with Dr. Justin.

Knowledgable on candida

I have no words to explain the misery of skin issues/doctor searching and research I explored before finding Dr. Justin on You Tube no less. I watched and listened to many podcasts and knew he was well versed in gut issues. I consulted with him by phone, he listened very attentively, asked pertinent questions and offered sound and effective advice. I do recommend Dr. Justin and plan to continue checking in with him, as I never want to experience such suffering with itching again.

Best doctor for stomach issues

Dr Justin consults with me via phone which is so convenient. I love that he is always upbeat about my treatment, it has really helped me stay positive and motivated. He has completely turned around my health. He got me the testing I needed to identify all my infections and intolerances and developed a protocol which has eliminated my symptoms over the last 6 months. Very grateful to have worked with Dr Justin.

This is the doctor to see!

I was getting discouraged with inability to lose weight along with multiple other issues. I had worked with functional medicine doctors and nutritionists in the past to no avail. Dr. Justin blew me away in the first five minutes of my consult. He pointed out what he knew was wrong, what he thought may be wrong, what pieces of the puzzle were missing and what we were going to start doing about it. This doctor is amazing! Your search is over!

Chronic Lyme, Mold intolerance, Adrenal Depletion

I am in pretty deep with chronic infections that have caused many organ networks to be compromised. Dr. Justin is dedicated to your recovery, presents a well-informed strategic plan for discovering the underlying problems and teaches you how to fix it. I trust Dr. Justin. Four months in: dropped 12 lbs, vision & thinking clearer, improved digestion, less time in bed and more energy for working, LESS PAIN. On this long journey, it’s a relief to know I am finally on the right path. LOVE

Dr Kuykendall’s Impression

Its not often that I meet leaders in our industry that are as talented and gifted as Dr. Justin. Im eternally grateful for the services he provides and the impact that he has on the thousands of live he educates. His vision is profound, powerful and one that allows people of the planet to be the full expression of health that they are here to be in the world. Truly grateful for his work and his why… Dr. K

Highly efficient functional medicine

I have been examined and guided in my recovery for the last 8 months with Dr. Justin. It is a long journey but I am feeling better day after day. Thanks Dr. Justin

Free Consultation

A truly FREE consultation. Dr. Justin was very knowledgeable and earnest. I have a gut feeling that he’s a genuine human being….and looking forward to my Initial Patient Visit tomorrow…The outcome is yet to be seen but I can’t wait to start!

Great Expierence!!!!!

From the first minute of the appointment Dr. Marchegiani was very thorough and informative to what I’ve been seeking as a professional in Functional Medicine. Very excited to began this part of my journey with his guidance and knowledge.

Great and hope-giving start!

My first Skype with Dr, Justin was everything and more that I had hoped for. He was very thorough and stayed focused on my health issues. I’ve watched all his YouTube videos so I felt like I knew him already so it was exciting to meet him “in person.” He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced so I entered and left the first session with great hope. I can’t wait for further labs to return so he can outline a plan for me. It’s a wonderful feeling to have confidence in a doctor who cares.

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