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By Dr Justin Marchegiani

Chronic pain is a major issue that I see frequently in my patients on a day-to-day basis. The underlying cause of chronic joint pain is driven by a state of systemic inflammation. Inflammation acutely, is very important; it helps the body to heal. Such as if you got a cut on your finger, a scab would form, and a few days later the wound would heal. If that scab never formed you could potentially bleed to death.

Chronic inflammation is a much different story, when inflammation gets out of control the body is kept in a steady state of pain which prevents healing from occurring.

Chronic inflammation will wear away at the joints, decrease range of motion, decrease athletic performance and keep you chronically stiff and sore. Systemic inflammation doesn’t just cause physical pain but it can also increase your chances of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, digestive problems and obesity.

Solutions to Pain:

The only solutions conventional medicine provides are cortisone injections, opiate pain medications and orthopedic surgeries; these procedures only address the symptom of the degeneration and not the underlying cause. Over time these medications and procedures tend to cause more problems then they were prescribed for originally. I find the majority of people can avoid surgery and these other conventional treatments.

Some people maybe to far gone to fully recover using these natural methods alone, that is why it’s very important to get assessed first. I find this in a small percentage of the population (less than 5%). Important note, no surgery or drug can ever substitute for an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.

Even if surgery is needed, I strongly recommend using the treatment methods below to rehabilitate yourself post surgery. I find an 80% improvement in rehabilitation speed post surgery vs conventional physical therapy when these methods are used.

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The Underlying Cause of Why You Are Injured:

The body is designed to absorb force; the muscles are the body’s primary shock absorbers which help facilitate this process. Imagine driving on a bumpy road without shocks; every little bump is felt and you step out of the car pretty shook up. With healthy shocks, the ride is much more smooth and enjoyable.

The goal of care is to address the underlying cause of joint degeneration and to help lower the body’s levels of systemic inflammation. In order to keep this problem from repeating itself in the future, we want to make sure the body’s natural shock absorbers are facilitated, so force does not get absorbed by the tissues, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and discs. These structures are not designed to absorb force on a daily basis and over time will wear away.

When we use Applied Kinesiology and the ARP-Wave, we can figure out where the pain is actually coming from. Most people are surprised to find the symptoms of their pain (where they feel the pain) isn’t the underlying cause of the pain.

Just like when the check engine light pops up on the dash board of your car. The symptoms is the check engine light, but the underlying cause is located somewhere under the hood of the car. No one would put duct tape over the check engine light and think they fixed the problem…


Nutrition and Inflammation:

Nearly every person will heal faster when they change their diet and use specific supplementation. When the body is already inflamed the best way to push your physiology into an anti-inflammatory state is to change what you are putting into your mouth.

Focusing on eating more anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding or minimizing the pro-inflammatory foods is one of the fastest way to quench this internal fire. Certain supplements that contain specific fatty acids, botanicals and nutrients are recommended on a case by case basis to help accelerate the healing process.

The First Phase of Care:

In summary, the first phase of care is designed to lower systemic inflammation. We accomplish this by removing some of the most inflammatory foods that we find in our patient’s diet and at the same time add in anti-inflammatory foods that help quench the fire.

We also assess the body via muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to make sure all of the muscles are turned on and facilitated. Any muscles that aren’t functioning properly, we use chiropractic, soft tissue, and bio-electric healing devices like the ARP-Wave to help promote healing and activation of the nervous system, muscles and joints.

The ARP-Wave is a powerful Bio-Electric devices that uses specific DC current to assess where the underlying cause of the pain and help the injured area heal 80% faster.

Once the inflammation is reduced and the body can move and functioning properly, we can now begin the 2nd phase of care. When you see a building on fire the first thing you do is call the fire department to put out the fire. The fire department brings their axes and fire hoses to put that fire out. The last thing you want to do is call in the carpenters while the firefighters are inside fighting the fire. The first thing that needs to be done is put out the fire. Once the fire is out it’s now safe to call in the carpenters. The carpenters do better work when there isn’t a fire at their back.

The Second Phase of Care:

The goal of the 2nd phase of care is to make sure the body has the foundational support to stay pain free, as well as move and perform optimally. As a person heals, pain is usually the first thing that goes away and can also be the first thing to come back. It’s always optimal to continue care even after the pain is gone. It’s important to make sure each person has the foundation to prevent the pain from returning. There are objective indicators that tell us when the patient is able to discontinue a more intense treatment regimen.

  • Increased ARP-Wave intensity: When the patient hits a 10/10 on the ARP-Wave, this is a sign the patient’s nervous system and inflammation is back In-Balance and under control.
  • In-Balance: The patient’s Applied Kinesiology tests are strong and there is no evidence of instability.
  • Feeling better: The patient should begin to feel better.  As you can see it’s not the first thing on our check list. Based on past experience, letting patients out of care too soon can predispose them to re-injury.

Third Phase of Care:

Most people live stressful lives and usually find themselves with less times to exercise and are stuck sitting at a desk through out the day. These habits can predispose people to structural issues that can lead to pain and chronic inflammation.We may not have control over some of these habits as they have become ingrained in our society.

People that fall into the above category (most of us), do better engaging in some type of supportive/preventative type of treatment program consisting of 1-2 treatments per month to help keep our body’s In-Balance. When your body is In-Balance you are giving your self the best opportunity to prevent re-injury. Most people find they feel and perform better when they are In-Balance too!

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