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Congratulations if you are receiving this invitation to be on the show! We only invite the best and the brightest to share their knowledge to help improve our listeners health! Thank you in advance!

Schedule an Interview Time

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If you don’t have a professional mic for the video interview, check out these options below:

Cheaper USB headset (Gets the job done): https://amzn.to/3OMOFAy
More professional mic (Best mic for the money): https://amzn.to/3nJMGRx
Puff screen add-on for mic (Improves audio quality): https://amzn.to/3ORrIwa
Favorite mic stands (Closer to your mouth=Better sound quality): https://amzn.to/3nLGvfT or https://amzn.to/3usyUXd

Reduce the noise in your location.

The Basics

Make sure you restart your computer and internet connection to ensure optimal internet connection and call quality.

Make sure you have a headset with a mic or simple cell earphones are preferred. The mic in your webcam or built into your laptop is generally not of the best quality and will pick up a lot of ambient noise. Even with a headset mic, please choose a quiet location for the session.

Make sure you have an adequate cable/DSL internet connection. If you can stream movies from it, you are probably ok. If you can plug directly into your internet connection, that is

Show Prep

The first 5-15 minutes will be spent doing a pre-show interview. This pre-show interview will help answer any questions you might have and allow us to perform an audio and video check. We will also chat about some of the topics you would like to address and or any specific questions you would like us to ask. Basically, the interview will be like one big conversation!

Sometimes I will share a document with you as an outline. Please review this document and include any notes you’d like along with links to any references or resources you mention. You don’t need to get detailed, just brief bullet points with links are good enough.

Announce your appearance on the show in your social circles (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc). In your announcement, be sure to also include the name of the podcast and a link to our iTunes page: http://www.justinhealth.com/itunes

Leave a comment and rating on our iTunes page. This helps move the podcast up in the rankings, therefore, increasing the chance the podcast will be seen or heard. This will help your episode get even more exposure.

One hour before the show

Reboot your computer and keep the number of programs you open to the minimum needed for the podcast (Web browser, etc). Rebooting helps the computer be at it’s peak performance.

Check that no internet bandwidth task are going on anywhere on your network that may impact your ability to send quality video and audio. For example, is anyone watching Netflix, uploading large files, running a torrent program or watching online videos? If you have LOTS of bandwidth, this may not be an issue, but if you don’t, these things may use up so much bandwidth you can’t properly transmit video or even audio.


Please be prepared to promote or share information regarding your website, Youtube page, blog, podcast, book and any other promotional items for the listeners.

If you have a book you are looking to promote please have your publisher send us a copy. This helps to make a better interview and allow us to promote the show more authentically.

Things to do while on the show

Don’t touch your mic unless you are muted as this will cause a lot of distracting noises.

Mute your mic if there is going to be noise in the room, including you moving around, typing on your keyboard, etc.

The time allotted will go by much faster than you think and it is very likely we will not have time to cover everything we wanted to talk about. That’s okay, it gives me a reason to invite you back 🙂


Things to do after the show:

Once published, I will make an announcement letting everyone know your episode is now available.

So that the show — and your specific appearance — gets viewed as much as possible, please post in your social circles asking people to do all of the followings that you feel comfortable asking:

Encourage people to listen to or watch your episode.

Ask them to subscribe to the podcast. Ask them to leave a comment on iTunes (give them this link: http://www.justinhealthcom/itunes). Ask them to share.


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