Chronic Health Problems

The most common problem diagnosed in our clinic is infection — low grade, a chronic infection caused by parasites, bacterial infection and food intolerance – that over time wear people down physically and emotionally. 90 percent of people experience renewed health and vitality within a year or so of starting treatment for chronic infections.

  • The tools we use to create your wellness plan: Diet changes: Learn what foods to eat and what foods you need to avoid, when and how much to eat in order to maximize the efficiency of your unique biochemistry. Food allergy testing, hormone assessments and learning what your metabolic type enables us to discern how to meet your unique needs.
  • Supplement programs: What exact nutrients you are deficient in and what supplements will have a therapeutic benefit for you to promote your transition to a healthier body. Lab results for all body systems matched with your clinical presentation of symptoms enable us to discern what supplements will be supportive in this process.
  • Exercise, lifestyle, and stress management advice: It is important to establish an appropriate exercise program based on strength training, stretching and cardiovascular exercise. We suggest lifestyle modifications such as changes to your sleep patterns, water intake or daily work schedule. Examples of stress management vary widely. Some people need more time with family, more sleep, or more connection to their spiritual life. The chronic stressors we all experience are often a major source of our health complaints and need to be addressed as part of a comprehensive plan to restore health.


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